As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || May 17, 2013

IRS official who targeted Right now on Obamacare . . . ABC News
Republicans debate how far to go
. . . New York Times
House GOP: We won’t repeat Lewinsky missteps . . . The Hill
Top Clinton aide didn’t disclose outside work . . . New York Times
DHS guideline gives deference to Islamists . . . Daily Caller
Second court opposes Obama recess pick . . . Washington Times
House lawmakers reach immigration deal . . . Reuters
House votes to repeal Obamacare . . . The Hill

31 Responses to The Obama Morning News || May 17, 2013

  1. This past week has been very good for me. I’ve lost 40 years off my age. My hair is dark brown again. I have a ’73 Monte Carlo and a VERY hot girl friend………..Yup, I really enjoy these Watergate flashbacks.

    • “Yup, I really enjoy these Watergate flashbacks.” – RickW

      Not to be your “editor” again, RW, but…

      It’s been pointed out that the Nixon/Watergate comparisons are not very fair. Nixon HAD a foreign policy, a strong military, and only 5% unemployment…

      Plus, the ’73 Monte Carlo, like all GM products of the era (I LOVED my ’73 Olds Cutlass!) were powerful. attractive, and actually things that consumers WANTED. GM was not a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nixon administration, or transfixed by it’s unions relations with top Washington officials, or dependant on Government subsidiaries for its very survival.

      Sorry, as much as I’d like the ride down memory lane like this, or even in my ’71 Dart, I can’t go shotgun on this one in your Monte Carlo.


      THIS administration if FAR more tyrannical than Nixon EVER was. AND, Obama is impeachment proof. Ever notice that he’s Black? I’m sure he’ll point that out if you haven’t once the going gets rough – he, or his rioters…

      So, no impeachment this time. We don’t get to relive the end of Watergate, as much as I’d like to. They’d just come up with someone worse anyway…

      • Cincy, you have a tendency to lecture when its not called for. My Watergate reference was meant to be light, not a comment that today’s scandals are similar in any way. I’m not a child that needs to be “corrected”

        Enjoy WHD. I used to until you came along.

        I’m out of here.

          • Yes–this isn’t about YOU, Rick!! LOL. It’s about us. Some people just must schoolmarm and “correct,” even if the corrections are wordy and questionable or even set to music. I, personally, have started commenting on useless insults that do not amuse or advance the subject. Don’t goooooo.

        • Um, sorry RickW, but MY comment was meant to be “light” as well…I’m apologize if you took it as actual critisim…

          Since there seems to be a sensitivity about my “wordiness”, let me be as succinct as possible…

          IT WAS A JOKE!

          My goodness, the butt-hurt in here!

          You need not leave, Rick.

          I will.

      • No one is comparing their presidencies or agendas, only the similarities in abuse of power and methodology of covering up. My own view of Nixon is that had it not been for his flaws of character (maybe bona fide paranoia) and downfall, he would have been a very good President, even a great one.

  2. “House GOP: We won’g repeat Lewinsky missteps . . . The Hill”

    What does this mean, that they’ll have the dress laundered this time?

    I’m not really worried that the GOP leadership will “repeat Lewinsky missteps.” I’m sure that the ever-inept Crying Johnny and his Senate sidekick Bitter McCain will make several DIFFERENT missteps of their own, stopping only to despise the actual conservatives in what remains of the Republican party…

    The immigration deal is indicative that we have a LONG way to go before we’ll have any actual leaders in Washington, to wit;

    “After years of blocking moves to put the 11 million on a pathway to citizenship that many conservatives call “amnesty,” Boehner, the top elected U.S. Republican, urged his party to work for a major revamp of immigration laws.

    Boehner’s call for action angered many of his most conservative rank-and-file Republican House members, as well as some conservative interest groups. As a result, it is unclear how Boehner will navigate between his desire to accomplish an immigration bill and resistance from many fellow Republicans.”

    Sounds like The Sobbing John B is knowingly going into opposition of his “fellow Republicans” in a capitulation to the liberal yen for yet another amnesty and the creation of 11 million (to start! then the “chain” immigration ensues…) legit Democrat votes.

    How bad is it? Don’t know, must be pretty awful if they don’t want to talk about the fruits of their labors…

    “None of the negotiators would comment on how the matter was resolved. Nor would they provide other details of the deal.”

    (from the above link,

    You can always rely on the RINOs – to cave like a Chinese coal mine…

    Woe unto America! THIS is our “leadership”.

    Look at your fellow voters, though, particuarly the much-ballyhooed 47%.. Perhaps it’s true, a nation gets the leader it deserves…

  3. Big surprise, Huma’s getting special treatment. Anyone else that was consulting while working for the state department would be fired. I abhor the Clintons and their “friends.”

  4. The House has reached a tentative deal on the AMNESTY bill. The final sticking point is over illegal immigrants now in the U.S. who gain legal status under the bill and whether or not they can participate in Obamacare, which Republicans want to repeal. Huh?

    ‘None of the negotiators would comment on how the matter was resolved. Nor would they provide other details of the deal.’

    The problem is no longer Obama, it’s the House RINOS. The issue is not a path to citizenship, it’s instantaneous amnesty, aka permanent provisional legal status. Marco Rubio made the audacious claim a couple of weeks ago that his plan would disallow ALL benefits to newly minted ‘legal’ immigrants…for a gazillion years. What does he plan to do with the 70% of these ‘immigrants’ who are already receiving at least one form of welfare, i.e. food stamps?

    It’s time for the adults in the House to take over and put ‘immigration’ on hold indefinitely. We are going to have a major crisis on our hands next year when the full impact of Obamacare rears its ugly head. The last thing we need is 33M additional immigrants to feed, clothe, educate and medicate via chain migration. At this point, Obama will sign anything just to have a ‘landmark’ piece of legislation on his resume.
    ***Didn’t we used to have a ‘quota’ system in the good old days? What happened?

    • Isn’t that bizarre? The Repubs bartering over the inclusion of Obamacare in the immigration bill and at the same time wanting to repeal Obamacare. Rubio has cut his throat on this when he should have walked away. We can’t do anything about McCain: he was just re-elected in 2012, but Ms. Lindsey needs a come- uppance next year.

      I’m not too worried about the immigration bill: it won’t go anywhere in the House. And speaking of the House, I think Darryl Issa should be named to head a special select committee on Benghazi, not Graham.

      • Agree, Julie, Lindsay Graham is not the guy we want to lead on Benghazi – or anything else for that matter. Unfortunately, I think he has Sheldon Adelson’s $$$ backing him.