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Watchdog Group Suit Seeks Costs of Obama’s Hawaii Vacation

The political watchdog group Judicial Watch is suing the government to ascertain the costs to taxpayers of President Obama’s January 2013 trip to Hawaii, the second he took to the Aloha State during this winter’s holiday season.

According to Judicial Watch, the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Secret Service seeks:

All records concerning use of U.S. Government funds to provide security and/or other services to President Obama and any companions on their January 1 and 2, 2013 trip to Honolulu, Hawaii.

The lawsuit focuses on Obama’s shocking decision to travel to Hawaii a second time on January 1 after having returned to Washington from his initial sojourn there in late December in order to conduct negotiations to avoid the Fiscal Cliff.

At the time, White House Dossier estimated Obama’s second trip added over $3 million to the more than $4 million that the first Hawaii excursion had already cost taxpayers. A significant portion of the known costs are attributable to the use of Air Force One, which costs about $180,000 an hour to fly.

Judicial Watch says it is filing the lawsuit in the wake the Secret Service’s failure to state – as required by law – whether it would comply with a January 2, 2013 Judicial Watch FOIA request for information.

23 Responses to Watchdog Group Suit Seeks Costs of Obama’s Hawaii Vacation

  1. I know liberals and Democrats will scream about this, saying that Republicans and conservatives are looking for “anything” to hurt the President.

    Actually, it should be the other way of thinking.
    The President keeps saying that he will be open and transparent with the public.

    If he starts this precedent (which he won’t) of actually being transparent, this will lead to all subsequent administrations being open and transparent.

    The Presidency and the Executive Branch goes beyond this one President or the last President.

    Liberals should love Judicial Watch’s request. but they won’t.

  2. it’s about time and right before summer :) what is mooch going to do? I think all pres. should have to pay for their own vac. we pay for everything else

  3. Judical Watch seems to be doing a patriotic job of keeping a close eye on government spending, but, really, how will the knowlege of how much it cost to fly the President to Hawaii result in anything positive.

    If it cost us $50billion dollars to keep the Obama’s in the style they’ve becomed accostumed to living, who in Washington is going to step up and cut the pursestrings that allows the first “historic Black President” and the First Family live like royalty?
    We can’t even criticize his progressive agenda or express our fear of Obamacare without being called racist haters by Obama supporters.
    If we believe that illegal aliens should be deported back to their homelands, or that the State should not be permitted to force any religion to violate it’s tenets, the MSM initiates an orchastrated smear campaign.

    We have more important issues before us than how much it costs us to pamper the First Family. Any changes in how we support the First Family will have to wait until the Obama’s leave Washington in 2017

    • It’s the American roulette wheel that Obama gets to spin with his unlimited and mostly unquestioned spending. He’s always in the black, while much of the taxpaying public is in the red.

      And somewhere, fresh from prison for not paying some of those taxes, is Wesley Snipes, repeating those words from “Passenger 57” that are followed daily by many: “Always bet on black”.

    • Of course we have greater issues than Obama’s vacation costs. But if there weren’t groups like Judicial Watch to keep the flames fanning against corruption, do you think there would be fewer problems?

  4. I can just picture Dictator Obama on the second trip back to Hawaii lobbed out on one of the plush couches on Air Force One, casually attired in shorts and a loud hawaiian print shirt, slamming down mai tai’s, stinking up the plane with his cigarettes, and watching his favorite bits of sports shows and porn on the built on the Air Force One monitors.

    The only bummer part of the trip was the realization that he might have to spend some “quality” time with the First Harridan Moochelle when he got back to his plush taxpayer funded digs in Hawaii.

    No doubt about it, it is good to be king. Spare no taxpayer expense is his motto.

  5. Seems to me that BHO/MO should be paying for any/all vacas themselves (and yes, I said this about all previous Prez as well).

    Have you all heard about this–if they can afford to stash away this much $$$ for college, then they can afford to pay for their own vacations:

    “Obamas put aside a whopping $400,000 for daughters college fund but feel the pinch as assets fall by almost HALF since 2010”

    Read more:

    Don’t you just feel so sorry for them that their bottom line has diminished since 2010? These 2 leeches are the biggest hypocrites around!

    Our advice to BHO/MO–if you think the rich need to pay their fair share–start with yourselves–there’s a little box on your tax return that allows you to contribute towards paying down the national debt–anyone curious if the BHO’s check that box and write an additional check to help offset all their excessive spending? Doubt it!

  6. This pisses me off. I get 386.00 social security and a 183.00 senior food stamp card. My rent is 300.00. I’ve had to drop my car insurance and haven’t 3 meals in one day for 2 years.

    I hate these two leeches. Hey, where do I sign up for his “enemies list”……

  7. Judicial Watch has filed over 1,000 FOIA requests and filed over 100 lawsuits against the Obama administration which NEVER abides by the specific timelines in the FOIA. The Obama administration is, of course, a law unto itself.

  8. On 1/5/2013 KITV reported that the second VC-25 (Air Force One) was on the tarmac at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam the night of Obama’s departure from Hawaii. The second VC-25s was reported to be present as a backup plane for the president.

    This means a total of 3 round-trip flights by the $180,000 an hour VC-25 occurred in support of Obama’s Hawaiian vacation.

    It is also unclear if any of Obama’s family and friends were able to use this other VC-25 for their return to the mainland. Hopefully Judicial Watch’s FOIA request will shed more light on this.

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