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Krauthammer: Obama’s Parsing of Words is “Clintonian”

Don’t know if he had read my piece or not, which said the same thing and originally ran Thursday afternoon. But either way I’m glad to be in good company.

I hope, with this being broadcast on Brett Baier’s show – and with Megyn Kelly also talking about it even as it happened Thursday – that the MSM picks up on Obama’s press conference evasion concerning when he and White House aides became aware of the IRS scandal.

I doubt it, but we’ll see.

5 Responses to Krauthammer: Obama’s Parsing of Words is “Clintonian”

  1. IRS scandal points to Obama election machine. Beghazi scandal points to Obama election machine. Any chance someone will revisit the Obama campaign website disabling the credit card validation? Will we have an Illegal Donor scandal soon? Voter fraud? Someone in Washington tie this all together please!

  2. Of course, the Dem machine and the Obama minions were informed of what the IRS was doing, it’s was at their demands and insistance that conservative groups be twarted in their efforts to raise funds.
    Why? Because the tea party groups and movement threatened the very institutional and entrenched ways of politics in Washinton.

    Just by demanding a ‘smaller’ government, or to reduce the amount of money borrowed to lower our national debt, threatened everyone collecting a paycheck from UncleSame, from Senator to the lowly janitor. They didn’t need marching orders from the WhiteHouse to attack the conservative movement, they all acted in concert to protect themselves.
    The tea party groups were truly considered a threat to the government as it is now. The leaders or spokespersons were considered to be in the same league as foreign terrorists, trying to “take down” their way of life.
    The MSM just parroted everything that the Dems said; racists, terrorist, anti-democracy zealots who needed to be demonized, and marginalized until they were no longer seen as patriotic Americans.

    The IRS agents who targeted the tea party groups, the pro-life groups, and even religious groups did so to protect their jobs. They protected their jobs by doing what the Dems in power wanted, and by crippling the tea party, et al.

      • Also–I am sure all the many people who thought up ways to stall these approvals thought they were “helping” keep these groups from accepting tax-exempt donations during the election. “If we can just put this off…they can’t raise money.”