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Sharyl Attkisson: Media Incurious on Benghazi

This the rather brave CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson, wondering why they media cover some stories and not others. But you and I already know why.

13 Responses to Sharyl Attkisson: Media Incurious on Benghazi

  1. There is a reason it’s being reported she’s in hot water with CBS execs. When the head of your news division is brother to a White House hack you don’t stand a chance if you’re a report wanting to actually report the TRUTH!

  2. Sharyl Attkisson is the best a journalist should be. She works a story, without analysis, without bias. She’s a reporter in the truest sense.

  3. She was trying so hard not to lambast her peers in the media over the double standard. I hope she continues to keep letting the public know how the Benghazi story has been kept out of the light, and keeps up with her pushing. It will be the best defense against CBS, if the network tries to fire her. They would definitely be seen as nothing more than a WH hack operation if she does get fired.

    • Yes, it probably is her best defense of not getting fired. If someone takes a hit out on you, the best thing would be to stay in public view. On the other hand, they can make her feel pretty uncomfortable and unwanted.

  4. KK,
    We’re five years into this presidency. Is this really a brain twister?
    Here’s the bald faced fact: Woodward and Bernstein are to this day lauded for bringing down Nixon. Who wants to be the guy(s) to bring down the first black President? (or the first black Attny. Gen.?)
    The line forms here.

    • The trick is how to do it. They can go after everyone all the way up to the top and convict them. Obama may never be targetted, but the stinky cheese will stand alone. His legacy will be either one of extreme corruption or complete incompetence.

  5. Well it’s a very small step but its something. I actually enjoyed old Barry
    dancing on the head of a pin and twisting in agony. I’ve seen a couple
    articles about him asking the Marine to hold the umbrella I had no idea
    it was against the rules seriously he probably can’t spell Marine.

    • He has jay-the-slimeball to protect him now.

      My prediction is that the press will stop covering this completely in 2-3 weeks and BO will be squeaky clean once again.

        • Watch for some dirt on Sharyl Attkisson to be exposed. Maybe she bloodied the nose of her Tae Kwon Do sensei. Perhaps was once photographed holding a keg of beer. Harry Reid will likely claim she didn’t pay ten years of taxes.

          In a just world, Attkisson would be looking at a Pulitzer, rather than watch it go to people like Eugene (gushy ode to Obama’s ascendency) Robinson, or some fashion writer whose Pulitzer cited works including a hit piece on Dick Cheney for what he wore to a foreign ceremony.

          The left gives awards. The left cites these awards. The left monetizes awards. (Check the spoken word Grammy awards for a real slant). Maybe that’s why they celebrate what’s left, rather than what’s right.