As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || May 15, 2013

Obama’s dangerous new narrative . . . Politico
IRS audit finds bias vs. conservatives . . . Washington Times
IRS sent conservatives’ info to liberal group . . . Daily Caller
IRS favor for Abon’go Obama’s charity?  . . . Daily Caller
Obama challenged on civil liberties
. . . Washington Post
Tension grows between WH, media . . . Washington Post
Does Obama need a staff shake up? . . . National Journal
Obama’s message drowned out . . . Washington Times
Scandals could roil 2014 elections . . . Politico
Justice’s AP action was extreme . . . Fox News
Obama didn’t call Benghazi terrorism . . . Washington Post

18 Responses to The Obama Morning News || May 15, 2013

  1. After reading all these stories, I would be surprised if Barry did not change his middle name to Pinata. They also make me recall a conversation some friends and I had around the midterm of Obama One (tequila WAS involved). We concluded that a) He would win a second term because his followers were still blinded and b) He would not finish out the second term. (Note from our attorney: No violence was predicted or suggested) Instead, Barry would be overwhelmed with a crisis of competency and suddenly either he or one of the children would develop a mysterious illness, causing him to resign.

    By approx. 2017, he would re-appear, invigorated and able to perform speaking engagements, a Hollywood career, whatever. No matter if the WH was in Dem or GOP hands, the Barry Show would continue, now with the imprimatur of placing family over Presidency.

    I guess we’ll see……..

  2. A leader, CEO, chief executive sets the operating and ethical tone for an organization. Obama and his band of merry revolutionaries sets the tone and operating climate for the Federal government. In Obama’s case, coverups, Post Constitutional behavior and spying on US citizens is the norm. Is the IRS scandal connected to the White House? You bet it is.

  3. The Politico opinion by Burns & Harris on the “narrative” that MrObama needs and uses to promote his agenda is well written and thought provoking. It isn’t an eulogy, but rather the musings of dear friends at a dying man’s bedside.

    With the bully-est of bully pulpits, any President can change the narrative with a few savvy moves or some mea culpas, but this President doesn’t take responsiblity or have the personality to do what he must.

    • I don’t want to give them ideas–but a staff shakeup (as listed in today’s article roundup) would be a typical shiny object to break this up. I do wonder if it’s full under the bus and maybe they will need to buy a carpet.


    “President Passerby needs urgently to become a participant in his Presidency. Late Monday came the breathtaking news of a full-frontal assault on the First Amendment by his administration. He responded as though he were just some bloke on a bar stool, getting his information from the evening news.”

    Dana Milbank

  5. This is a disturbing story coming from CBS, Boston. Seven people (from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore!) were caught trespassing a reservoir. They told the police they were chemical engineers and cited their education and career interests for being there.

  6. I don’t know, these two, Obama and Holder, theky have no shame, just full of anger for America, thats the feeling I get, But, when you think about it, how obvious Obama and Holder are, its like they don’t even hide their evil. Its like government regulations, regulations, regulations, like the nazis did. They lie all the time about their motives. You can see the insincerity in Obama’s and Holders’s faces, they are always hiding something, scary..