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White House: Questioning Obama’s Actions is OFFENSIVE

You can get some idea of how the press office at the White House operates in this video of Dan Pfeiffer, a senior adviser to President Obama who was formerly his communications chief, starting down the well trod path of bullying those who question the Obama White House.

You want to talk Nixonian, this is Nixonian.

It’s TV, so Pfeiffer is relatively restrained. But as you can see, he becomes increasingly aggressive as Fox News host Chris Wallace refuses, unlike most of the media, to stomach White House evasions.

Pfeiffer seeks here to maintain the White House stonewall on Obama’s activities the night of Benghazi. The only reason I can think of that they are not answering questions about what he did is that the answer is not good.

And toward the end of the session, Pfeiffer states that questioning Obama’s actions is offensive. Have a look.

Note one interesting moment. Pfeiffer says, “The president was kept up to date throughout the day.” While at another point Pfeiffer does say Obama was in constant touch with his national security staff at night, this daytime update comment sounds like a bit of a slip.

Throughout the day? But Benghazi happened at night. Well, you can’t update a sleeping man.

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  1. I think they are running scared. I hope and pray there are those in positions of “power” who will not let Benghazi die. The word choice is deliberate. Same goes for the IRS debacle, the EPA, the Justice Department, the violation of the First Amendment…etc., etc., etc.

      • Yeah–the AP was in our paper a couple of times this AM saying Obama is still more popular than Republicans and any other irrelevant thing they could think of. Of course, their CEO was mad that they were spied on…but otherwise… The whole thing with these people now is to downplay, bore us, repeat, and just wear us out. And, of course, think up new baubles to divert.

  2. The way things are unraveling in the WH, I would look for Obama and family to hit the talk show circuit soon to make their “case” that he is doing all that he can to help the country.

    I can see a trip to NYC for the View and the Fallon show. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them bring out the girls, and have them asked how it feels to see daddy being beaten up so bad in the press. Poor little things will cry on how mean the world is to their wonderful father, and that people need to be nice to him, because he it really trying.

    Obama’s ego will not allow just his underlings to defend him, he will get out there to as mass an audience as he can. These little field trips to blue states will not be enough to assuage his ego. Day time, prime time and late night here he comes!

    • Should we stay tuned for a Beyonce/JayZ/Obama family music video to complement the TV tour.

      On a serious note…has anyone noted the silence from Obama’s BFFs, i.e., Bubba Clinton, Nancy Pelousy, Harry “screed” Reid. You’d think the faces of the Democrat party would have been all over the Sunday talk shows defending the “won”. Instead they threw out Pfeiffer. Even Bob Schieffer asked Dan Pfeiffer “Why are you here today? Why isn’t the White House Chief of Staff here to tell us what happened?”

        • We were talking about that this morning…Slick Willlie has not been seen or heard from recently.
          I did read somewhere that Chelsea interviewed the Geiko Gekko for NBC.

        • Of course, the more the Clinton’s stay silent the better. They want people to forget she was a major player in Benghazi. All the disinformation right now is coming from the WH so best to keep quiet and let the WH take the heat.

          Her turn will come however as more and more information is being released. What worries me is – will it be handled properly and will any actions be taken against those who deceived the American public.

          • She needs to be called back to testify before the House. We need a special select committee but where the hell is Boehner? I’m reading that he is parsing the short term effects of calling one versus the long term.

          • Boehner is weighing the political consequences which are the only thing that matters. The loss of human life, liberty, and a corrupt government do not.

      • Pfeiffer is the ‘Rice’ of the Day. You put your lower level ones on the line first. I thought Schieffer’s comment was excellent.

    • There’s a concert coming up. This Wednesday, I think. The ‘little’ girls will be there looking bored to death just as at the last concert, only worse because Carol King is old enough to be their great-grandmother.

    • Shofar, I believe that you read his mind very well. Oh dear Michelle, what a mess, we need to calm down the masses. We have no Bread, well, not any that we want to give away, maybe a little Circus will do the trick ? It usually does.

  3. It seemed on various shows yesterday morning, Pfeiffer calls things “irrelevant”.
    The Law, where the President was, what he was doing.

    Bob Scheiffer finally woke up from his 4 year journalistic coma and said, according to

    “But Mr. Pfeiffer, and I don’t mean to be argumentative here, but the President is in charge of the executive branch of the government. It’s my, I’ll just make this as an assertion: when the executive branch does things right, there doesn’t seem to be any hesitancy of the White House to take credit for that. When Osama bin Laden was killed, the President didn’t waste any time getting out there and telling people about it.

    But with all of these things, when these things happen, you seem to send out officials many times who don’t even seem to know what has happened. And I use as an example of that Susan Rice who had no connection whatsoever to the events that took place in Benghazi, and yet she was sent out, appeared on this broadcast, and other Sunday broadcasts, five days after it happens, and I’m not here to get in an argument with you about who changed which word in the talking points and all that. The bottom line is what she told the American people that day bore no resemblance to what had happened on the ground in an incident where four Americans were killed.”

  4. “The day” may prove an inadvertent – and fatal – slip. History will show that Benghazi was anything but spontaneous; it was a planned event to take out Ambassador Stevens.

    This model illuminates everything that ensued during – and after – the attack.

  5. This is the key to the entire benghazi story, the edits are the run up to this. As commander in chief, the person who sent these brave “folks” into harms way, what did Obama do that night. The details, what he ordered, to whom , when and all the in betweens. If he heard his ambassador was killed surely any sane PResident would have ordered the full force of the military to scramble and rescue those left alive. This wasn’t asking force and boots to be applied in France or China, this was Libya. Now that’s what should have happened but Obama was in the middle of an election and had a plane to catch to Vegas the next day, to do what he does best, Fund raise and make speeches. What the President ordered, what he did and did not do and why is the key to all of this. Did he go to bed? He surely did not go to bed the night Osama was killed. Why, the opportunity to have that press conference was too great. I’d like to see one of the bereaved family members ask Pres Obama straight what he did that night. No more fanfare just that, what did you do to try to save my son/husband/father?

    • Yes, I´d like to see that too, MikeD. Just ambush Barry in front of the cameras and ask him that straightforward question. They are not journalists, they don´t have to fear anyone ( Gosh, what kind of a country is the US turning into ? ). I don´t think the government torpedoes ( IRS ) can be so shameless towards the bereaved families.

    • Same here. He was spinning and evading so much I could have puked. What a joke. This is the least transparent and most corrupt administration EVER.

  6. The attack on Benghazi started @10pm Libya time (@4pm EDT) and lasted until @4am Libya time (@10pm EDT) so MrPfeiffer’s words might not be wrong about when the President was “kept up to date”.

    In all fairness, CBS’s BobSchieffer (Face the Nation) wasn’t too happy with MrPfeiffer’s answers either. Of course, MrSchieffer referring to the Obama administration as “Dumb and Dumber” and then later asking MrPfeiffer why HE was sent out to answer questions instead of someone higher-up in the WhiteHouse might have put the “irrelevant” advisor in a bad mood.

    The questions of the President’s whereabouts the evening of Sept 11 shouldn’t even be a contentious issue. He needn’t be IN the Situation Room, or even the Oval Office to be informed of events; he could be sitting in a lounge chair in the private quarters and still be in constant contact with everyone. With that in mind, why not say exactly where the President was that evening, unless he wasn’t actually in the WhiteHouse or was incommunicado the whole time.

    As for the bullying attitudes toward the press, who is it that the journalists fear, the WhiteHouse or their employers? or both?

  7. Keep in mind that this Benghazi location was not and never has been an Embassy or a Consulate. You can see that on the State Departments old lists of such places.

    So it needs to be asked: “What was this location, why was the Ambassador there, and what was he doing to justify being targeted, sodomized, and killed.?”

    This was a CIA location in Libya to collect and transfer arms to the Syrian rebels. We have the attack, which happened at 9:40 pm local time and was not preceded by a protest of any kind. Charlene Lamb, in the Washington situation room, monitoring the attack in real time and by watching the video feed from the State Dept situation room staff … would have seen a large number of armed men.

    The quick reaction security team from the annex arrived at the CIA main compound. There were six of them and about 16 members of the Libyan February 17th Brigade. The fighting went on until midnight.

    Note this: The time difference between Benghazi and Washington DC is 6 hours. Presidential records show that at 5 p.m. on September 11 2012, President Obama, Vice President Biden and the Secretary of Defense were ALL meeting in the Oval Office. So at that time of their meeting, the the Benghazi attack had already been going on for more than an hour, the Ambassador’s whereabouts were already unknown, and you have to assume Obama, Biden, and Defense Panetta were talking about what to do. They obviously chose to do nothing probably thinking the 17th Libyan Brigade could hold and handle the attack with the eight lightly armed CIA security members coming in from Tripoli. (We still don’t know who order the 8 CIA men in).

    No military action to Libya from Italy or elsewhere could have been undertaken without the POTUS signing off. In the end, his “leading from behind” strategy and failure to realize the nature of the situation in Benghazi led to the deaths of at least Tyrone Woods (one of the eight from Tripoli) and Glen Doherty. Woods was killed when the attackers saw him when he turned on his targeting laser for the drone overhead about 4 am. The drone was not allowed to fire but the attackers did.

    This call was by the President. The Presidents meeting was at 5 p.m, the attack went on, and 4 hours later they were killed. That is why there is a cover up, the President froze, failed to act and our folks died.

    Who did the attack? Just look at the photos and note the rolled up pantlegs of the attackers. That is a mark of Salafi, or purist, Muslims and a common feature in members of Ansar al-Sharia. They probably weren’t too happy about Mr Stevens, our Ambassador, running guns to their fellow Muslim opposition in Syria.

    • I thought Hicks testified Ambassador Stevens went to Benghazi to make sure the facility was ready for a planned visit by Secretary Clinton.

    • Thanks Frederick. For me, the reports to date, the facts and the timelines can be overwhelming. This is a good summary.

      I have a few questions — there were 6 Quick Reaction Security Team members — were are they now?

      And there were 8 CIA Security Team members from Tripoli, acting on orders or not, and 2 (Doherty and Woods) were murdered. This leaves 6 Tripoli based CIA Security Team members — were are they now?

      Have they been questioned?

      Thanks if you are so inclined to reply.

  8. I thought Goulsbee was irritating–watching this little apologist drone was painful–and he went to all the shows. Even Schieffer said why am I talking to you–where is the chief of staff?

  9. For those too young to have lived through Watergate (I remember it well), you are now witnessing what it felt like. The bobbing and weaving, the faux outrage of those protecting Obama, the constant revelation of yet another stupid tactic by the White House to cover the truth, the constant minimizing of criticism by clumsy White House apologists. Oh yes, it’s all there. There is one huge difference, however. Benghazigate is worse than Watergate by a factor of, say, one hundred tredecillion.

      • I’m relying on the tried and true political axiom that despots and tyrants always sew the seeds of their own destruction. The only question is how much damage they create before justice is served. We’ll see.

    • So did I and I had voted twice for Nixon.
      After coming to grips with the fact that Nixon really was a crook, as my dad had aways insisted (he was furious with me for voting for Nixon), I then voted for Carter because I was upset with Ford for pardoning Nixon.
      That was another big mistake on my part!!!
      No more Democratic votes since then~!!!

      • My entire family voted as conservative democrats (there really was such a choice in ancient history ;+}) until the late 1960’s when the D’s were highjacked by the radical left. Since then, it’s been R all the way (even when it hurt). And even now, McConnell and Boehner are playing gentlemen’s badminton while Obama has unleashed the Dogs Of Hell on the American people. Pathetic.

  10. He says, “the question isn’t what happened that night, the question is…how do we make sure that this doesn’t happen again”.

    Well, sorry, Dan, how do you take corrective action if you don’t know, in great detail, everything that happened that night.

    Burying the answer under “a bunch of conspiracy theories” is disingenuous.

    • With creepy true believers like Pfeiffer scuttling around the WH, it is a mystery why informed citizens cannot get farther in countering this stuff. They are great at reframing, redefining, lying actually (I no longer use disingenuous) etc., I will give them that–and of course, their built-in audience wuvs them.

  11. The newest liar! He keeps a string of them around on payroll just in case one or another of them becomes unbelievable at any given time.
    Whistle blower wanted! No salary (sorry) just glory and praise from the American public!

  12. Good catch, Keith. When Chris Wallace directly asked Pfeiffer, “Was he in the Situation Room?” he danced and diverted but never answered the question.

    Even more telling is that this purely political hack and Obama loyalist, Dan Pfeiffer, was sent to make rounds on the Sunday shows. Where were the government officials who were there with him on the evening of 9/11/12? Was there not one person who can testify to the “gutsy calls” he made that night? No, there isn’t. Because this gutless commander-in-chief made no calls on behalf of the brave men who were fighting for their lives in Benghazi. He was off the clock after that meeting with Panetta, doing whatever he does to entertain himself. Then he went to bed and probably slept soundly as Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, exhausted from the seven hour siege, perished as they waited for the backup support that never arrived.

    • I thought this was kind of funny actually. It was like — rooms? He was in a lot of rooms. I don’t remember which rooms exactly.– As if the Situation Room was just any old room.

      Perhaps Wallace could have helped him — Well, was there a bed in one of those rooms? Or were there computers and a big table and a lot of people, some perhaps in uniform, in one of those rooms?

    • Susan, I believe you have the scenario of that night down perfectly. He had to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed to meet his adoring “peoples” in LV the next day, so off to beddy bye he went.

  13. Axelrod, Emmanuel, Gibbs — the “pros” (or whatever the Chicago mafia term is for right hand henchmen) are gone. This is the B team. And it shows. People like Carney, Pfeiffer, Miller the Poodlehead and whoever else they might throw out there might just hurt Obama and help us more than is apparent at the moment.

    From what I have seen, Obama is surrounded by people with little depth, or experience — Ben Rhoders being one of my personal “favorites”. At least the ones he is willing to throw them to the wolves.

    The Alpha Dog Valerie Jarrett, not so much.

    BTW, just for giggles, I saw somewhere that Rahm just hired the long ago thrown out with the trash Desiree Rogers for some big DO in Chicago.

  14. The best Benghazi time-line I’ve seen so far is

    Rush Limbaugh’s


    Interesting that Hillary Clinton was the only member of this administration to make a statement about Benghazi on the night of 9/11/12:
    10:08 pm est: “I condemn in the strongest terms the attack on our mission in Benghazi today. As we work to secure our personnel and facilities, we have confirmed that one of our State Department officers was killed … Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet. The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others…” — Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State

    This statement must have been made after her phone conversation with Obama around 10pm. Hillary had already spoken with Greg Hicks at 8pm est where he informed her that Benghazi was under attack by terrorists and that Ambassador Stevens was missing. At 9pm est, Mr. Hicks left a message for Hillary informing her of Steven’s death. She knew it was a terrorist attack when she issued her statement, so who made the call to place the blame on the video in that 10:00pm phone call? It was either Hillary or Obama…

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