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The Obama Morning News || May 16, 2013

WH releases more Benghazi emails . . . Washington Times
Republicans say it’s not enough . . . Associated Press
Acting IRS chief forced out by Obama
. . . New York Times
For groups, IRS dealings a “horror story”
. . . Washington Post
Comparisons to Nixon proliferate . . . Fox News
Holder has memory loss at hearing . . . Washington Times
Holder calls Issa “shameful” . . . Fox News
Obama tries to win back the press . . . The Hill

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  1. Republicans say it’s not enough .

    Chaffetz said in F&F this morning that there are about 20,000 pages of e-mails, and I believe he said these were unclassified.

  2. From the Hill story “Obama tries to win back the press” – “We have an active press corps asking, what are you doing, and will you explain? But we’ve had years of not getting answers.”

    I’d add to that “and we sat still, saying nothing, just blankly admitting our complicity” I guess the Hill’s story is the liberal media trying to make people feel sorry for them because they did not do their jobs for 6 years (incl first campaign) or so?

  3. “Obama tries to win back the press . . . The Hill”

    Just a warning for our erstwhile freinds in the Fourth Estate…

    (Sing as a dirge to reporters who have fallen under Obama’s spell;)

    “Take care young ladies and value your wine
    Be watchful of young men in their velvet prime
    Deeply they’ll swallow from your finest kegs
    Then swiftly be gone leaving bitter dregs
    Oh, oh oh oh…
    Bitter dregs

    With smiling words and tender touch
    Man offers little and asks for so much
    He loves in the breathless excitement of night
    Then leaves with your treasure
    In cold morning light
    Oh, oh oh oh…
    In Cold Morning Light”

    And he won’t call you, either, although he DID arrange it so someone else can pay for your abortion if you got a little too – close – to him, and are carrying his child…no, HE won’t pay, never HIM, liberals NEVER use their OWN money, but some taxpayer somewhere’s got it for you…

    Let me get your Obamacare doctor for you.

    Paging Dr. Gosnell! Dr. Gosnell! The Press is holding for you on line 2…

  4. The IRS chief is retiring anyhow in June. Guess Obama showed him!

    Holder needs to be recused right out of his job. Not that any of this matters, Obama won, which seems to be the point of all these scandals.

  5. “Republicans say it’s not enough . . . Associated Press”

    Well, it’s a beginning. I actually agree with the normally spineless wonder that is Crying Johnny though, in that the question SHOULD be “Who’s going to jail”? I would be SURE that it’s taken as a plural, though, as it’s more that just a guy, or group of guys…

    Here in Cincinnati, where it all supposedly started, the IRS workers in question say they were told to do so by their bosses. Big surprise there.

    Interesting that it was supposed to be four people. There was ANOTHER group of four people who responded to a Kingly expression of vexation with action, just as the King clearly intended – but it gave him plausible deniability, as he never ACTUALLY ordered his gadfly killed. Just think of the IRS agents as the knights, Obama as Henry II, and The Tea Party as Thomas Beckett…

    ‘It took six years before Becket felt safe enough to return to England. However, they quickly fell out again when Becket asked the pope to excommunicate the Archbishop of York who had taken sides with the king. This was a very serious request and a very serious punishment for someone who could claim that he was only being loyal to the king. Henry was furious when he found out what Becket had done. He is said to have shouted out “will no-one rid me of this troublesome priest ?” Four knights heard what Henry had shouted and took it to mean that the king wanted Becket dead. They rode to Canterbury to carry out the deed. The knights were Reginald FitzUrse, William de Tracey, Hugh de Morville and Richard le Breton. On December 29th 1170 they killed Becket in Canterbury Cathedral. After killing him, one of the knights said “Let us away. He will rise no more.”‘

    Let’s prove them wrong about the last part.

    Quick joke.

    What would you call 1,000 liberals incarcerated in a supermax prison for life?

    A good start…

    • Sorry, meant to add this about the Cincy IRS workers;

      “However, despite the claim of just two employees being involved, FOX19 has exclusively learned from two separate sources that there could be at least four Cincinnati employees involved.

      Those four employees, whose names we have chosen to withhold until they have been officially confirmed, have each worked in the IRS Exempt Organizations Department.

      This is the same department that has admitted publicly to sending letters to Tea Party and other conservative organizations.

      FOX19 has also confirmed those four Cincinnati employees made large requests of information from:

      The Richmond, Virginia Tea Party in January of 2012.
      The Ohio Liberty Council in January of 2012..
      Dan Backer, a lawyer based in Washington D.C. who helped six small conservative groups apply for 501c4 status in February of 2012.
      The Liberty Township Tea Party in March of 2012.
      One of FOX19′s two sources went on say that these four IRS workers claim “they simply did what their bosses ordered.” FOX19 reported on Tuesday that the report by the Office of Inspector General states that senior IRS officials knew agents were targeting Tea Party groups as early as 2011.”

      • Of course they did what the bosses ordered, we knew that and we know that who else but Obama and Holder would want to do that to their opposition, but the way I see it is that Obama and Holder think that they can do anything because Obama is the first Black president and maybe he’s right? But it is so pathetic that he will not be impeached for his crimes because of his color. Obama has no character and that is why he does these things,, its very simple, like a spoiled child man just has to have his way, he’s very immature, you can tell when he speaks. Its all out there now.

    • I love that Becket story. Nothing ever changes with Obama, merrily he rolls along, golfing, drinking, fundraising??? still?? I hate him! I can’t even bear to hear him speak, I turn the sound off on the TV, he’s the biggest liar and phony the U.S. has ever known. Why did this happen to us? Is it because of the low-info voters? I think also its because there is a left-wing conspiracy now and we have to hit them where it hurts and soon.

      • “Why did this happen to us?” – Lizzie

        ‘“A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse doe to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.”’ – Alexander Tyler

        History has a nasty habit of repeating, simply because people never change and always forget. This is why I included the Becket story, because it demonstrates this principle nicely.

        The Bible has a great example on human forgetfulness too. At the end of Genesis, Joseph is a hero in Egypt and Pharaoh gladly invites his kin, all Israel, to dwell in Egypt.

        Then comes the beginning of the very next book, In the first chapter of Exodus, we find “Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph.” – Exodus 1:8.

        This Phararoh is greedy, paranoid, and jealous of his power. Sound familiar? Slavery and suffering ensue..

        How soon men forget! We’re never more than one man away from tyranny…

  6. “Holder has memory loss at hearing . . . Washington Times”

    What the heck. Bill Clinton couldn’t remember that he had sex with Monica Lewinsky, Obama can’t remember what war his grandfather was in, and Jay Carney said “I can’t remember a week and a half ago” at a presser …

    Is it exposure to all the loud rap music and “choom” smoke at Hopey’s closed-to-the-public-and-press, taxpayer-funded partays causing this? Maybe we should ask Eric to look into that as well…

    • Here’s the rub…He’s resigned (or forced to…)
      and yet, he’ll be there for 3 more weeks!

      So he is giving his 3 week notice. Doesn’t sound like a firing to me? Does it sound that way to anyone?

      Supposedly the guy who is at the heart of this is still allowed to be in charge for almost a month.

      What courage and leadership we have?

      • Good points. I noticed in the Most Arrogants’ One statement yesterday eve about IRS that his celebrityness (sic) said he was extremely angry. HA, HA,he was more angry about his loss in the gun control debacle.
        What did he say? “A shameful day in D.C.” or similar.

        Copied post @ POLITICO by “the Rock”
        “Re-electing Obama for a second term is like the Titanic backing up and having another go at the iceberg!!!””

  7. I can’t help but think this administration is following the Clinton strategy. The big wildfire was getting too close so they start some controlled burns to throw the big one off course. The controlled burns might do some damage but won’t be able to destroy them.

        • A running list…..more can be added as additional information comes out.

          Douglas Shulman
          Lois Lerner
          Holly Paz
          Joe Solmonese
          White House General Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler
          Paul Steiger – editor in chief at ProPublic (as he published 6 of the 9 applications that had not been approved)

          We could also add:
          Sen. Carl Levin
          Sen. Jeanne Shaheen
          Sen. Tom Udall
          Sen. Al Franken
          Sen. Max Baucus
          All sent letters to the IRS with conservative groups they wanted investigated for potential misuse of tax-exempt status. Which Holly Paz made it a priority to investigate these groups.

  8. I’ve read today on a couple of sites that the IRS went after pro-life groups at the instigation of Planned Parenthood. Oh what a web we weave.

    • Read that too. The Thomas More Society represents a pro-life organization – Coalition for Life. The IRS requested their board members sign documents vowing they would never pray or picket in front Planned Parenthood offices. That is tyranny.

  9. The first guy “forced out” — he was leaving in June anyway! I hope they throw the book and Obama and Holder for their criminal activity.