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Obama Speaks with Governor of Oklahoma

From the White House:

This evening the President spoke with Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin to express his concern for those who have been affected by the severe weather beginning last night and continuing today. While information is still coming in, the President made clear that his Administration, through FEMA, stands ready to provide all available assistance as the Governor’s team responds to the storm and that he has directed his team to ensure that they are providing available resources as the response unfolds.

FEMA has deployed an Incident Management Assistance Team to the state emergency operations center in Oklahoma City to support state and local officials on the ground and additional personnel and resources stand ready to be dispatched as necessary. The President told Governor Fallin that the people of Oklahoma are in his and the First Lady’s thoughts and prayers and, while his team will continue to keep him updated, he urged her to be in touch directly if there were additional resources the Administration could provide.

May God comfort the victims of this nightmare.

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      • *sigh*

        Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said Tuesday that if Republicans don’t join efforts to combat global warming, they will pay the political consequences.

        “I think it’s our task to ensure that climate change lines up right behind immigration and gay rights as an issue,” said Whitehouse at the Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference in Washington sponsored by labor unions and environmental groups. If Republicans continue their opposition to measures that confront global warming, Whitehouse said, “they’ll run off the cliff like lemmings.”



        I reckon having a wife who’se a marine biologist makes him sooper-smart or somthing.

        • Mandy, I’ll help. We’ll need two effigies …

          As families and schoolchildren hunkered down in storm shelters to avoid a massive tornado today near Oklahoma City, a liberal “comedian” found time to use the disaster to attack conservatives.

          The subtext of a tweet from “Daily Show” co-creator Lizz Winstead was clearly meant to insult the pro-life and family values people who live in the state of Oklahoma, one of the most Republican-oriented states in the nation.

          This tornado is in Oklahoma so clearly it has been ordered to only target conservatives.

          — Lizz Winstead (@lizzwinstead) May 20, 2013

  1. Thoughts and prayers for all those affected by this terrible disaster.

    And wheels up at what time so the scandal ridden President can speechify?

  2. The last thing the victims need right now is FEMA bothering them and waving useless government forms around.
    The resident/victims had the same look of shock and dismay when interviewed by the MSM. I truly feel so sorry for them and for their losses. Those who lost loved ones have my prayers for their comfort.

    The iconic photo of the woman carrying a child almost as big as her brought tears to my eyes
    May God grant them peace.

    • The last thing the residents/victims need is “the president” rushing down to use them as a photo op like he did with the townsfolk of Joplin, Mo. Anything to deflect attention from the blossoming scandels in DC. . .

  3. You know there will be politicians blaming the tornadoes on “global warming”. Tornadoes are a new phenomenon, of course, that didn’t exist before there were millions of cars on the world’s roads.

    My heart breaks for the victims and their families. Keeping them in my prayers….

  4. Three things I pray for today: 1) The victims and their families, 2) The first responders and 3) That Dear Leader stays away so these people will not have to entertain the circus of a POTUS visit.