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Live Stream || Obama Remarks in Baltimore

The event has concluded.

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  1. Mr. Obama was actually one minute EARLY. Did the school kids kick him out prematurely? He’s starting by talking about THOSE people in D.C. more interested in their jobs than those of American citizens, while “chasing every little distraction that comes along”. (I assume he’s referring to distractions like Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS partisan attacks, DOJ snooping on the press, etc.)

    He just called for his own ovation. Something is shrinking (deficit?) “Yes, that’s worthy of applause, go ahead.” He might as well hold up two signs: 1) Applause; 2) Standing Ovation.

    You can track the arc of his speech. The timbre will rise to a crescendo at the end to make sure he finishes with a standing ovation.

  2. President Outsider”

    “I know it can seem frustrating sometimes when it seems like Washington’s priorities are not the same as your priorities. I know it often seems like folks down there are more concerned with their jobs than yours; others may get distracted by chasing every FLEETING ISSUE that passes by, but the middle class will always be my number one focus. Period! Your job, your families, your communities. That’s why I ran for president; that’s what drives me every day as I step into the Oval office. That’s what I’m going to keep fighting for over the next four years”!

    DID HE JUST SAY “FLEETING ISSUES””??? Benghazi, IRS, AP are ‘fleeting issues’??? This guy is a snake! How does he get away this double talk? He committed treason to keep his damn job! What’s he talking about? He is unraveling as we speak – keep him on the run. He’s due for a big fall!

    • DID HE JUST SAY “FLEETING ISSUES””??? Benghazi, IRS, AP are ‘fleeting issues’???

      People with personality disorders don’t see others as human beings. They see them as tools. They also lack empathy and remorse.

    • Girly1:

      Thanks for clarifying that Obama said “fleeting issues”.

      Makes sense. To him, these issues are like a Fleet Enema.

    • And here’s a surprise: he’s out of town.
      You gotta wonder what else will be coming out, if they’re revealing this much.
      The administration makes my skin crawl.
      Sometimes I think there’s something organically wrong with people who still believe him- and them.

  3. By the way, the funniest thing yet was his “hope” yesterday that all this fleeting malfeasance would not mean we “drifted” away from jobs. Good grief–we never even concentrated on jobs once in 4+ yrs! Did you notice–first-time unempl claims–UP!