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Obama Schedule || Monday, May 20, 2013

10:45 am || Receives Presidential Daily Briefing
11:30 am || Meets with senior advisers
2:10 pm || Holds a bilateral meeting with President Thein Sein of Myanmar

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:30 pm

25 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, May 20, 2013

  1. Seriously??? Daily briefing at 1045am? What time does the man roll out of bed? I’ll be through 2 meetings by then.

    I really hope the Myanmar thing works out though. I’m really pulling for those guys! What did the name of that country use to be?

    • He rarely rolls out of bed before 10am, unless it is to hop on AF1 for a campaign trip.

      Myanmar used to be Burma. Okay, I fess up…had to look it up because I’ve never heard of Myanmar. So what’s up with the visit from President Thein Sein? Is Obama shaking him down or vice versa?

      • Myanmar is communist. Period. The reason most people know so little about it is that the people are not allowed tourist visas. A very select few are allowed to attend college out of the country, usually the U. K., but then they must return. It is a very sad life. I was able to go into Myanmar in 1997. I will never forget it nor the people that hosted us. We can pray that President Thein Sein’s (General, military rule) beliefs do not further socialize our very left leaning president of the United States of America. God bless Aung San Suu Kyi, former opposition party leader.

  2. His Greatness approaches the teleprompter after a casual stroll on the Reflecting Pond. He boldly asks:”Has anyone noticed the similarity I bear to that guy in the Lincoln Memorial? What was his name? I wonder how I will look on the $10-trillion bill?”

  3. Myanmar/Burma military rule from the 1960s until just recently. Horrific human rights record. Had elections and now,largely for strategic reasons I think, we are making nice. Doubt Obama will do anything but bow and scrape. Too bad Susan Rice is not yet the new NSA — Myanmar made for her.

  4. Looks like Dictator Obama partied just a tad too hearty all weekend and hence the ridiculously light schedule. His total schedule for a Monday adds up to 3 hours and 25 minutes. He must of had a few two many drinks on the golf course yesterday. I heard that the Obamacare provisions kicking in hasve made it necessary to cut his weekly hours below 30 hours so that his employer doesn’t have to comply with the full time worker requirement. At this point it is pretty obvious that he is a part time employee. Oh wait I forgot we are his employers. Get to work you worthless slacker or we’ll fire you.

    By the way just what in hell is a “bilateral meeting”? Is sex involved?

    • Any meeting Obama is engaged in ends up screwing over someone or some country.

      A bilateral meeting is informal bullsh*t –

      Obama: Nice tie you’re wearing President Sein.
      Sein: Would you like to hang yourself with it.

  5. 11:30 meeting with advisors:
    Topic; Irrelevant as a defense
    A roundtable will be held to discover who decided to call everything that happened last week as “irrelevant”, such as “the law is irrelevant”, “the whereabouts of the President is irrelevant” and so on.

    Also on the agenda will be the considered future of the DOJ and MrHolder’s recusal in the AP telephone scandal. Talking points will be discussed as to how to prove that national security was breached by AP before the WhiteHouse could breach national security.

    Lunch will not be served.

  6. wow another busy day after going to another all black school does this guy ever do white schools no does anyone know about the new scandal coming out about Arms being shipped from Libya to Turkey to the rebels by OBOZOS administration another scandal to hit the shitter soon this guy needs to go and so does Holder NOW

  7. “10:45am PDB”… WTF? imagine how much has already happened in the world by 10:45am.

    What would Obama do if say… Syria attacked Isreal with chemical weapons at 8:15am in DC? Obama would be ‘asleep’?(no one knows where he goes)
    How would the Obama WH respond to a major world crisis before 10am?

  8. 2:30 apologizes to some country
    2:45 apologizes to another country
    3:00 another apology is tentatively scheduled to yet another country
    3:15 lies to America