As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || May 20, 2013

WH Counsel told of IRS audit weeks ago . . . Wall Street Journal
DOJ culled records of reporter in 2010 . . . Washington Post
Rice’s Reign of Error as State’s Africa chief . . . Daily Caller
Benghazi is the only scandal that matters . . . Joe Curl
IG report suggests no IRS conspiracy . . . Washington Post
AP President: Our constitutional rights violated  . . . Fox News
Scandal-shocked House Dems fear for 2014 . . . Politico
Obama approval rating steady . . . Christian Science Monitor
GOP hopes IRS scandal snags Obamacare . . . Associated Press
Obama’s newest ally: John McCain . . . Politico

21 Responses to The Obama Morning News || May 20, 2013

  1. The fact that the President’s approval rating is steady scares me as much as the administration itself. Now I know how the Hitlers of the world took over. As long as they are getting something for free I guess he’s a great guy.

  2. First WaPo carried gallons of water for the administration with its editorial on Benghazi, now it’s bringing it in by the boatload to defend it on the IRS scandal.
    Too bad some of that Justice Department reporter snooping didn’t include WaPo reporters. Oops, I forgot, WaPo has an “understanding” with the White House. “We won’t write anything negative against Dear Leader and crew and you don’t do anything that might make us look like a respectable newspaper”.

    • Geoff, no one will look into this, but the WH’s purchase of the media is another scandal. We have a small newspaper in our area which used to be conservative and reflect the views of the people who live here. They fell into hard times when the economy tanked and fell afoul of Bank of America to which they owed a lot of money. They were on the verge of bankruptcy when all-of-a-sudden, they settled it mysteriously and at the same time switched their political outlook significantly. I wouldn’t doubt that they received stimulus money or the administration arbitrated for them with B of A. Long story, but how often has it been repeated across the country and by larger news outlets? The press has been bought.

      • Oh it wouldn’t surprise me at all. In fact NOTHING that this administration or the MSM does surprises me any more. I truly do not recognize my country any more.
        But this is the America you get after 40 years of liberal indoctrination and re-writing (if taught at all) of American history.
        My tag line for my Corner website is “Where apathy reigns, tyranny rules”.
        Well the former is definitely reigning all that’s left at this point is to prepare for the latter.

        • I consider what they print and my eyes to be the evidence. I also know someone who works for the paper, whose father in fact founded the paper, and she used to be right of Attila the Hun.

          • Oh come on, Star. How many of us here have insider information on the administration? I’m connecting the dots of our small town newspaper. Hello? Newspaper going bankrupt because of the economy (factual, in the newspaper pages themselves), Bank of America calling in the loan (factual), situation all-of-a-sudden works out, B of A settles (factual) stimulus money being handed out, political articles and cartoons take sudden favorable Obama turn (factual), reporter I know used to be conservative, all-of-a-sudden loses house because should never have received loan, gets personal finances settled, said person starts espousing leftist views . . .

  3. Joe Curl on the WH ‘double head fake’ exactly expresses my thoughts. Benghazi is the scandal which leads all the way up to the top. The Republicans in Congress should not concern themselves with the AP story: it’s a real plant. I can’t forget the luncheon the AP gave for Obama a year ago and before the election: the CEO absolutely drooled over him. The AP is in the WH’s pocket. As for the IRS, it is a scandal and whatever heads we can get to roll, the better, but it will not go all the way to the top.

    Curl and Woodward are right.

    • Excellent points, Susan. I agree that the Benghazi massacre is the most important issue that affects the WhiteHouse, but it’s not of much importance to the average voter. The average American doesn’t care about four dead people in Libya at the hands of the Muslim terrorists. They care about the dead people in Boston, and the ongoing threat here.

      The IRS scandal will not die, will only become a huger issue and even though it won’t be proven to reach the WhiteHouse, it will change the way the voters think when they go to the voting booth. With the Obamacare issue and now the IRS scandal, it’s going to be a rough future for the Dem party.

      • Ha ha. Julie. But that’s ok: I once called Susan Sadie, and yesterday Susan called Denise Julie. We ought to pick out more distinctive names like yours.

        The ‘folks’ are very short-sighted on Benghazi. If the government will not protect those who work directly for it, it certainly won’t look after the interests of its rank and file. And yes, I too am pleased that the IRS is being linked directly with Obamacare.

      • You are right about the IRS scandal, srdem. It’s not going to go away. Even LIV’s know the power of the IRS to destroy lives. Heck, maybe we can get Willie Nelson to do a concert for conservatives after this.

    • If our only goal is the destruction of Obama the man, then Joe Curl is right. If our goal is to reduce the size of government and neuter its power over our lives, then we should start with the IRS. Lots of conservative groups are taking a page from the left and filing legal action against the agency. Kinda like Pigford for conservatives, only we don’t want redistribution of other peoples money. We want to dismantle the IRS.

      Benghazi is different. As commander-in-chief, Obama is personally responsible for what happened on the night of 9/11/12. Because it involves national security, only Congress can get to the bottom of what happened there. Unfortunately, Boehner is the one dragging his feet on the Benghazi investigation.

      • I agree with you. Curl is right that only Benghazi can go all the way up to the top. The Commander in Chief is guilty of dereliction of duty as well as covering it up. Obama will be protected on the IRS, but there’s no reason not to go after the criminals all the way up to the top. As Darryl Issa gets after more truth, I hope more and more House Republicans will demand a committee from Boehner. Boehner is hedging his bets on this one and needs to be forced into action.