As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Tuesday, May 21, 2013

10:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:00 am || Meets with illegal immigrants who have received deferred action under the DREAM Act and with U.S. citizen family members of illegal immigrants
4:30 pm || Meets with Defense Secretary Hagel

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:30 pm

17 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, May 21, 2013

  1. Exactly what does illegal mean? No tours to the Whtie House for Americans born and raised here, but open the doors for the illegals. I am beyond words! God help us!

  2. The POTUS has invited known criminals who admit that they have broken our federal laws to our WhiteHouse.
    He swore in January that he would uphold our Constitution, our laws, and defend our borders. As he welcomes illegal aliens tomorrow, he violates his solemn oath.
    There’s no debate, no excuse, no legal defense to allow illegal aliens to step into the WhiteHouse.

    • It isn’t the first time he has violated his oath of office, srdem. His parading of illegal aliens in our White House, while it is still off-limits to the American people, is just another outrage to show us who’s in control. If he keeps poking us in the eye with his never ending abuses of the office of president, he’s not going to like the eventual outcome.

  3. I’ve taken the WH Tour and doubt there’s enough room for 100,000+.

    Just how many have been invited?
    Are they all registered Democrats?
    Will they be serving lunch to all of them?

  4. Rumor has it that Aunt Zituni and Uncle Omar will be on hand to meet and greet the newly minted Dreamers! Meanwhile, America’s longest nightmare continues! Americans have been told that their children ‘need to learn Spanish’ if they expect to succeed in this country. MOOCHelle is honoring America’s Dreamers with designer T-shirts – “Have you hugged an illegal alien today?’ Her ‘Let’s move’ initiative is expanding to Mexico with a catchy slogan: “Let’s Move to the USA’! Donations to the ‘Punish your Enemies’ 2014 campaign are tax deductable.

  5. wow meet with illegals why we cannot find jobs this jerk has no clue impeach this no good bum he is the worse thing to ever happen to are great country

  6. I guess he’s going to address the nation about the tornado at 10. He had to get up a little earlier today but he probably didn’t mind. This tornado is taking the heat off him, at least temporarily. It’s a terrible thing to day, but I think that’s how these prod think.

  7. Stupid question:

    Will anyone in the “WH press corps” mention the fact that Obama is having ILLEGALS in the White House? (illegal means against the law…I learned that as a paralegal)

    Im tempted to email my US Senators (both useless & Dems) and rant about allowing ILLEGALS in the White House… but whats the point, Senators/Congress-dopes do not listen to voters.

    • Please keep speaking out to your congresscritters, Langley Spook. Even if they never answer your inquiries, silence implies consent to their actions.