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Washington Officials Involved in IRS Probe of Conservatives

New evidence is emerging that the probes into the tax status of conservative organizations, which the administration has claimed were confined to a rogue operation in Cincinnati, in fact stretched well into Washington – and how far is anyone’s guess.

Increasingly, the assertion that a few dummies in Cincy did something stupid is sounding like the Nixon-era claim that Watergate was just a third-rate burglary. According to the Washington Post, Washington officials were involved in targeting conservatives, despite the contention by Lois Lerner of the IRS that this was all “front line” people in Cincy.

From the Post piece:

Internal Revenue Service officials in Washington and at least two other offices were involved with investigating conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, making clear that the effort reached well beyond the branch in Cincinnati that was initially blamed, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post.

IRS officials at the agency’s Washington headquarters sent queries to conservative groups asking about their donors and other aspects of their operations, while officials in the El Monte and Laguna Niguel offices in California sent similar questionnaires to tea-party-affiliated groups, the documents show.

What’s more, Politico is reporting that Acting IRS Commissioner Steve Miller, who at the time was a deputy commissioner, was told in May 2012 that the Internal Revenue Service was targeting conservative groups for extra review.

This would have been explosive information. Did he tell no one?

So the question is, who else knew? Who ordered the inquisition? This has rapidly streamed out of Cincinnati into Washington. Anyone at all at the White House aware of what was going on? Anyone at all on the Obama campaign, which was stocked with former White House officials?

The organizations that were being probed by the IRS in early 2012 represented perhaps the single greatest threat at the time to President Obama’s reelection. They had millions of dollars ready to go for advertising while Republican National Committee was still getting its act together and Mitt Romney’s campaign was just starting to think about running against Obama.

There’s every reason to suspect someone very senior in the administration either ordered something or knew something.

That is, the motive is there: political survival. The weapon has been recovered: The IRS. Now the suspect must be thoroughly investigated.

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35 Responses to Washington Officials Involved in IRS Probe of Conservatives

  1. Obama regime + the word “investigation” are an oxymoron.
    Who will do the “investigating”?
    The sycophant/biased/cowardly ‘Media’…? -LMAO

    • I’m not so sure about the media, LS. A “wronger suitor” can be dangerous and that’s how I see the ladies and gentlemen of the media feeling these days. They better because as a buddy of mine just emailed me “If we don’t get this SOB now, we never will!”

    • Republicans and ‘whistleblowers’ who will be accused of partisanship, that’s who, but what other choice is there? It would be nice if we could have two independent newspapers like the WaPo and NYT to lead the charge as they did in Watergate, but they are utterly compromised.

        • They did give Obama four Pinnochios for lying yesterday that he had called Benghazi terrorism from the start, but how many people will notice that?

          • The most egregious of all three is the Benghazi scandal. 4 people died. No one’s talking about it anymore…see how that works? Reminds me of Fast and Furious where 1 American died and upteen Hispanics and no one talks about that anymore either. The AP scandal, IRS scandal are both bad. Benghazi is off the charts.

  2. “The Administration, various Departments and even the Treasury Commissioner say they knew about this a year ago, and yet they’re just admitting to it now”
    “Top career officials in the Internal Revenue Service withheld information from Congress for months about the tax agency’s targeting of conservative organizations for extra scrutiny, according to documents released Monday as a controversy involving alleged political bias in tax enforcement gathered strength.”,0,4505982.story

  3. Was it Governor Sununu who called aka Obama ‘unAmerican’?

    Once the MSM and Congress begin in earnest to investigate what’s been going on at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue since 20 Jan 2009, ‘unAmerican’ will be the polite term to assign to this man.

    • I have my doubts about the MSM. If you look at the NYT article Keith has posted below, you will see that they are characterizing Rep. Chaffetz’s immediately-after-the-facts visit to Benghazi as already being politically motivated.

  4. Who knew about this? Why clearly not our Dear and Glorious Leader. How could the man in charge possibly know what was going on?

    • Well, really, it’s not so surprising. His daily briefings are just sport scores, and when he has lunch with anybody they probably talk golf, and when he meets with his senior advisors I believe he’s got his hands over his ears so he can claim later that he was never told. I believe the phrase he uses is, “La, La, La, I can’t hear you!”

      I’m hoping the fundraisers are to build up his legal defense fund.

    • He said it himself yesterday, William. He gets all the information on what’s happening in the alphabet agencies under his command from the news. It’s not his fault reporters are suppressing his underlings illegal abuses of power.

  5. The abuses directed at the tea party, and pro-Israel organizations are just the tip of the iceberg that might just topple Obama’s canoe.
    The illegal leaks of MrRomney’s and other Repub’s personal tax return information that was given to certain Dems will be part of the probe about to color the IRS as a partisan political government agency.

    This is the nuclear scandal, the one that transcends and affects everyone in Washington, no matter where they sit in Congress. The Dems had better get out in front of this, pronto, or the 2014 elections will make the results of the 2010 elections seem to be fair and balanced.

    • Dems have been quiet so far, must be circling the wagons for damage control. Or looking into the IRS during the Bush years so they can yammer, Bush did it too !

    • If the Dems can throw IRS people under the bus instead of Clinton and Obama people (and ultimately Clinton and Obama) involved in Benghazi, they will do it and they will think it makes them look good. I agree with you that the IRS scandal is a nuclear one, but Benghazi is equally radioactive, and the Democrats are maneuvering on the age old question of choosing the lesser of two evils in their minds.

      • What was the AP phone record stuff–could not find it in our Gannett paper. The AP is their toady as it is–and they are looking at them? Well, the rest of the press better realize they like him waaaay more than he likes them.

  6. Well the fish rots from the top and although I really don’t think Obama
    is capable of juggling that many balls at one time (giggle:-). Obama is
    a petty little Chicago thug. He dangerous for many reasons but he’s got
    his folks in every part of he government. Since the AP thing broke we’ve
    seen a tiny bit of moment from the left some I’m sure have skeletons in
    their closets they hope never see th light of day(Hillary). Will be fun to
    watch him twist in the wind.

  7. Sad that Obama views Americans as the enemy and radical Muslim ‘rebels’ as his friends: we have a real changeling in command of the ship.

    I am going to e-mail my US Representative today–I am fortunate in having the only Republican one in Oregon–and raise doubts about the IRS being involved in the enforcement of Obamacare. If we have to whittle away at Obamacare until 2014 and a chance to outright repeal it, this is one way, justified now by the news out of the IRS.

  8. For the record, the IRS office is actually in Covington, KY, across the river from Cincinnati…

    Of course, Obama may be confused about this. When he came here to make a big deal about rebuilding a bridge with “stimulus” money, he went to the wrong side of the river THEN as well. The bridge actually belonged to Kentucky, but the union stuff was all on the Cincinnati side, not to mention our mayor Mark “mini-me” Mallory, who is ALSO a socialist, power hungry, tax-raising effiminite Black man who won’t even walk the streets of the city without his own (city paid!) bodyguard, and preaches all the while about how “Safe” the city is! (no other Mayor ever had a bodyguard…).

    The bridge didn’t get fixed, BTW. Obama just SOLD us one. I think it’s in Brooklyn…

  9. “There’s every reason to suspect someone very senior in the administration either ordered something or knew something.”

    We know who ordered it……………are y’all forgetting about Joe The Plumber?