As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Holder Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee

The hearing has concluded.

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31 Responses to Live Stream || Holder Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee

    • Bingo! I’ve been trying for 4 years to think of the animal this guy reminds me of. The best I could come up with was Pepe LePue – but you nailed it. He does look just like a meerkat

    • That is what I am curious about as well. Who will be the fall people? I think Susan Rice will be sent out to slaughter, several IRS people and perhaps perhaps Holder as well. Perhaps that is just my hope over reality.

      I also hope the Republicans for once show restrain and don’t go for the kill because the public (and really the facts) are not there to do something like the “I” word. Instead, they should done what they did with Clinton. Slap him around in public but privately cut a deal. Say in private that you are willing to save his reputation but in term, his presidency is essentially over. Yes, they will work on some “minor” victories together but any ideas of passing gay marriage, major legalization reform, massive taxes, strengthening ObamaCare IE any type of cherish Liberal Red Meat is gone. Just play out the clock to 2016 and go your merry way.

      Obviously things can change but right now that should be the GOP play if they were smart. But they never are anymore. They will overreach, Obama will gain sympathy like Clinton did and it will cost them in the next election.

      • Look at the opitcs if two African-Americans are thrown under the bus. Will we be subjected to accusations of racism? I’m shocked they’ve not been hurled at his opponents this time.

  1. Who is this Charlie Cooke? Democratic operative? He wrote an article for the National Journal entitled “As Republicans Rant, Public Mostly Yawns”. This is contrary to what I’ve read elsewhere: I’ve read that the public is quite interested.

    • Either slicked back or combed to the side. I saw Gowdy on Greta last night and frankly couldn’t tell where he stands on the AP story. A lot of legalese between the two of them. On the other hand, I saw him with Darryl Issa last week on Fox and there’s no doubt he sees a crime in Benghazi.

      • My wish is that Gowdy would challenge Grahamesty in 2014. We need to send help to the conservatives, and he would be a perfect match with Cruz and Lee. Also, he would have a much stronger voice as one out of 100, than he does as one out of 435.

  2. Wonder how many IRS audits the 2 ‘rogue’ agents have put in motion? I
    would be getting a really good attorney who’s willing to work pro bono.

    • The groups involved in IRS investigations number 500 now. I’m not sure if you could characterize all of them as audits. I imagine the number of individuals runs into the thousands.

  3. All I have heard from Holder today is duck and cover. I don’t know, I was not told, I’m not sure…hmmm What does he know? Why did he not tell the President when the CIA Chief (Petraeus) was under investigation?

  4. My bet is he will double down. He doesn’t think he can do any wrong and therefore has not. Nothing to see here…please move on. We’ve given the emails so just stop the political bickering. Yada yada yada…
    Happy to be wrong, but I think he’s just warming up the bus.

      • Indeed. All of the scandals/corruption are a litmus test for the GOP. What will they demand and demonstrate in the weeks and months to come will be closely watched by me.

        NEWS ALERT: Steve Miller, acting director of the IRS is thrown under the bus…BUT, he was only in the position since November 2012. Douglas Shulman had the job and full title. Will he be making an “appearance” before a committee?

        • Shulman lied to Congress, whether under oath or not, it doesn’t matter. They have a beautiful tape of him doing it which i’ve seen five or six times already. Yes, the committee should call him asap.

          • They should call the two ‘rogues’ from Cincinnati asap also. Greta Van S. told a committee member last night that they should have been sending a plane out for them yesterday.

  5. You remember, this turkey said, on a question by a CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE, that “this will not go down well with my people”.
    See, guys, he is the Attorney General for the AfAms, no one else need apply, especially none of l the other non-hyphenated Americans.
    And he has the nerve to insult Rep. Issa during a congressional hearing. My my.

  6. So, I watched the live stream here of Obama’s statement a short while ago. By golly, the man is angry and he’s going to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Yeah, right. But he never apologized to all the people that were unfairly targeted. So, just how sorry is he. Not at all, is my guess.

    • …can’t figure out whose pres he is. The MSM’s? The AfAm’s? Hollywood’s? NYC? The Dems seem to be trying to stay away from him, as if he were Typhoid obama.
      He must belong to somebody?

    • Yeah, he’s angry all right…angry he got caught. Mark Levin listed several IRS scandals going all the way back to John F. Kennedy. The IRS needs to be abolished. It is the tool of tyrants.

      • Ted Cruz thinks so too…

        “Senator Ted Cruz @SenTedCruz
        We need to abolish #IRS & make the tax code fairer and flatter. Taxes should fit on a postcard. RT if you agree!”