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Quote of the Day || May 16, 2013

“We’ve said from the beginning that the IRS targeting of conservatives was an act of terrorism. Oh, hold on, that’s the other thing.”

– Joe Biden

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

10 Responses to Quote of the Day || May 16, 2013

  1. But, yes it is an act of terrorism when a government singles out a certain group for punishment. Yes, the seizing of phone records from AP is also meant to terroize.
    When the government is so huge, so unaccountable, and so anonymous that it believes that it can do anything to the people without any check, then tyranny and terrorism replaces the rule of law.

    • “Looks like his second term’s agenda is blown all to pieces.” – Mandy Manners

      Unfortunately, Ms. Manners, The Weekly Standard has a wonderful piece on just this subject that suggests that right now, it’s just Obama playing games and biding his time until 2014, when he expects to have a completely supine Congress…

      from that piece;

      “This gambit does nothing to further a second-term agenda or enhance his presidency. In fact, Obama doesn’t have an agenda. He has an inbox. He takes up the issues that come his way—gun control, immigration reform, whatever.

      His agenda awaits the 2014 midterm elections. If Democrats win the House and hold the Senate, Obama’s agenda will emerge: higher taxes, cap and trade, universal pre-K, a $9 minimum wage, and who knows what else. ”

      Granted that this was before the most recent scandals, but with a compliant press as his handmaiden, a Senate that would take NO action to restrain or censure this President, a gigantic race card, and owing at least 6 of the 9 Supremes, I would DEFINITELY not count Obama out. Memories are short, his voters are not informed, and the allure of a Black man giving out free cell phones with money stolen from other people by the Government does appeal to an unfortunately LARGE segment of the population…

      Not to mention he fully owns the illegal vote, the stoned college kid vote, AND the guys who program the voting machines.

      No, I would not assume evil is dead. Evil is very patient, and sometimes arises when and where it’s least expected…

    • ” Come on, Biden is busy signing the papers for that sencond home-equity line of credit…” – Langley Spook

      Two problems, LS;

      1) Credit? Biden? REALLY? You would have to be fully insane or completely unhinged to believe ANYTHING this man says or does…

      2) Like Biden’s not going to have all his expenses defrayed by taxpayer money anyway…Just call the IRS, I’m sure there’s SOMOENE they can shake down for it…

      If all else fails, maybe he can retire to an elevator operator job at the Senate?

      “Senate Paid $1.2M Over Last 5 Years For Capitol Hill Elevator-Button Pushers”

      “The longer the elevator operators push the correct buttons, the more cash they win. The longest-tenured elevator operator has seen his annual salary increase each of the last five years—though non-congressional federal government employee wages are currently frozen—for total earnings of more than $210,000. …

      Through the years, college students hoping to finance their education often filled the positions of elevator operators. Now, elevator operators earn salaries that rival those of recent graduates. In the year ending March 31, 2012, the longest-tenured elevator operator made more than $41,000. That salary was greater than the average starting salaries of 2011 graduates in education, math and sciences, and humanities and social sciences, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. This elevator operator’s wage fell just a few hundred dollars short of the average starting salary of the 2011 communications graduate. Pushing the correct button hardly requires a college education, but if you know the right people, it can ”

      I wouldn’t worry about Joe. He couldn’t get a job as a Wal-Mart greeter – too creepy – but he’ll always have Washington…

  2. Funny, but I have a deep down feeling that Benghazi is the scandal the administration least wants to come to light. Obama is already trying to placate critics in the AP and IRS scandals, and if he can just satisfactorily meet some ‘tough’ requirements in these two, he hopes a) the public will be tired of scandals and want to move on and therefore forget Benghazi and b) his administration can downplay it and accuse the Republicans of unrelentingly politicizing it.

    To me Benghazi is the most criminal of the three with the IRS running a pretty good second. He can get away with blaming IRS on others, but the buck stops with him, the Commander of Chief in dereliction of duty, on Benghazi. AP? The media deserved it for being such lapdogs, and they and the President will kiss and make up in no time.