In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Quote of the Day || May 16, 2013

“We’ve said from the beginning that the IRS targeting of conservatives was an act of terrorism. Oh, hold on, that’s the other thing.” – Joe Biden A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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Obama Schedule || Thursday, May 16, 2013

9:50 am || Holds a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey Noon || Joint press conference with Erdogan; Rose Garden 4:30 pm || Meets with senior advisors 6:30 pm || Working dinner with Erdogan; The White House Residence All times Eastern Live Stream of Obama news conference at noon

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Time for a Special Prosecutor to Probe the IRS

President Obama is humming with energy, canning the acting head of the IRS and demanding Treasury Secretary Jack Lew find out just how this IRS thing could have happened. He’s so on fire, you’d think he just birdied the 18th hole. Obama strutted into the East Room Wednesday evening and said things like this: I’ve reviewed the Treasury Department watchdog’s report, and the misconduct that

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Carney Shows His Appreciation

Politico has compiled a video of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney avowing 131 times that he “appreciates the question.” Press Secretaries like to say this, though Carney has truly made it his calling card. He seems especially likely to employ the phrase when he is actually unenthusiastic about the question, because it’s usually followed by words that don’t provide an answer. But it makes

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The Big Question: Is the White House Linked to IRS Abuses?

Congressional investigators are working to determine if other parts of the Obama administration were involved in the abusive and potentially illegal IRS targeting of conservative organizations, a probe that could cause problems dwarfing anything else the White House is facing. Any knowledge, approval or direction of IRS abuses at senior levels of the administration would turn the rumblings of scandal into an earthquake. Any link

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The Obama Morning News || May 15, 2013

Obama’s dangerous new narrative . . . Politico IRS audit finds bias vs. conservatives . . . Washington Times IRS sent conservatives’ info to liberal group . . . Daily Caller IRS favor for Abon’go Obama’s charity?  . . . Daily Caller Obama challenged on civil liberties . . . Washington Post Tension grows between WH, media . . . Washington Post Does Obama need a staff shake up?

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