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Live Stream || Obama Statement on Devastation in Oklahoma

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21 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Statement on Devastation in Oklahoma

  1. I have never seen anything like the o’s luck. Everytime he’s in trouble, there’s a natural disaster, and there goes the new cycle.
    Those poor people…

    • Benghazi and the IRS crimes are not going away. If there are no natural disasters or terrorist events, Obama will still try to create diversions. Let’s pray that he doesn’t contrive a big one like a war.

      • Wish I could share your positive attitude, Julie. Before the tornado struck, CNN anchors started referring to the scandals as ‘mis-steps’. Obama has instructed his flunkies to devote no more than 10% of their time to said scandals. Ignore them and they will go away! President Bystander’s poll numbers have actually gone up a couple of points since last week! Go figure!

        Meanwhile, the RINO nazi, John McCain, who so vociferously attacked the WH over Benghazi, has gone silent and turned his undivided attention to ‘guiding’ Obama through the amnesty give-away. The Senate just approved the earned income tax credit for ALL illegals who become instant legal residents. This amounts to around $2500/yr! Obama is the gift that just keeps on ‘giving’ and the list of takers keeps on growing. He will never pay for his crimes.

    • And a liberal US Senator named Whitehouse blamed the tornado on the Republicans for disregarding “global warming.”
      These people have no shame!

  2. I won’t be watching. He cares nothing about the people of Oklahoma. He is just using their pain and grief to take the heat off himself and make it look like he cares.

    Look to the actions of his acolytes to see how soulless these leftists are. Like Rhode Island’s Sheldon Whitehouse taking to the senate floor to berate Republicans and global warming deniers for the devastating tornadoes. Then there is the hack comedy writer for The Daily Show, Lizz Winstead, tweeting a ‘joke’ about the tornadoes targeting conservatives. Pure malevolent hatred of those who are not like them.

  3. At least “the president” isn’t bringing his traveling circus to the suffering people of Oklahoma for the usual photo op. . .

    • Many miles separate Benghazi and Moore, Oklahoma. To the Lo Infos Oklahoma shows his compassion for people, as for Benghazi, it’s happened because of Bush.

  4. Keep hammerin’ at him and keep helping to get these press people spun up about how they’ve been lied to all along. Because lies to them are lies to all of us – your colleagues are supposed to be on our side. There’s still much more to the Benghazi, IRS, DOJ scandals (not to mention outright fraud in other federal departments). Keep on it, and thanks for keep ing us informed. Btw, I like seeing Carney squirm under pressure…

  5. I have heard two opinions on how to get rid of Obama.
    One side says impeach him. (never happen).
    The other side says it would be better to let him bleed to death by a thousand paper cuts.
    The 2014 elections are crucial to the survival of this Country.
    Do you remember his reaction after the 2010 mid-terms ?
    They thought that they had that in the bag.
    Now,….with the IRS targeting the Tea Party, he will be up against it.

    With all of the scandals unfolding, and the obvious cover-ups, he is running out of places to hide.
    Finally the press has awakened and are starting to ask some pertinent questions.
    I just wish they would corner them when they don’t answer it.

  6. To my thinking, the President needs to be front and center reassuring those affected by this devastating F5 tornado that America stands with them to rebuild what lives they have left.
    But, it infuriates me when His Most Arrogance makes a statement and appears to be reading the whole script.
    This man should make statements from his heart during this hardship and seem to be not so out of touch with Americans.
    As someone who grew up in the Texas Panhandle I know the devastation the good people of Oklahoma are experiencing. God will restore and comfort those afflicted.

  7. Obama Chief Advisor Denis McDonough from St. John’s U in Minnesota has got to have the Benediction priests strangling their rosaries in ebarrassment over his lack of scandal related “transparency”.