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Obama’s Benghazi WOW Factor

When I was a kid, we had a neighbor, a young woman whose perennial reaction to things was, “Oh wowwww!”

This, we deduced, probably had to do with her having not quite enough working brain synapses to process new information, and even fewer available to manufacture an intelligible response.

And so she just presented to the world a flummoxed visage and exclaimed, “Oh wowwww!”

I suppose she was luckier than us, walking around as she did in a constant state of amazement.

I was reminded of this as I watched White House Senior Advisor Dan Pfeiffer pretend that President Obama’s reaction the night of the Benghazi murders didn’t matter, and that even raising questions about what he did that night was “offensive.”

Other than stammering something at the beginning of the crisis that amounted to “do everything you can,” there has been no information about how he responded to the drumbeat of bad news that must have been coming out of Libya that night.

Did he do nothing? Did he do something that was a bad idea? We don’t know.

Or maybe he just said, “Oh wowwww.”

“Mr. President, our embassy is under attack.”

“Oh wowwww!”

“Mr. President, our embassy is on fire.”

“Oh wowwww!”

“Mr. President, would you like to consider a military response?”


“Mr. President, the annex is now under attack.”

“Oh wowwww!”

Mr. President?

“Oh wowwww!”

And so forth.

Yes, Dan, it matters what the president did, whether he went to the Situation Room, and what he said that night. Because the nation needs to know what kind of commander in chief it has.

And because a president not held responsible for his actions will commit irresponsible actions.

30 Responses to Obama’s Benghazi WOW Factor

  1. Our ambassador was left for dead, and Barack Obama went to bed.

    Elsewhere, The American Spectator is reporting that the very day before the IRS opened its massive file on the Tea Party, the head of the Treasury employee’s union met personally with Obama at the White House.

    So, no, he didn’t direct the agency…but it looks like he sure said a few things to the head of the union.

  2. Hey Keith, why dont you ask some of those hot-shot, front row reporters in the “WH press corps” who are always allowed to ‘ask’ questions why they have NEVER asked;
    “Where was Obama the night of the Benghazi attacks?”
    “Where was the ‘President’ after 5p?”
    “How/who briefed Obama on the situation that night?”
    “Was Obama told about the US military assets in the area; why didnt Obama contact the Pentagon or area commanders?”

    I can ask better questions than a “WH reporter” and I never went to journalism school :-)

    • Good question LS.
      Are the questions to the fearless leader scripted ?
      What happens if you go off script ?
      Reporter next in line to be called upon goes off script and asks Obama where the hell where you that night ?
      Just once I would love to hear a reporter with some balls lambast that skinny wannabe and watch him dance.
      And, when he avoids the question, tell him that he did and ask it again.
      I want to see him throw a tantrum.

  3. Keith, when Pfeiffer told Chris Wallace that the President met with his National security team but wouldn’t say who or how they got THEIR intel…
    it reminded of the Feds who tell Indiana Jones that they have “TOP MEN”
    working on the Ark of the Convenant.

    Major Eaton: I assure you, Dr. Brody, Dr. Jones. We have top men working on it right now.
    Indy: Who?
    Major Eaton: Top… men.

    David Pfeiffer: I assure you, Mr. Wallace, The President was talking to top men.
    Wallace: Who?
    Pfeiffer: Top…men. And one woman. But not the SOS. Or Susan Rice. or Valerie Jarrett. Or Beyonce.
    Wallace: Was it his wife?
    Pfeiffer: Well she’s related to his wife.
    Wallace: His mother in law?
    Pfeiffer: You’re getting colder
    Wallace: His daughter
    Pfeiffer: You didn’t hear that from me.

  4. ….or he said ” I must send off a strongly worded message to their leader. When I get back from Vegas”.

    …or he said “The guys at ESPN sent over that video of the 2002 game between the Nets and the Bulls. I’m going upstairs to watch that,so tell whoever to take care of that thing in , where?, oh yeah, Benghazi.”

    …or he said “Michelle wants me at the dinner table now and then we’re playing Monopoly with the girls, so do whatever you feel is right”

  5. Bravo, Keith. I could sense the outrage you must have felt while writing this story, and share that outrage.

    Shame on our Republican leaders for allowing this corrupt regime to stonewall and beat the heck out of America while they sit back and play politics. This isn’t about politics, this is about America. If these career politicians can’t fight the fight then step aside and let the new blood take over. These are dangerous times in America and these people are playing for keeps. Rather than create a maze of lost trails with five congressional committees (TV time for crony leaders), a real statesman would want to get to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi and appoint a select committee to investigate Benghazi. They would also put Darrell Issa in charge of that committee. Guess that pretty much explains why Boehner hasn’t followed through – he’s still playing politics.

      • What is so special about special prosecutors–we have had problems with every one–Ken Starr, anyone–on and on about him. Who was that Chicago guy–the Plame one…forget his name. A big woo like that is another way to get this off the table, out of the headlines, or however you want to phrase it. At least in my opinion.

      • This isn’t about Obama and I’m not blaming every Republican, just the leaders and their loyalists who are putting their party politics over the welfare of our country. If we have any prayer of winning Congress in 2014, they have to stand up and take action now.

    • Brava, Susan! I’m also wondering if Ms. Lindsey doesn’t think she should head the committee and not Darrell Issa. When I was a practicing Catholic, there were sins of commission and sins of omission, the Democrats guilty of the former, the Republican establishment guilty of the latter.

  6. And because a president not held responsible for his actions will commit irresponsible actions.

    Indeed. Can this be used elsewhere?

  7. It has always been The One’s practice to stay uninvolved in anything that requires action.

    The idea is that he can then step forward and criticize the actions of those who took responsibility and did something in response to the problem.

    The trouble here is that he is the one person who should have been directing the response — so his inaction backfires and he is more responsible than if he had stepped forward and done his job.

    Kinda ironic, isn’t it?

  8. Pfeiffer was such a twit on the talk show circuit. I guess he thought if he was brash, arrogant and lied without moving his lips, then everyone would take his word as the Gospel According to Obama. Someone needs to tell him that having a cute retort or continuing to blame Republicans just isn’t working when people can sense what the truth is with Benghazi, AP stalking and IRS.

    • It doesn’t make any difference at this point, but conservatives didn’t lose the election for John McCain. After he won the nomination, every conservative I know campaigned and voted for John McCain, especially after he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. McCain lost because he listened to the political consultants over his running mate. Besides, they just couldn’t overcome the cult of personality that is Barack Hussein Obama, mmm mmm mmm. And it is a cult. Even the RINOs were mesmerized by “The One” (Peggy Noonan, Colin Powell, etc.).

      • I’ll second your “cult” assessment, Susan. Many people I spoke to in 2008 literally had a glaze over their eyes when they would speak of “Him” McCain did not have the fire within him to take on a cheap fraud for fear of being called a racist.

  9. Maybe if we appealed to Obama by telling him he’d NEVER get a series on the Military Channel’s “Commander & Chief” he’d pay attention to the Benghazi comments………..

  10. Has anyone asked the whereabouts of Valerie Jarrett the afternoon and evening of Sept. 11? She is the only member of BHO’s inner circle who dines with the ‘family’ in the private quarters. She is ubiquitous – even spotted her sitting on the dais at yesterday’s Morehouse commencement. She is Obama’s firewall – she needs to be deposed under oath.