As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – May 16, 2013

The press conference has concluded.

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    • Considering that the PM of Turkey is coming to the USA with hat in hand and an emply suitcase, the Prez will keep him waiting as long as he wants.
      Turkey is overun with refugees from Syria (sounds familiar) and wants the US to take some of them off their hands or at the least, fill up the suitcase with some dollars to help out their puny treasury.

  1. I’m predicting one question from one friendly face that will give him a chance to pretend he’s on top of everything, while at the same time claiming he doesn’t know anything.
    He might hint it’s “Bush’s fault” or go nuclear to blame it all on
    el Rushbo, his new whipping boy.

    • Or take one or two plants. He did take a couple with Cameron. BTW, I wonder what he and Cameron accomplished. Did he fly over to the US just to be moral support for Obama at a press conference?

    • “Obama must love those two flags standing side by side.” – Julie Brueckheimer

      Nope. He wants the Islamic one on top…

  2. This “man” who has absolutely no respect for the time of others, just showed up forty-eight minutes late to his joint press conference with the PM of Turkey. (THAT is an insult to Turkeys).

    Somebody should tell him that it’s the East Room, not the Choom Room, and that a Joint Press Conference doesn’t meant a forty minute toke before taking the podium. (Just a theory, but I’m completely open to any factual answer to why he cannot get to a podium on time).

    POTUS may be assumed to bear the weight of the world on his shoulders. Obama seems to think he deserves the WAIT of the world.

    • obama THINKS he is above all people and could Care less about anyone but himself. I am sick and tired of this scumbag getting away with what he has and HIS Administration HAVE. I want to know WHY NO Reporter or more important the one that ASK the question about anyone knowing in the white house,, WELL,, don’t just let him get away with that,, I would continue to ask, over and over. Get it OUT there on the news, then let people REALLY see what this man is really like

  3. If this guy is not held accountable then this country needs to apologize to Richard Nixon and his family.

    Anybody who goes into dangerous situations under this administration is already in danger because if you need help from home you can forget it. You’re on your own.

  4. I don’t follow it too closely, but I wonder if he is always late when he is partying with the stars, golfing or prostituting The Oval Office?

    • Oh AND the TRUTH also C-kid. WHAT a joke of a president we have in America, I will use the Mooch–off-of- obama statement. For the FIRST time in my 53 yrs, I am ASHAMED of the man that SAYS he is The American President. He has done NOTHING to prove he IS trying to help America other then TRYING to Destroy it. My lord obama supporters,, what more does THIS Man have to do for YOU and other’s to wake up. Stop being color blind and use the brain god gave you. Oh if this were a Republican President ,, he WOULD have been Impeached, Tried for Treason AND Jailed Along with Many in His administration. Oh and others in the DemoRAT party

  5. Looks full third world — marines holding umbrellas. No cover the guys in Benghazi but God forbid he hold his own umbrella or that a drop of water touches this special snowflake.

    • FWIW, Obama only offered umbrellas after Erdogan mentioned the rain. In fact, Obama said that while he had a spare suit, the Turkish PM didn’t, and that umbrellas were available. A couple of minutes later the Marines came over with two covers. So while Obama may seem like a wimp, the alternative was to have him getting wet while only Erdogan was under an umbrella.

  6. Considering all the OTHER statements that Obama’s Sunni brother has made, and his interest in Syria and Obama’s obvious inclination to leave Syria to the locals, I wonder what Erdogan would say to THIS;

    “The rape of non-Sunni women in Syria by fighters opposed to the regime of President Bashar Assad, has been legitimised by a fatwa issued by an Islamic cleric.
    The Washington Times reported Salfist cleric Sheikh Yasir al-Ajlawni posted a YouTube video saying he was preparing a legitimate fatwa for Muslims fighting to topple Assad to “capture and have sex with” non-Sunni women. The fatwa would legitimise the rape of Christian, Alawite and other women in Syria not belonging to the Sunni sect of Islam. ”

    Read more:

    Religion of peace…

  7. I noticed when he was asked if he would appoint an independent counsel to investigate the IRS scandal, he very conveniently avoided answering, but when asked if he had confidence in Eric Holder, he cut in on the Turkish PM to answer he did

    • Holder projected onto Issa yesterday. His performance was the one that was disgraceful and shameful. He stonewalled on everything, playing the Obama finger-up-your-ass-Duh, I doan know repeatedly.