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Obama Names New Acting IRS Commissioner

Moving quickly to try to stem the bleeding, President Obama today appointed a new acting chief of the IRS, plucking Daniel Werfel, a longtime bureaucrat, out of the Office of Management and Budget to head the troubled tax agency.

From the White House:

Mr. Werfel, 42, currently serves as Controller of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), where he has led efforts across the federal government to improve Federal program integrity, including all areas of financial management, financial reporting, accounting standards, improper payments, and financial systems, among others. Prior to his current role, Mr. Werfel served in multiple career civil service capacities at OMB, including as Deputy Controller, Chief of the Financial Integrity and Analysis Branch, Budget Examiner in the Education Branch, and Policy Analyst in the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. Mr. Werfel has also served as a Trial Attorney in the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division.

He’s just starting at the IRS. But from his resume, it looks like Mr. Werfel has been collecting your taxes for quite some time.

14 Responses to Obama Names New Acting IRS Commissioner

  1. Firing the fox that’s guarding the henhouse and replacing him with a wolf is not the best way to engender feelings of trust.

  2. A long time ‘bureaucrat’ formerly in charge of ‘federal integrity’, etc., etc.? Really? Where is his record? With the IRS in charge of financing obamacare by dis-allowing every conceivable legitimate (soon to be out-lawed) individual, family, and business deduction, why would bho choose anybody except an ‘insider’?

    Just wait a few more days, and the American citizens and media will become overloaded with a long series of well-planned events to distract us from the corruption from the WH ADM.

    When bho speaks, I get a migraine! Is anybody else completely dis-illusioned with the idea that his agenda has anything to do with honesty, integrity, transparency, and protecting YOU?

    • Every time I hear Obama and Carney talk, the quote by Lincoln always comes to mind ” he can compress the most words into the smallest ideas of any man I’ve met “.

  3. just another pig at the trough.
    We need a much bigger shake up than just switching the “face” of the IRS.
    Don’t think there are too many turnaround specialists, effiiciency experts, or organizational development folks working in gov’t, except maybe the ones that failed in the real world.

    • And speaking of turnarounds, the IRS softball team was slated to play John Cornyn’s team tomorrow. The IRS just canceled without giving a reason. Cornyn’s rep suggested they might need an extension. Reality suggests they don’t like somebody telling the truth about them, so they’re taking their ball game and going home.

  4. Another true believer alumnus of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division. Just like Thomas Perez. Since government forms sent to the public have to be approved through the OMB, I’m guessing this joker is the Obama lackey who approved the intrusive IRS forms sent to conservative organizations. Peter Principle in action.