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Obama Calls in the Marines

Some people are none too happy that Obama summoned two Marines to hold umbrellas for him and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan when it began to rain during Thursday’s press conference in the Rose Garden.

Obama, it seems, is averse to using military force, except to protect him from precipitation.

I think he was being polite: He didn’t want Erdogan to be rained on, but it would have been insulting just to give Erdogan an umbrella, so he took umbrellas for both of them.

BUT WHY THE MARINES? I have to admit, I really don’t like seeing these Marines stand out there getting soaked to save Obama’s suit.

Why not have Jay Carney and Valerie Jarrett do it? Or a couple of the little White House aides he takes golfing with him every week. OR THE PERSON WHO PLANNED TO HAVE A PRESS CONFERENCE OUTSIDE ON A RAINY DAY?

Or, come to think of it, why not let Erdogan get rained on? He’s busy undermining democracy in Turkey, throwing opponents and journalists in jail, and offering support to Hamas. If God decides to rain on him, let it pour.

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  1. My former bro-in-law was in the honor guard (Coastie) back in the day–you would not believe the chores they did–he said Johnson was nice, sent them out sodas and lemonade on hot days.

      1. In Southeast Asia, where it rains a lot, it is common for people
        of a lower station (cast system) to carry an umbrella over a perceived higher privileged person to keep them dry. I lived in Jakarta. Is that where he became accustomed to this thinking? Bet so.
        Indonesia also has an in name only president. It is definitely socialistic. Is that where he picked up his ideology. Bet so.

        1. I’ve also seen the use of ceremonial umbrellas in Africa. Who knows, Bonnie? Maybe he’s never had to carry his own umbrella in his life. It’s certainly true in a metaphorical sense.

          1. Have you seen the umbrella picture? He’s so stupid he doesn’t know how to operate an umbrella. But you can be stupid and evil and insane and cause a great deal of trouble. Which he has.

  2. Great points on both courtesy to Erdogan (who had mentioned the rain beforehand) and the misuse of the Marines.

    One of the perennial essentials in Obama’s toolbox is the use of human props. It looks like he may have taken advantage of the rain to make the most of a couple of REAL patriots. (Should I expect an audit for using that term?)

    OTOH, it wouldn’t be the first time he has overseen the mis-allocation of our brave warriors — and managed to get his own assets covered in the process.

    1. One of the perennial essentials in Obama’s toolbox is the use of human props.


      That’s a characteristic of someone with the personality disorder, anti-social personality disorder (sociopathology).. But, traits of PD’s tend to lend themselves to other diagnosed disorders.

      1. dunno.

        If you refer to the Boston company that customizes client reporting, you may have a very valid point. Nothing says “customized reporting” better than coverage of Obama.

          1. Never been accused of that before. I did appreciate your word choice — it allowed me to find another accidental reference that could be applied to POTUS.

  3. It was an unfortunate optic, just reminding people he would summon Marines to hold his umbrella, but not protect an Ambassador :(

    And really, showers were predicted all day, why not move it to the press room ?

  4. don’t insult our prem erdogan
    you donty have any right any countrys prems full you shcould be fired
    if your the righter about the umbrella
    this is last time i will read your eb site full stop

    1. Um, Ismail, Keith is not only the writer, he is also the owner. And in our country there are still many of us who believe in free speech. Bye-bye.

    2. Ismail,

      Have you ever stopped to think, maybe Erdogan is himself an insult to Turkishness. He can stick that Article 301 where, as we say here, the sun don’t shine.

  5. It is a disgrace that this man ordered Marine guards to hold an umbrella over him. Your explanation of his act is too generous, Keith. He saw the Drudge headlines when all the reports of government overreach broke simultaneously, accompanied by photos of him drenched by the rain. He was going to make sure we didn’t get another picture of him with his Muslim Brotherhood cohort saturated by God’s tears. Instead we get a picture of him arrogantly using America’s finest to shelter them. Quite the contrast of character in those photo ops – one that resonates with his actions, or more appropriately inaction, in Benghazi.

  6. They could have moved it inside but that wouldn’t have allowed them to cut it short.

    Or, alternatively, Obastard could have arrived on-schedule, in which case the presser would have been over before it started to rain.

    Or, there’s a third option. Barry-O could’ve done his job and sent troops in to save our people in Benghazi. Then we wouldn’t be having this discussion at all.

  7. Good grief, our house is on fire, the foundation is cracking and we’re supposed to worry about the umbrella protocol.
    Yes, it was bad optics. Yes, it was stupid to have a presser outdoors.
    Yes, the Marines are not butlers.
    Yes, who cares if a radical Turkish Muslim gets wet.

    The revelations of illegal activities by our government agencies is the important story. The umbrella protocol is the squirrel on top of the car.

    1. I’ve seen other photos where someone is holding an umbrella over him, while he’s walking, though he isn’t holding anything that would prevent him from holding his own umbrella. And the other person is getting rained on.
      Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth carries her own umbrella.
      Draw your conclusions.

    2. If the good guys go after them 24/7 on the major scandals, the public will tire of the scandals, or they will be manipulated into thinking they are tired of them. I have already seen some commentors on Fox suggesting the Benghazi investigation needs to go into new directions. Laura Ingraham was one. We can’t rehash the same 100 released e-mails forever. Meanwhile it is the weekend and nothing new is going to come out anyway. I don’t mind taking a few moments out to trash one of Obama’s lesser insults to the American people.

    3. What happens when there are so many squirrels on the top of the car, the car is unsafe to drive? Little things add up and little things matter as much as big things at times.

      1. Well, do you think squirrels on top of the car is like the bottom of the car (bus) where people get thrown under? I mean, the vehicle metaphor is essential, I think, although it’s diffy to go from mammals (I hope squirrels aren’t marsupials?) on top to humans below.

    1. As Radegunda points out above, the Queen has an arm, and I would add that she carries a purse on top of that.

    2. I served on the honor guard while in the Air Force.
      We were in full dress Military to honor the diseased, sometimes in the rain.
      The picture of him and the Marines holding an umbrella over him should tell you what an arrogant puss he is.
      He is disgusting.
      The Marines are under orders.
      That doesn’t mean they agree with them.

      1. D’you remember when he used to prance down Air Force 1, and enthusiastically shake the hand of the Marine standing there, causing the Marine to break his salute?
        Let’s not elect any more CinC’s who haven’t served in the Military.

  8. Why is common sense so uncommon? Just have the conference from under the overhang or inside. This was a self Inflicted misstep by a very insensitive man.

  9. I hated this. Papa Doc Barack is where I go. Most of the internet comments I read go something like — He can’t deploy the marines to Benghazi, but ……

    Also, even though that Marine is as fit as any it is no mean trick to hold your arm out for any given amount of time — try it.

    And I seriously doubt any thought was given to courtesy for Ergodan or an indoor meet on a rainy day.

    God’s tears raining down on these two.

    1. The first comment says it all: “He can’t deploy the Marines to Benghazi, but….”. American Thinker has a headlne “They’re Marines…not butlers”! My heart aches for any young man or woman who is serving under this ego-centric street hustler!

  10. O/T but maybe on.. talking about rain –

    Guess BO had a rough week.. decided to go golfing in the rain today with some cabinet friends. JF Andrews of course. I sure hope he didn;t melt!

  11. A caller to a local radio station yesterday, who claimed to be a marine (there is no such thing as an ex-marine), read a series of number and letters which he said are the regulation which forbids a marine in dress uniform to use an umbrella. I did not hear whether the rule specifies for the marine. In any case it shows a total lack of regard for the marine, presidential order notwithstanding.

    1. That is a real USMC uniform reg; A male Marine is not allowed to hold-use an umbrella while in dress or service uniform.

  12. The Marine who held the umbrella knew it was against protocol so my question is this. How many other Marines will willingly stand against their fellow Americans when the commander in chief instructs them to do so?

    1. The Marines broke some inconsequential military protocol by holding an umbrella over the fraud. That doesn’t mean they would take up arms against their fellow Americans.

      1. Sorry Ma’ma, To a US Marine there is NO “inconsequential military protocol”…
        (trust me, I was US Navy and had to live-work with US Marines on my ship…they have “protocols” you wouldnt believe, like stuff from the 18th century… and they Luv it)

  13. Erdogan the Jew-hater accepted Bibi’s apology (forced on Bibi by Obama), and then proceeded to break every promise he had made in order to get that apology. he should have been dis-invited from the White House a few days ago, after he announced he was taking Israel to the ICC, much less having one of our Marines holding an umbrella over him.

  14. I keep a mental list each week of what O does that pisses me off the most. This one was got the prize.

    Those marines look so brave and tough and O look so weak.
    I would love to know what they were thinking……

  15. As a former military dependent and a former service member, a Navy line officer I am appalled.
    Given all the WH flunkies, or how about just moving it all inside, there is no reason for this.
    I see this as one more way of demeaning our military.

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