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Time for a Special Prosecutor to Probe the IRS

President Obama is humming with energy, canning the acting head of the IRS and demanding Treasury Secretary Jack Lew find out just how this IRS thing could have happened. He’s so on fire, you’d think he just birdied the 18th hole.

Obama strutted into the East Room Wednesday evening and said things like this:

I’ve reviewed the Treasury Department watchdog’s report, and the misconduct that it uncovered is inexcusable.  It’s inexcusable, and Americans are right to be angry about it, and I am angry about it.  I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency, but especially in the IRS, given the power that it has and the reach that it has into all of our lives . . .

We’re going to hold the responsible parties accountable . . .

We’re going to put in place new safeguards . . .

But beneath all the smoke being raised by Obama’s fire is probably another motivation other than what I’m sure is towering outrage that his worst political opponents were assaulted by the taxman.

Obama may be trying to show standard operating procedure can handle this so that he can avoid the appointment of a special prosecutor.

A special prosecutor, though nominally working for the attorney general, would have the kind of independence needed to really go down all the pathways that are going to emerge as corruption at the IRS – and perhaps elsewhere in the administration – is uncovered.

Surely Attorney General Holder can’t credibly collaborate with the FBI, as he has vowed to do, to perform the investigation. Nobody who is a Republican trusts Holder. This investigation has to be viewed as unimpeachable to both sides.

Okay, give me a break, I used the word unimpeachable, not impeachable.

Surely not Jack Lew, widely regarded within the GOP as a political animal installed at Treasury to reliably handle for Obama just this kind of problem. The whole IRS thing is really going to interrupt Lew’s coursework in financial markets, by the way.

And Obama himself today signalled the problems that will pop up should Congress take the lead.

We will work with Congress as it performs its oversight role. And our administration has to make sure that we are working hand in hand with Congress to get this thing fixed. Congress, Democrats and Republicans, owe it to the American people to treat that authority with the responsibility it deserves and in a way that doesn’t smack of politics or partisan agendas . . . The good news is it’s fixable, and it’s in everyone’s best interest to work together to fix it.

So you see, if the Republicans get a little too aggressive and, you know, try to make someone testify or demand lots of nice crisp documents from the administration, then they will be “politicizing” the situation.

No, only a special prosecutor can do this. Obama may or may not be sincere, but his words are true: investigating misbehavior by the IRS is too important a matter to be politicized by either side.

The IRS has fearful sway over our lives, power that surely was never intended by the Founders. If it’s using this power to slay the president’s enemies, then we need to know who was involved and who needs to be punished.

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41 thoughts on “Time for a Special Prosecutor to Probe the IRS”

  1. But who gets to pick the special prosecutor? If the dems pick him I wouldn’t trust him, and if the republicans pick him the dems will cry foul. Remember how they skewered Ken Starr? What a mess!

    1. We don’t have truly independent prosecutors anymore, not for a long time. Watergate . . . Archibald Cox . . . may have been the last. Now they are indeed appointed by the administration, and they PROMISE to be independent, blah, blah, bhal, but they are not. And you can see how the quality of the prosecutors has gone down: compare an Archibald Cox to Patrick Fitzgerald of the Plame scandal. Pah!

  2. Yeah, he was angry alright. Angry because he got caught strong-arming his enemies. Agree with you on the special prosecutor, Keith. It’s the only credible way to probe the corrupt IRS, and they shouldn’t appoint a leftist to do the investigating.

    Watched Holder testify before the House today and he is a slimy, slippery snake just like his boss. Rep Jordan mentioned the House will have a hearing on the IRS next Wednesday and Lois Lerner will be testifying before the committee. She’s the one who apologized last Friday. If Holder has anything to do with it, she’ll be recusing herself from testifying just like he did with the AP wiretap story today.

    By the way, Obama wasn’t totally honest about his firing of the acting IRS commissioner. According to the Daily Mail, Miller was already on the way out the door in early June before Obama decided to give him the boot.

    1. Great minds…….we both reacted the same with the phony forced resignation of MrMiller.

      OT: The Dems, the MSM, and the WhiteHouse spent two years villifying the tea party only to have it come roaring back, madder than before, more organized and more diverse. 2014 will not be a good year for the Dems.

      1. And Michelle is out promoting the efforts of “grass roots” work while her husband’s administration is working to destroy one of the best conservative examples of REAL grass roots efforts.

        BTW, did a special prosecutor ever look into that Inspector General who had the gall to investigate Obama’s hoops buddy Kevin Johnson and his misdeeds — for which the I.G. was fired?

        Walpin lost his job, and KJ is still the Mayor of Sacramento (and married to Michelle Rhee). Did the NBA Players Association credit Obama with an assist?

  3. There’s no way to avoid politics when the whole point of the illegal activities of the IRS were politically motivated against conservatives, the religious right, and pro-Israel groups. The aggrieved party should have the privilege of choosing a special prosecutor that they believe will be impartial.

    MrObama’s announcement that the acting director of the IRS has been asked to resign is insulting and another smoke screen; MrMiller had already announced that he is “retiring” in June.

  4. Slightly on topic — as far as “prosecuting” justice for America:

    The White House has a petition site by which they are supposed to consider any petition with 100,000 (formerly 20,000) signatures…

    Can somebody start a petition to have Obama (he of the beer summit and countless celebrity visits — including sit downs with such important people as George Clooney and Jay-Z — to have Obama sit down with the person he blames for Congressional standstill?

    How hard would it be to get 5,000,000 signatures telling Obama to grow a pair and sit down with Mr. Limbaugh to “iron things out”? For the sake or our country, isn’t it the right thing to do?

    1. I DO NOT trust that ‘White House petition’ site… seems like a good way to keep track of trouble-makers (re: anti-Obama petitions)

      1. Also, aren’t emails required to sign it ? Everything about the site looks like an email harvest.

        Even when Michelle had that Recipe contest for kids that would result in an invite to a WH lunch, they certainly wanted a lot of info on Mommy and Daddy via a “permission form”.

        1. I agree…and I got an questionnaire from my health plan saying just fill this in, [brightly] no need to sign it, it’s coded. They have their ways and means. (See if they can get the info from the bottom of my wastebasket.) I bet our tires are chalked for coming here. But hey, live dangerously!

  5. In light of the fact that the IRS will be enforcing Obamacare and no one, not even the Obama administration understands it, the IRS will be able to target people who have expressed views contrary to those of the Obama Administration.Give money to a Catholic church/school/religious order that opposed Obamacare?? You get audited on your compliance with the new Affordable Health Care Act ( a misnomer if ever there was one). This is an imporant reason to appeal Obamacare.

    1. Or, how about this? The IRS looks at your tax returns, sees that you donated a grand to your local GOP candidate, and quietly slips that information over to the IPAB, which then denies the heart transplant that you need to live beyond the next six months.

      Given what’s come out over the past few days, yes, I really do believe that the government of the United States would ration health care in such a way as to let as many dissidents as possible die.

      We are already living under despotism, folks. At this point, I honestly believe that bloodshed is a matter of when, not if. I hope I’m wrong.

        1. exactly. my thought from the start of the “review board” – what a great way to eliminate the competition. anyone over 45 years of age (otherwise known as the people who remember the way this country used to be) is subject to approval for life saving procedures. when the over 45 demo is diminished, it might be a great deal easier to sell constitution 2020 (look it up – some familiar names).

          1. Once care gets rationed, they have to have a means to ration it. So why NOT do great care for their allies, and death panels for their foes?

            That’s the whole point of socialized medicine, isn’t it?

      1. Totally agree with you. What we live under now is nothing compared to our future which won’t exist if you don’t toe the Party line and join the new order of the Progressive, tyrannical dictator which I will bet today will be none other than Hitlery Clinton.

  6. Miller was due to step down in June anyway. His was an interim appointment. Had this truly occurred, Miller would have left yesterday, not the end of June. Obama is playing his word games again. No one was fired or asked to resign. Obama still believes Americans are stupid and will believe whatever he says. His indignation is a pretty piece of acting; however, let’s be honest about what it is ——- More smoke and mirrors.

  7. Up to this date Prezzy Personal Pronoun has always been “I”, as in “I” killed Osama Bin Laden”, “My” – as in “This will never happen in “MY” administration” or “ME” as in “Without “ME”, there wouldn’t Obamacare for all you fortunate uninsured American citizens and non-citizens alike!”
    But now – as all his lackey’s starting vomiting at the mouth to avoid jail and political blooding is flowing out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave – it is now “OUR” Administration!!! Poor Ole Uncle Joe better watch his six because he is about to get painted and the Obama BLAME Hellfire missile shoved up his tailpipe!!

  8. Ho Hum, same poop, different day…he is angry, it is intolerable, we are going to get to the bottom of this, we are going to ensure this never happens again, blah, blah, blah.
    For Obama or Holder or Lew to appoiint anyone to investigate anything or to investigate anything themselves is laughable. It is all about them all the time, covering up, smearing the opposition and lying to the American citizens.

  9. No worries! Taxes aren’t manditory anyway. Just tell ’em Harry Reid said so!

    “Reid: Of course you have to pay your taxes, but…

    Helfeld: The government will force you to pay, or they’ll fine you or imprison you. Won’t they?

    Reid: We have a voluntary system. The fact of the matter is, that if when you pay your taxes — you see, in many other countries, it’s not voluntary. For example, in many countries, the government makes sure that your employer takes out every penny. Many countries don’t file income tax returns. Why?

    Helfeld: We have withholding here too, don’t we?

    Reid: Pardon me?

    Helfeld: Withholding.

    Reid: With some program, yes. But I’m talking about in some countries, European countries as an example, there… you don’t file an income tax return. There is no need to, because your employer takes all the money out. That’s the difference between a voluntary and an involuntary system.

    Helfeld: But can…? Can…?

    Reid: You can choose to not pay your taxes, but I don’t accept your phraseology, that you forcibly take money from somebody else and give it to others. You know, that’s the way it is on any program. I mean…”

    Maybe we should investigate Harry’s taxes? He doesn’t seem to take them very seriously…

  10. We need a fair tax. We need to get rid of the IRS. That’s what the rallying cry should be once we deal with these thugs and bullies of barry’s. Let’s take a page out of their play book. Never let a crises go to waste. Gid rid of the IRS and reform the tax law in this country. Make it fair and easy for everyone.

  11. Keith,

    I watch the President’s comments. He referred to “everyone” and “all of “you,” but it did not look like anyone was present! What a sham.

    Also, at 9:50 pm he says, “Good afternoon!” He seems to have his world and then there is the rest of us.


  12. First, Holder was selected as AG because he is corrupt. The democrats wanted someone who had no problem looking the other way. Holder is that man.

    Second, most people are missing that the IRS was directly working to suppress the political enemies of Obama. This is a much bigger issue that the IRS dealing unfairly with certain groups. This was designed to help re-elect Obama. There is no way this does not go to at least Obama’s political advisers and almost certainly to the president himself.

  13. It is long past time for this agency to be shut down. Flat tax, national tax, whatever it takes. Too many have used it against enemies in past and more will in the future.

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  15. A couple of low level useful idiots will be fired and business will go on as usual. Obama isn’t going to let the Republicans win this one because his IRS agents have even more power as health insurance watchdogs. And Republicans will cave, as they always do, because they know if they ever have a chance to regain the Whitehouse, their corruption and dirty laundry won’t protect them.

  16. america demands a prosecutor to hear all on obama and his team. this is corruption he doesnt have the right to be above the law.the irs is obama’s watergate… phone records it another all to its self. but benghazi is a disgrace to america this is a crime all should have there very own hearing in a court.

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