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Carney Sweats it Out

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is sweating it out under the harsh lights of the White House briefing room these days, revising stories and spinning away suspicious facts in what is becoming an almost comical daily exercise in scandal avoidance.

“Are you going to ask me about Myanmar?” Carney joked Monday as yet another White House reporter teed up a question about one of the various scandals swirling about the administration. The leader of Myanmar was to meet with President Obama later in the day.

Photo by Keith Koffler
Photo by Keith Koffler

Carney Monday was escorted by reporters down several nightmarish paths. The most ghastly of them all was the one on which he was forced to acknowledge that more White House officials than previously disclosed knew about the Treasury inspector general’s IRS report, and that the information was far more substantive than the simple “heads up” Carney had said it was.

To be fair, it appears that Carney himself was on the wrong end of a deception, and that his bosses may have withheld information from him indicating that senior aides beyond the White House Counsel were aware of the IG probe before it became public.

If that is so, Carney ought to be threatening to resign, because his credibility is now on the line. His insistence, for example, that the president himself knew nothing of the probe would only appear to be operative until we hear the next version of events.

And he’s still stonewalling – or not being informed – about who else knew, other than Chief of Staff Denis McDonough. “I don’t have a list for you,” he blandly remarked.

Carney has also made the mistake of allowing the questions to become personal. A press secretary should never respond when asked for his own opinion – he speaks for the president, no one else – but Carney, a former leading Washington reporter, clearly has something on his conscience.

“I think that I share the President’s — personally, as a former reporter, but also in this capacity — I share the President’s belief that we need to find a balance,” Carney said when asked about whether the Obama believes that reporters should ever be considered criminals for trying to gather information.

The response was to a question in relation to Monday’s revelation that Fox News reporter James Rosen was judged by the Justice Department as a potential co-conspirator in the case against a State Department official who allegedly leaked him classified materials.

Then things got even more personal. Carney, it turns out, was in the Time Washington bureau when a colleague at the magazine, Matt Cooper, was nearly sent to jail after being caught up in a leak investigation.

“What would you have said if the government told you that he had been involved in a crime for reporting on the Valerie Plame case?” Carney was asked,

Carney fled to the most coveted refuge of White House press secretaries: “That’s a hypothetical,” he said.

“It’s not a hypothetical,” the reporter insisted.

Carney clung tight: “That’s a hypothetical.

Finally, some relief:

Reporter: Myanmar, Myanmar.

Carney:  Myanmar, in the back, yes.  All the way back.  Myanmar?

Reporter: Yes.

Carney:  Thanks

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382 Responses to Carney Sweats it Out

  1. Wouldn’t the best and most dignified action Carney could take right now be to resign? His job is like one in the circus or CARNI where someone pays a dollar and then gets to dunk him in water or throw a pie in his face. I know I’d pay a dollar to do that or, better yet, to kick him in the butt.

    • If anyone were to dig up some history, they would recall that George Stephanopolous (spelling?) quit the Clinton administration after he found out he was being lied to about the Lewinsky (and other) situations.

        • which makes him a liar liar pants on fire no good bastard. truth avoiding fictional thinking, …slick talking bull shitter who is a fool….the man thinks he” is in the know”…..LMAO…you peon fool …you are used like a paper towel…and now your about all used up !

      • God help us. Every day the totality of the mess we are all in becomes clearer. While all the citizens are focusing on AP, Benghazi, and the IRS fiasco, 60 Million Americans do hot have the dignity of going to a job tomorrow.

        • With an administration this corrupt, it’s no wonder there are 60 million people out of work! And this Administration does NOT care.

          • Exactly! It’s long been the goal of the ultra left to bankrupt this country. No way America would abdicate its sovereignty in good economic times. The administration has the best of both worlds. Economy improves and they can demand more taxes for more “programs.” The economy tanks and they can hold out globalism as the savior. Either way it advances the cause.

            We need to make sure our elected representatives plumb the depths of this administration and expose it for what it is. A con game run by a huckster.

          • they don’t care as long as they are receiving above average pay plus big bonuses, expenses and health care, and live in their own fantasy world at American’s expense.

        • Typical ploy by the liberals when they are finally facing up to bad news about their heroes. Usually it is the tired refrain “We have more important things to do”, as if we can only deal with one thing at a time. You want to talk about the economy and jobs? Fine. Just what is this administration doing about that? From what I hear from them the economy is strong and everything is just dandy.

        • And it’s all related. As Chief Seattle once said, “All things are connected,” and indeed that is what we are seeing here: The truth, as it always does, works to find its way into the light.

    • Actually, the best and most diginified action Carney could take right now is to commit seppuku. Unfortunately, like the REST of this Administration and their “Law Enforcement” enablers, he is simply not honorable enough to do so.

      • One of the few true statements Al Gore ever made very accurately describes the situation we are in: “There is NO controlling legal authority.”

        Exactly. There’s no way for the good guys to win if there are no good guys.

        • I remember – distinctly – Al Gore testifying about “alleged” illegal fundraising activities in the White House, relative to soliciting money from Chinese interests (against the law). He said “It depends on where the event actually happened. Did the event happen where the phone was dialed, or where it was answered?” His position was that – because the call was answered in China – the “alleged” crime occurred in China. This is the kind of people we are dealing with now. This is who is making decisions – DECISIONS – on our collective ‘best interests’. I think not.

  2. Hell, his boss does not even know what he is doing in the White House! Everyday I’m sure somone has to remind him of where he is at, who he is, what office he holds, and all the other basic functions of life!

    • The simple answer is ‘nothing’. His boss is doing nothing, knowing nothing and making America nothing.

      Like the deaf, dumb and blind mice. Only they’re more competent.

    • Oh, his boss knows what office he holds. It’s the office that allows him and his family to take taxpayer funded million dollar vacations every other month. In fact I think they have one coming up since the girls are probably out of school.

      • Yes and the media cannot wait to cover it so they can get all the scandals out of the news. If not the vacation something big is on the horizon to shift attention. HMMMMM…..
        Another mass shooting maybe, another big time terrorist will die, or maybe another embassy issue but this time everyone will be saved by Seals. The list could go on and on and on…

      • You know, someone a lot smarter than I am not too long ago said

        “We’re far better off paying him to take vacations. What has he done for us? Obamacare – Solyndra – Fast and Furious – The Muslim Brotherhood taking over the Middle East – Trillion $ Deficits – No enforcement of immigration law. Tee up, Bro.”

  3. Jay Carney has credibility ? Who knew !

    Apart from the obvious scandals like the EPA, Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Sebelius and the HHS, the corn husker kickbacks, Benghazi and the more recent IRS, the biggest scandal is that because of the way the White House has responded to all of these issues, and because the main stream press has been so in the tank for the administration, we are now sadly at the point where everything and anything that is said by anyone in this administration and Jay Carney has to be treated as a bald faced lie.

    The American people have been lied to by the Press ever since the President was allowed to lie about his relationship with Pastor Wright and his relationship with Bill Ayers.

    Perhaps that is the biggest scandal of all. The President and his press have NO credibility. None.

  4. This is the first “press secretary” that I’ve watched over the course of 25 years that makes it seem as if he were in a pot set for boiling…most others simply lied well or were stupid enough to believe the lies fed them. Carney is stuck in that place we all hate: right in the middle of a tug of war between the truth and lies! Heh.

    • I like how there is the quote of the day section next to this article, and it says this

      “Let me make one thing perfectly clear. I’m nothing like Nixon.”
      – Barack Obama
      A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote …

      So, um…is it or isnt it a quote?
      Isn’t it just like Obama to say, “Let me make one thing perfectly clear…” and then turn around a day or so later and have his legal team pronounce that he never said anything like that.
      What a fraud.

  5. Carney can continue but he is probably fully aware that he is being lied to and used. If he doesn’t know that then he should step down for being grossly naive.

  6. Poor ol Jay…..being the head liar is getting tougher by the day! Jay and his boss don’t like having their feet held to the fire. Stick around Jay, Bagdad Bob did. Look what it did for his creditability. Maybe you could sell used cars after this gig!

  7. Here’s a hypothetical: If aliens were to study humans using White House press briefings as their sole source of information they would be forced to conclude that the leaders of our world know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about what is happening in it, nor do they bear any responsibility or accountability for the consequences of their ignorance.

    • Andrew, that’s the best quote of all that’s on this page.
      Empty Suit personified is what we are stuck with for 3 more years.

  8. The best thing Carney could do at this time is to bail, to resign. He can’t even trust the President to keep him informed on anything resembling an honest level. He is being used as a pawn in a cover-up. Mr. Carney, meet the bus. You need to get acquainted now, because you will be seeing a lot of each other.

  9. The reporter who wanted to talk about Myanmar should be drummed out of the press room – or possibly investigated (as a criminal) for assisting the administration in subverting the Constitution.

    • Not so fast…..if you take a look back at history, you’ll find that Myanmar (or Burma) was once a type of country that the US, under obama, is moving to become. The switch to Myanmar is very relevant here.

  10. Actually,’ you can call me Jay or you can call me Jake’ , but don’t call me ‘just carney’ cause that exactly what it has been, is and will be under this administration.

    This is the behavior of any socialist regime, the only difference is that they haven’t been able to bring the economy to it’s knees and cement their regime with marshal law. But don’t think they haven’t tried. Thank God for their silly stratagem to blame cutbacks on the sequester and reign in spending that would otherwise bankrupt us!

  11. Jay’s credibility is lower than ” Bagdad Bob” at this point.
    At least Bob had an excuse. He may have literally had a gun to his head.

  12. When you go around telling the opposition that “We won” and that local police “acted stupidly”, you can easily see where this bitter administration was going to end up. The passive-aggressive animosity this administration holds towards America is no surprise to the people that voted against him in 2012. It’s only now that the worshipers of this administration are having to look at themselves in the mirror and admit their mistake, not to mention the high crimes that were committed to impede a fair presidential election in 2012.

  13. “Carney said when asked about whether the Obama believes that reporters should ever be considered criminals for trying to gather information.”

    The above concerns the leaks. The reporters who reported on the leaked information broke no laws, therefore should face no repercussions for what they did.

    When one is officially made privy to classified information, one signs a briefing document that is the mechanism prohibiting disclosure, a contract.

    Only if a reporter signs such a document, are they liable for their leaking any of that classified material. If no contract is signed, no law is broken. Simple as that.

    Now, the guy who leaked the information can get burned, but not anyone to whom he may have told the tale.

  14. So, now the cat is out of the bag. It’s not right to go after a reporter for the Valerie Plame pack of fiction, but it is okay to go after a reporter who dares to look into The One. I get it now.

  15. Do you know what they call people that work at a CIRCUS…CARNEY’s and he definitely works in a circus. What a bunch of CLOWNS hahahaha. They are all future felons! God Bless America, I love my guns, I eat meat, I have a job, I am responsible for my own future, the government is to intrusive, let the weak starve because obama are will kill me anyway

  16. Really, Mr. Koffler? You think Blarney’s reputation is just now in jeopardy? This guy has none left. He is a sniveling propagandist whose sole purpose is to spin every statement into a glowing tribute to dear leader and/or a scathing condemnation of all who oppose.

  17. Press finally realizing that Carney is nothing more than a shadow puppet parroting whatever talking points his master says? Very admirable that they’re finally starting to hold this administration accountable for their actions and suspending their judgement and being more objective as they should.

  18. Carny’s credibility is shot…it was blown out of the water a while ago. He is clinging on to the wrong side of a government media complex house of cards that could be days away from crumbling.
    His resignation is the only thing that could salvage some of his character and credibility (Funny enough it could be the final straw to bring the house of cards down)

  19. Keith Koffler,

    Are you going to report on hold people accountable..

    Now only if PrIC – Pretender in Chief could respond to his many defaults and subpeonas, barry soetora has a 1% chance of having a conscious..

    Docket 12A606 Supreme Court

    California Court of Appeal Case Notification for: G047746
    Appellant’s opening brief filed in Taitz v Obama, Feinstein and Emken

    1) 45 licensed attorneys and hundreds of pro se litigants
    2) Multiple challenges (not 2 or 3 but MANY PEOPLE) filed all over the country by some .
    3) So far not one single case was heard on the merits.
    4) Tyrannical judges even with evidence from the state dept. freedom of information records..

    Obama consistently refused to comply with any and all subpoenas by all the attorneys and litigants and so far not one single judge held Obama accountable, not one single judge issued an order to compel production of the original wet ink vital records of Obama while all of the copies released to the public were deemed by dozens of experts to be crude laughable forgeries.

    In general we are seeing a vicious cycle and all three branches of the government not acting as independent branches that are supposed to provide a system of checks and balances. We are seeing reports of FBI and CIA agents and informers working as aids for congressmen, editors of major papers and as staff attorneys and attorney-law clerks for highly positioned judges.

    This provides an unprecedented level of censorship which was exacerbated by 9/11. This system leaves the U.S. citizens effectively deprived of their First Amendment right for Redress of Grievances, and often elections fraud cases, particularly ones dealing with the usurpation of the U.S. Presidency by Obama, are being dismissed on technicalities, excuses.

    There were instances of retaliation by members of the judiciary against members of the U.S. military and civil rights leaders and attorneys seeking to end elections fraud and seeking an adjudication on the merits in relation to Obama’s forged IDs.

  20. I like ‘Baghdad Jay” lol

    This is turning into a disaster. WH press conferences remind me of ’67 war in Sinai. Ppl hearing in the news that Egyptian army groups are through the Negev and working their way toward Tel Aviv, while Egyptian citizens can see w/ their own eyes that their army got routed and is shuffling home in bits and pieces. Baghdad Bob indeed.

    But it’s only the evil GOP being racists I’m told. Oh for gods’ sakes. “never mind all that smoke, there’s no fire here.” oh. ok.

  21. When CBS’s Bob Schiefier said to another Obama spoksman “why are you here” In my mind I heard him say Why are you here? Am I not doing a good job myself.” The press made Obama, the press will come around and defend him, The press will sweep this away and it will die an ignominious death. Only those who keep track will understand what the press does. The liberal press made Obama and surely will not even attempt to take him down. That is why Jay is laughing an joking. He is with friends.

  22. No way Carney is going to quit. The Carneyman isn’t affected by the grilling. It’s all a big show and he’s just doing the bidding of his master. No doubt at the end of the day Carney and his comrades in the press meet up at the local pub to share a few beers and slap each other on the back like nothing happened at all. Just one big happy cabal of crooks lying to the American people.

  23. When they are done with Jay Carney, he will be disposed of, just like any other person who becomes convenient for them to exploit.

    If Carney is dumb enough not to see this, maybe he deserves what he will get.

  24. Look, he’s a liar like the whole administration is on these scandals. That’s all they are good at. Well, besides running up the deficit. He’s a poor excuse for a WH spokesman, that’s for sure.

  25. In my opinion the best thing for America right now is to put
    Obama, Holder and Carney in front of a FIRING SQUAD !!!!
    Oh and while they are at it throw in Michelle please !!!!!!

  26. I saw Carney on some bad cable news program that begins with MSN where he said he relishes these new questions and loves the power.

    Journalists, I know he’s one of yours but if we in the private sector heard a subordinate say something like this? Let’s just say Carney would be relegated a mere puddle. Carney supports this unlawful intrusion hence he needs to be intruded upon by his own colleagues and he is. I’m proud of the media in the last week or so but now is the time to press on Carney’s gas. There is a Woodward/Bernstein dynamic here and someone is going to get it.

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