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As Scandals Proliferate, Biden Lays Low

Vice President Biden, normally one of the most combative defenders of the White House, has run for cover as the scandals plaguing his boss have proliferated and gained momentum.

Whether it’s been gun control, immigration, the stimulus, or taking the hatchet to Mitt Romney, Biden has never hesitated to slash and burn anything in President Obama’s path. But the most prominent utterance out of Biden in the past few weeks has come in the form of a letter to a seven year old applauding the idea of chocolate bullets.

They're not laughing anymore.
They're not laughing anymore.

The scandals threaten to permanently tar an administration whose record he will have to tout should he run for president in 2016. Biden may be reasoning that the best he can do for Joe Biden is stay as far away from the scandal beat as possible.

What’s more, while Biden ducks and covers, there’s nowhere for his top potential 2016 rival, Hillary Clinton, to run.

She is at the very center of the Benghazi matter, and her name is in the headlines at least as much today as it ever was when she was Secretary of State. As a political matter, the more bad news for Hillary – and the more Biden is absent from the news about things like Benghazi – the better for Biden 2016.

Ironically, Biden has touted himself as the man who is constantly by Obama’s side, the last one in the room to be consulted before the president makes a decision.

Except on Benghazi.

Biden did mention Benghazi at least once in recent weeks. Perhaps it was no political accident. He appeared on May 3 at a memorial for the victims with Clinton’s successor, Secretary of State John Kerry.

25 Responses to As Scandals Proliferate, Biden Lays Low

  1. Biden sees an opening to the Presidency. There’s the long-shot of an impeachment and trial if the Republicans take both houses next year, but look at the little lady in the picture with Biden. She stands to be significantly de-horned in her quest for the WH by Benghazi.

    BTW, Biden is not clean on Benghazi. He went to the casket ceremony too and voiced the inflammatory video/spontaneous demonstration meme there. Granted, however, that that is just a walk-on part.

  2. Great minds…some guy in Sun City wrote the following letter to the ed in the AZ Republic today:

    Sun May 19, 2013 7:26 PM

    Let’s see, Janet Napolitano did not know about immigration detainees with felony records being released. The head of the IRS did not know about the activities in its Cincinnati office. Hillary Clinton did not know anything about the Benghazi attack. Eric Holder knew nothing about the “Fast and Furious gun deal,” the illegal activities of the IRS or the raid on the AP’s phone records. And, of course, Barack Obama knew nothing about any of them.

    The only name not mentioned in any of these activities is Joe Biden. Is Joe the one really running this country?

    And I say, if Biden is the last sleazy pol standing, we are doomed.

  3. In 2016, MrsClinton will be 69 years old and MrBiden will be 74 years old. Two elderly, White Dems will be running against a youthful, (maybe) Hispanic Repub for the presidency.
    MrsClinton will walk onstage wearing her 80’s polyester pants suits and dippy headband, or MrBiden will shuffle out to the podium wearing a stupid grin and the electorate will just turn away.

    The two Dems might believe it’s “their turn”, but they will find themselves in the same sinking boat as SenMcCain; too old, too much baggage.

    • I am well…no longer sheathed in the blush of youth, but I don’t vote the contents of someone’s birthday card. I see some pretty sharp Republicans in line for a turn…we need someone with energy and who can talk without all the ums and ahhs.

      • The “65” in my screen name is wishful thinking and can only be observed in my rear view mirror of life.

        Being older than “65” doesn’t mean a decline in intelligence or being able to do a specific task.
        What age means in the next presidential election is the contrast that will be apparent between the annointed Dem candidates and whomever the Repubs put up as their standard bearer.
        The Repubs have a deep, diverse bench of candidates, the Dems have two of the same ideology and background.

        • And here I thought the 65 was the year you were born :D

          I agree, the Dems don’t have a deep bench, nor does it seem they’re grooming anyone. The only one I admire is Cory Booker (Newark Mayor), but the Dems don’t seem to be helping him any, didn’t even give him a speaking slot at the convention.

          I’m starting to fear Obama wants a 3rd term to continue his damaging policies :(

    • I don’t discount that Frenchie has aspirations too, but he will be over 70 too by 2016. It’s a rare thing that makes me smile these days, but the thought of the aging Democratic politburo helps.

  4. I don’t think anyone here is implying that being, shall we say, of a certain age disqualifies one from holding office and doing a good job. It’s the bulk of the voters who would favor a younger candidate. Ronald Reagan wouldn’t stand a chance in today’s youth culture, unfortunately. And Clinton is no Reagan, nor is Biden.

  5. my 22-year-old daughter saw the headline that Uncle Joe was thinking of running in 2016 and she said ‘BIDEN??? you’re kidding!’ of course my kid is extremely brilliant, but I suspect that many of her friends will feel the same way.

    the GOP has an excellent chance of taking the WH in 2016. I wonder how they’re gonna screw it up this time.

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