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DOJ Denies it Hacked Attkisson’s Computer

The Justice Department denies that it broke into CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s computer, according to Politico.

Attkisson, who has been unusually agressive among MSM reporters in investigating the administration, said that her computers were hacked beginning in February 2011, when she was reporting on the Fast and Furious gun running scandal and green energy spending. She didn’t say who she thinks did it, but she indicated it could be related to the investigation of Fox News reporter James Rosen, who has been caught up in a probe into who passed classified secrets to him.

23 thoughts on “DOJ Denies it Hacked Attkisson’s Computer”

  1. How do you get your cmputer hacked–leave it on all nite? I am serious. When I download audiobooks, I can close (not just reduce) the screen of the company and it still downloads–it is connected anyway…This is all mysterious to me. I also think little computer elves may cavort in there at nite.

    1. A good tech can hack into a computer if it’s on line. If it’s only a “house” computer, the cleaning lady can put a file transfer gizmo into the port and have it all downloaded by the time she empties the trash can.

      Nothing’s secure, nothing is secret, it’s the modern life.

        1. Well, I know if they take your hard drive someplace, even stuff that’s erased is in there someplace…but I was wondering about a funky old, coal-burning thing sitting here, no wifi, etc… While I am working right now writing this is someone sucking out interesting stuff…not that there is any.

  2. When all is said and done, Obama will realize his mistake was to offend the MSM – if he had kept it to just harassing & bullying Fox & Tea Party / Patriots, no one in the MSM would have given a crap about any of this – the top blew off when THEY found out they were getting treated like conservatives, which was even too much for the sycophants.

  3. The DOJ denial;
    do they deny they officially ordered a scan of her computer,
    do they deny that someone in the DOJ illegally did a scan of her computer,
    are they saying what difference does it make now,
    are they saying it happened a long time ago and no one remembers that far back. ?
    It’s getting harder to parse and decipher Obama-speak now.

  4. Someone in the Obama cabal most likely ‘out sourced’ this hacking job to a supporter/group that can not be traced back to Obama’s DOJ…

  5. Anyone recall the hackers group Anonymous threatening to expose what it had mined from the DOJ computers? This was shortly after the reported ‘suicide’ of their beloved associate.

    Anonymous stated that with his death, a line had been crossed.

    Perhaps DOJ outsourced the Attkisson hacking to Anonymous?

  6. Lets give it some time after the FACTS are revealed & they change their talking points a couple times. Then they’ll find some lowly fish down the chain to purge.

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