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Live Stream || Ways and Means Hearing on IRS Scandal

Ousted IRS acting commissioner Steven Miller is testifying.

The coverage has concluded.

20 Responses to Live Stream || Ways and Means Hearing on IRS Scandal

  1. This fool doesn’t seem to remember that the IRS has already admitted that it targeted conservative groups for illegal and unconstitutional actions.
    The Dems would like to forget that many of their high-ranking Congressional members demanded that the IRS target conservative groups.
    If there was ever an issue that demanded bi-partisan agreement, this is it; the IRS must NEVER be used as a tool to attack or punish political activists.

    • may I: Mr Miller was not “ousted”, he is still the Acting Director as per his testimony today.
      He had previously notified others that he was “retiring” in June before this issue came to light.

      He might as well resign. As per his sworn testimony he doesn’t know much, wasn’t informed, didn’t investigate, made statements of issues but didn’t remember when he was told or who told him.
      The motto of the Obama administration has to be “Don’t know, can’t say”.

    • Paraphrasing a response from Miller in regards to if any of the actions were criminal enough for someone to serve time, “No!”

      So if conservatives culled liberal groups from getting tax free status, it too wouldn’t be criminal? The press would be camped on the White House lawn demanding impeachment proceedings.

  2. And Blumenhauer (sp?) with his little bow tie and some weird green pin on his lapel wraps it up by saying it’s really Congress’ fault for not giving the IRS adequate funds to do its job. Really? This is insane. Did he not hear about the Ingram bounty.

    Miller is a jackass and presented as the perfect Obama lackey.

    This is not inappropriate , it is criminal and the Dems who are trying to shield Obama and the people who committed these violations is despicable.

      • I loved your response to me when I asked last night why Obama was going to an elementary school. “Addressing his peers?”

    • Bowtie Blumenhauer agrees with what the IRS did. His supporters fully support what was done, just read the comments section of any Oregonian article about the Tea Party. Blumenhauer is probably very upset at the verbal discipline that was given to a couple agents. Portlanders would call that torture.

      Portland threatened to fine any Tea Party member that dumped tea in the Willamette River on our first gathering many years ago for polluting. This is a river that is known for having lots of brown trout floating downstream when it rains heavily.

  3. Were these people even prepared for this hearing? Why do we have these sessions when the congress is ill-prepared to ask the tough questions. I am sick of listening to these hearings when NOTHING is learned. We need to elect qualified people that know what they are doing instead of giving lip-service to any scandal. IRS and WH officials need to be prosecuted for this crime.

  4. Really another day of careful word selection and I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, that’s way BELOW my pay grade I just run the department, Its a stretch to think Id know what went on in my dept. Can you imagine if this was BP’s CEO post gulf oil spill. The moral outrage and calls for criminal proceeding would be loud. SO this lady in charge of this dept just decided un prompted to do this, and received federal bonuses that require Presidential authorisation and Obama’s brother application sailed through yet personal benefit or influence is used to decide tea party applications. Lets just go to trial. and impeachment

  5. On a lighter note, Rep Mike Kelly is a breath of fresh air! What a guy! Any chance of replacing the Weeper of the House with Mr. Kelly? Wishful thinking…