As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

108 Responses to Live Stream || Obama at Morehouse College Commencement

  1. A private college – all Black, all male! Is he making a statement, or is he just plain tone deaf? And, to top it off, he will attend a fundraiser in Atlanta following the commencement. He always has an ‘angle’!

    • And private white all male colleges, that’s racist and sexist.

      I guess his appearance here had been arranged well in advance, but the timing for a friendly audience couldn’t have been better.

      • Well Julie…your kind did create the rules….but if you did your research, you would know that white males attend Morehouse as well. And they are welcomed. Perhaps, the greater question is why more white males do not presently attend…hmmm. As for other all male “majority” institutions, please Google Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia. A nice conservative college in the heart of the good ole’ confederacy. Maybe, they will have Obama as their commencement speaker next year……

        ’95 Morehouse Alum

        • I may have been in error about white males at Morehouse, but it was an honest error and I reject your portrayal of me as a racist just because of it. I didn’t make any rules.

        • J: Maybe white men DO attend Morehouse but I sure as heck can’t spot a one, not one, in any of the commencement photos on their own website. Not in the graduating class. Not of the crowd attending. Not on the dais. Let me know if you see ANY white person anywhere.

          There are many fine colleges that are all-black, some have even have been designated by the Department of Education as Historically Black. I see nothing wrong with that at all.

          Morehouse has reason to be proud of their history of educating black men. They produce some fine citizens. So if another private college is all white, then to you they are a bunch of racists? Let’s hope you didn’t major in logic in ’95.

          • The guy with the camera in the background to his Most Arrogance’s’ left looks white to me. Surely a plant.
            I am laughing at the left, but I should be praying for them since they know not what they do.

  2. What motivates Preezy Revenge to get up early on a Sunday morning? My guess is it is the ululating adoration from his loyal subjects, and a shake down session with members of the 1%.

    Kinda makes me wonder if it is illegal for OFA to operate as a nonprofit 501c4 when they have yet to file for tax-exempt status and are participating in political activities? Nah, he’ll just get his IRS lackeys to overlook their political role and make their filing retroactive like they did for his brother’s phony Kenyan nonprofit group.

  3. I don’t know why people at that college would be happy to see him.

    According to Ben Jealous, president of the NAACP, African Americans have been doing worse under Barack Obama then they were under President Bush.

    • I can’t watch–or choose to spare myself. Is it the job laser? The mean ole Republicans? Solar bicycles? The cryface? The flashbulb grin–on, off, on, off, the pinchy fingers….arg.

      • lucky I was working at the Green Bay Marathon, so I got to miss another riveting lecture from Sir Putts-A-Lot. Maybe he was going over his speech yesterday boring the crap out of the other players/

  4. I just watch with no sound. The Teleprompter is clearly visible on the left and he glances frequently at it. He looks angry. Acting angry. Oh no, that Mussolini pose again. I´m out.

    • I don’t listen either, but I’m wondering if he’s blaming all his scandals on racism and how the white Republican males, mostly from the South as the Washington Post tried to suggest in an op-ed, are out to get him.

    • I can’t listen to him either. You’re right about his body language. Really, watching him with the sound off, he brings Adolph Hitler to mind. He displays many of the same gestures and mannerisms as he rants. The chin in the air, though, is pure IL Duce.

  5. Phony, folksy accent: check
    Finger pointing like an imam: check
    Arrogant head tilt: check
    Smirk: check
    Sycophants nodding and clapping behind him: check

    Same shit, different day.

  6. Anyone else deeply disturbed by the travesty (tragedy?) of a class of black college graduates being addressed by a Dictator masquerading as a president, who has committed numerous felonies throughout his lifetime including but not limited to:
    Hard core drug use
    Illicit campaign contributions,
    Voter fraud
    Having to surrender his license to practice law for reasons unknown (you to Moochelle).
    Using the IRS to punish his enemies (an impeachable offense by the way).
    Dereliction of his duty as Commander-in-Chief and directly responsible of the murder of four Americans in Benghazi.
    Criminal cover up – Benghazi
    The unlawful recess appointments of NLRB members, which by the way has been declared unconstitutional by two different Appeals Court and which in violation of his oath to protect and defend the constitution he continues to ignore.
    Allowing his Department of Injustice to illegally run guns into Mexico to use as an excuse to violate our Second Amendment rights, again an impeachable offense, which also resulted in the murder of two border agents and hundreds of Mexican citizens, again a felony.
    The illegal use of Air Force One and government resources for raising campaign funds and lavish vacations.
    These are just a few of Dictator Obama’s many crimes and God knows what else is out there waiting to be discovered.
    The irony of all this is that if you want to descend into the subject of race (one of Dictator Obama and the democrat communists favorites!) then how about the fact that the black Americans in this country are in the worst financial and cultural shape since being shipped over to this country as slaves.
    If the graduates in attendance at this commencement address by Dictator Obama had been properly educated they would have risen en masse and howled this world class poseur off the stage and ridden him out of town on a rail, tarred and feathered.

    Wake up students of Morehouse College before your lives are totally ruined.

    • None of that matters to the Black community. What matters is they see a Black, married, educated couple living in the WhiteHouse.
      So many are the eternal victims that they don’t expect anything better than what little they have.
      MrO’s commencement speech to the Black men graduates told them not to expect anything they haven’t earned. He let them know that they’re not competing against White America anymore, they’re now in competition with Asians and South Americans.
      It was a pretty harsh speech from someone who enjoyed a free pass for a lot of crimes and indescretions he committed in his youth. Yes, he’s still getting a free pass today, butt he knows that the newly grads won’t be getting the same benefit.

    • About surrendering licenses to practice law. Many people give up their license and become inactive for 2 reasons. They no longer want to take Mandatory Continuing Legal Education classes and no longer want to pay dues to belong to the bar. While there are other possible reasons, it is possible the Obamas gave up their licenses for these reasons.

      • The records regarding why they surrendered their licenses have been sealed natch! If they were republicans the media would have unleashed a non-stop blitz to get the records unsealed. Most transparent administration evah!

  7. People on this thread represent an interesting group with significantly less interesting points of view. It is probable that many here are more myopic than the proclaimed “all-black, sycophant Reverends” at Morehouse.

  8. Drudge has a great headline/photo of Obama burnishing his “I AM A BLACK MAN” bona fides at Morehouse. No doubt in my mind he went over the top to remind all of his detractors that they can’t touch the ‘historic’ black Prez.

      • oh yeah, the standard qualifier. I am not talking about black people, hispanic people, or any other flavor of the month minority or group. I am speaking to the uber big government progressive lefitsts.

    • The Mussolini pose we were all talking about earlier. My husband says the Mooch has been to Mt. Rushmore several times. Is she picking out the rock face for Obama’s portrait? My husband also says he hopes he is dead and gone before that ever happens.

    • When I mix Black and White somehow I get Gray. Mr. Barry must be confused about the color spectrum. Unless he has changed the rules, He definitely is the first Gray President.

  9. Hey! I think I found one of Obama’s Hawaiian Professors!

    “We need to think very, very clearly about who the enemy is. The enemy is the United States of America and everyone who supports it.” That’s taught to University of Hawaii students by Professor Haunani-Kay Trask. ” – Walter Williams

    Great article. Nicely explains why the kids, including those at Morehouse, think The Angry Caliph is so great. Make sure you have your duct tape ready before reading, though…

  10. Stay cool Ysreal,this is another creation to piss off the masses,in this wicked society mind,they been playing us for 400 dam yrs and now we see them for what they are.So stay cool and continue the wake up call.This Beast called “American” is getting it now,so please don’t get pissed,when they tell you WE ARE OUT OF LINE,NO HE IS AND ALWAYS HAS.

  11. It’s absolutely hilarious to me to find all of these hateful comments about our President who merely came to give a commencement speech for the #1 historically black college for MEN (of all creed and color) in America. I don’t know How you are so willing to judge our President for delivering a speech at this college, but not do the same to his wife or Oprah for delivering speeches at the college right across the street. Yes, this event was planned at least a year in advance, and was requested by the STUDENTS of Morehouse college, not by Mr. Obama himself. For those if you who judge his speech based off of mere gestures, I thank you for opening my eyes as to why discrimination and judgement exists in this world.
    And lastly, WHITE MEN DO ATTEND THIS SCHOOL, whether you see them or not. I know because I attend the sister school across the street.

    Spelman, Class of 2014