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The Obama Morning News || May 14m 2013

IRS officials in DC  probed conservatives . . . Washington Post
Acting IRS chief knew of scrutiny in 2012 . . . Politico
Israel-focused groups also targeted by IRS . . . Politico
Cheney: This reminds me of Watergate . . . Examiner
Scandals threaten Obama’s credibility . . . National Journal
Holder’s job could be on the line . . . National Journal

Chaffetz’s doubts began in Benghazi . . . New York Times
Why Rice appeared instead of Clinton . . . Politico
Republicans want Clinton to testify again . . . Fox News
Emails underscore failure to act . . . Fox News
Obama contradicts true Benghazi timeline . . . Fox News
WH fighting birth control order . . . Washington Times

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  1. Holder’s job could be on the line . . . National Journal

    MSNBC is all over the story, and so far, the consensus is against the administration. Of course, it’s early in the story, but I honestly don’t know how anyone can put lipstick on this pig.

    Too bad they’re not outraged over another violation of the First Amerndment, that of targeting a group because its message is conservative. Or, because a group, i.e. Z-Street, opposes the administration’s foreign ploicy.

  2. Z Street filed a lawsuit against the IRS in 2010 alleging that one of its attorneys were told its application for tax exemption was delayed and sent to a “special unit…to determine whether the organization’s activities contradict the Administration’s public policies.”


    Wasn’t this an admission that the IRS was violating the law?

    Legal filings show that the problems for Z Street — and apparently for other Israel-related groups — stemmed from an obscure unit in the Cincinnati IRS office: the “Touch and Go Group.” One of the so-called TAG Group’s duties was to weed out applications that might be coming from organizations which might be used to fund terrorism.

    In response to Z Street’s lawsuit, an IRS manager acknowledged that applications mentioning Israel were getting special attention.

    “Israel is one of many Middle Eastern countries that have a ‘higher risk of terrorism,’” wrote Jon Waddell, manager of the IRS’s Exempt Organizations Determinations Group. “A referral to TAG is appropriate whenever an application mentions providing resources to organizations in a country with a higher risk of terrorism.”


    Israel is a VICTIM of terrorism! Why should it be treated as a perpetrator of terrorism? As the article goes on to state, it was created under the Bush Admnistration to scrutinize Muslim terrorist organizations that were trying to raise funds for jihad. Remember FCMABBHO’s sppech in Cairo? He said he wanted to help Muslims here perfrom zakat. One of the purposes of zakat is to fund jihad.

    However, Z Street and other groups reported getting unusual inquiries from the IRS. A Z Street lawyer was contacted by a Jewish religious group, which detailed inquiries from the IRS that the group’s leaders thought had treaded too far.

    Does your organization support the existence of the land of Israel? Describe your organization’s religious belief system towards the land of Israel,” the IRS asked in a letter sent to the religious group, which asked not to be named.


    Is this not a violation of the religious clauses in the First Amendment, too?

  3. I, for one, am enjoying the OUTRAGE being demonstrated by the liberal media in recent days. One can almost hear a cry of “and after all we did for you….This???”

    Hurts to be dumped. doesn’t it?

      • Nor I. I did see wording about “investigation of a terror plot” so that could be the cover for a warrant free search, Mandy.

        • Mustn’t officials still get a FISA court to sign off on the warrant?

          Also, the DoJ wasnt’ searchig for terrorists. It was investigating media leaks.

    • I wonder if this doesn’t sound a little like the evolutionary track of the AP;

      “Throughout the Soviet era access to Pravda was a necessity for party members. The paper’s primary role was not to entertain, inform, or instruct the Soviet population as a whole, but to deliver Central Committee instructions and messages to Soviet communist cadres, foreign governments, and foreign communist parties. Thus, as party membership shifted, so did Pravda ‘s presentation. In response to the influx of young working-class men into the Party in the 1920s, for example, editors simplified the paper’s language and resorted to the sort of journalism that they believed would appeal to this audience—militant slogans, tales of heroic feats of production, and denunciation of class enemies.”

  4. The President was handed a golden opportunity to slide out from under the Benghazi mess and the scandal at the IRS yesterday. Instead, he repeated lies about his words and actions, and stupidly refused to acknowlege that the IRS admitted it had illegally targeted certain political groups.

    The current strategy proposed by Carney the Magician that the President has no knowlege or input in anything that happens in the very agencies that he directs is insultingly naive and won’t convince anyone.

  5. Let’s see, the WH knew nothing about Fast & Furious, nothing about the GSA scandal, nothing about Benghazi, nothing about the IRS, nothing about the AP phone scandal……

    Maybe if he put a few more hours in behind the desk he’d have a better handle on what his Peeps are up to. (see today’s schedule).

  6. Three major scandals and the headline on The Chicago Tribune is that Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy. I wonder how much stimulus money has been directed their way.

  7. “Scandals threaten Obama’s credibility . . . National Journal”

    WHAAA? With whom exactly did Obama HAVE any “credibilty” to hurt? The International community? I think Syria’s “red line” would have disabused them of THAT concept a while ago!

    Everyone who got their taxes raised this year? THAT was a real “Here’s your sign” moment for MOST Obamanistas!

    Even his base, like Black voters? IDK, has he helped that lady from the first election with her mortgage and gas bills yet?

    I don’t think you can damage something that isn’t there in the first place. Anyone fool enough to have ANY trust in THIS guy can serve as proof that there is no such thing as evolution; because the very stupid didn’t die off.

    “Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner (R-OH), on March 17, 2013, on ABC’s This Week, said that he “absolutely” trusts Obama. Boehner also said that he and Obama have a good relationship, and that they are “open with each other … honest with each other.”

    See? You have to be Boehner dumb to still think THIS guy has “credibility”. Or just worried about your OWN perquisites…

    I don’t think even his Muslim co-religionists trust him. They might think he’s been living the taqiyya so long that he’s gone native…

    So, just like the man himself, any discussion about “credibilty” is just discussing an empty, meaninless concept. He is nothing, and he has none.