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FBI, DOJ Begin Criminal Investigation of IRS Targeting

The FBI and the Department of Justice have launched a investigation into whether crimes were committed in the targeting by the IRS of conservative groups.

“The FBI is coordinating with the Justice Department to see if any laws were broken in connection with those matters,” Attorney General Eric Holder during a briefing today. “We are examining the facts to see if there were criminal violations.”

The action follows an expression of outrage Monday by President Obama and a vow to “make sure that we find out exactly what happened on this.”

I think you’ll all agree that we can completely rely on Mr. Holder to exhume all the relevant facts without bias or political influence. He should do at least as well as the Accountability Review Board appointed by Hillary Clinton to investigate . . . Hillary Clinton.

They decided there was no need to interview her.

In other news, President Obama demanded that Bashar Assad investigate the use of chemical weapons in Syrian, and Bugsy Siegel was tasked to probe possible illegal gambling in Arizona.

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    • What a nightmare of a story! No doubt in my mind that this witch hunt rises to the level of impeachment. First and foremost, Obama is a malignant Narcissist. His favorite expression is ‘Don’t make me look bad!’ He tried to ban FOX NEWS from pressers shortly after he took office. He is obasessed with his image and will stop at nothing to ‘punish his enemies’! His megalomania, paranoid schizophrenia, or whatever you want to call it is grounds for his removal from office.

      The time has come to rally ’round the flag! If everyone joined together in a massive protest demanding Obama’s ouster,
      Congress will have no choice but to act. It’s time for the ‘revolution’! Victims of IRS/govt. harrassment need to step forward and march on the WH. America is under siege from the enemy within – Caligua on steroids, and gawd only knows what else!


      • Great idea BUT that would that not be racist in the kool-aid drinkers tiny scrambled minds. As I’ve typed many times on this site, Eric “the Snake” Holder will slither its way to the White House and curl up with Barack to escape harms way. Pitiful, pitiful, and even more pitiful.

        • Spell checker worked, but grammar check didn’t.
          “Great idea BUT that would that not ”
          Is there an App for that?

        • Who cares what they think anymore, we’ve got to save ourselves and our country from these stupid idiots. Its beyond race now its criminal, if we worry about it looking racist, forget it, they call people racists because they have such a severe inferiority complex which is not anyone’s fault. Criminals!!!! Has nothing to do with race.

      • It is past time to demand impeachment. He crimes against this country and its people are as bad as a third world dictator. I cannot believe that the majority of people in this country support him anymore. I thinkm ore and more people are waking up and more I read are asking for him to be impeached.

    • I am shocked — shocked— to find that gambling/corrupted is going on in here!

      Mr Obama said, that he will “make sure that we find out exactly what happened on this.”

      Just like he was clear that the Benghazi perps were going to find Justice.

      Of course even if he finds out what happened does that mean there will be accountability??
      e.g. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Solyndra, Alleged national security leaks from Obama White House

  1. Keith – As soon as I read this Politico artcile linked at Drudge, I remembered this St. Louis reporter’s name and your post about him last year. He’s the one who ticked Obummer off by bringing up all of his family vacations in a bad economy. Well, what do you know, he was targeted by the IRS almost immediately after that interview!

    • Thanks SnarkEsq, what happened to this reporter is enough to make my blood boil. Imagine, some questions about Barrys vacations and the attack dogs are after you. What would then happen to the poor soul asking for his birthrecords ?

    • There’s an update on that article now that says his issues started before that interview. Not sure if he was just trying to stir the hornet’s nest or he was told to shut up.

  2. This IS the same FBI that reports to Holder’s “criminal” Justice Department right?

    The more I hear the more I wish for the scene in Independence Day only this time AF1 doesn’t outrun the fire.

  3. The DOJ is on it? The same one that illegally obtained private information from reporters or the one that allowed gun running into Mexico. Nothing will come of this. I have a total mistrust of my government. Smoke and mirrors, dog and pony show.

  4. I wonder what they’ll come up with next week to deflect all of this. Mark my words, they’ll throw something out there. This president and his administration are constant drama.

  5. I’m calling that the IRS and the AP scandals are connected.
    The Obama administration wanted to know who was leaking information on the IRS targeting conservative groups to the press.

    Someone, toiling in the dark and dank warrens of the IRS, was outraged at the practice that kept certain organizations from their proper legal status because of partisan politics.
    This someone threatened to go to the press with this information if the practice was not stopped. Inquiries were addressed to the IRS asking about these illegal practices. AP seemed to know more than it should and the DOJ needed to out the “traitor”.

      • I’ve come back here after thinking a bit: they all three (AP, IRS, Benghazi) are related. Not diminishing their seriousness, but the first two are definitely meant to draw the heat away from Benghazi. The IRS affair has been known about by BOTH parties for over a year. The Republican establishment may have remained silent because they have no love for the Tea Party, and the AP affair, excuse me, just appeared out of nowhere over the weekend? Here we are again back to some fishy coinky-dinks.

        • That is where I was headed the other day. But I didn’t get there on the first pass. Benghazi is a horrible event, but isnt coordinating a campaign with gvmt is illegal? Isn’t that why we have the civil service?

    • They keep waving national security around…I wonder if it is the IRS thing…I think you are right, tho, that it’s something worse…And what is this Carney stuff about how we only knew for a few weeks…You could tell a person, Jayster.

      • I just read that Holder said the AP investigation was over national security. But in the end, maybe they’ll put out that defense on all the scandals. It makes it difficult for Congress to get to the truth.

    • It doesn’t make sense that the DOJ would gather land line phone records at AP, AND their employee’s homes and cell phones for two months to find out who heard about a terrorist plot that was foiled.
      It’s not logical.
      There would have been only a small circle who would know the details of the plot and it’s outcome. Their phone records would have been the ones gathered.

      What does make sense is the scandal growing at the IRS during an election year that involved illegal activities by certain employees needed to be squelched.
      SenReid was swearing that he knew how little MrRomney paid in federal taxes, certain Repub contributors were harassed by the IRS, and tea party types were accused of being paid pawns of the Koch brother’s great wealth (the reason the IRS wanted to know who the donors to the tea party organizations were).

      • Bingo! But as I just wrote above, I wonder how concerned the Republican establishment was concerned a year ago about the Tea Party, currently still a part of the Republican base. Remember Karl Rove coming out after Romney’s defeat with a group and a plan to keep the conservatives from becoming candidates. He tried to blame Mourdock of Indiana and Aikin of Missouri for the entire loss, but there were several more Republicans besides these two did not pan out for the high hopes of the Senate.

        I’m beginning to feel like some others here that I have no one representing me and the class to which I belong. The next time Reince Priebus and the RNC send me a request for money, I’m going to tell them that I will only be donating to Tea Party candidates and that, from being an independent, I may become a member of the local Tea Party but not the Republican.

  6. All I can say is THANK GOD! I hope this will wake people up to what has and were they want to take our country. Now let’s move FORWARD.

  7. This is just like having Iran chair the UN committee to oversee the Ban on Small Arm’s Treaty.
    Read that on another blog, but I’m ” checking to verify ” , but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  8. as you say, Keith, as long as Eric Holder is on the case, I have no doubt that it will be handled appropriately, professionally, and objectively.


  9. This administration is on a full court press–do you like the basketball analogy, Obama?–to exonerated themselves of everything and especially to take Benghazi off the stove, not even put it on the back burner. David Brooks over at the NYT is already standing up for the ‘next scapegoat’ Victoria Nuland.

    I love your sarcasm, Keith, that Holder will do as good a job or not better than the accountability board formed by Hillary Clinton.

  10. This scandal is growing tentacles. The IRS didn’t only harass Tea Party groups, they released information on 31 conservative groups, some that were still in the approval phase, to ProPublica. What is ProPublica? A liberal non-profit, just like Media Matters, funded by George Soros and Herb & the late Marion Sandler. The Sandlers are long time supporters of progressive causes who made their fortune on the subprime mortgage fiasco.

    Man up, Boehner. We need select committees to look into Benghazi and the IRS. The FBI and DOJ can’t be allowed to cover up this scandal.

  11. Sure, the Obama FBI and the Obama DOJ are going to investigate the guilty parties, themselves, Obama and Holder, Right. If you believe that, good luck. Something has to give with this Administration, they are making fools out of all of us. And all the Republicans do is talk and have meetings and nothing happens, they continue to harm the once great USA every day.

  12. wow, what a comfort to know that Justice is on the trail – we’ll get this close (imagine my fingers very close together) only to have Obama cast his executive privilege blanket all over the fire.

  13. Or like West Yorkshire Police investigating … West Yorkshire Police in the Jimmy Savile affair. Thankfully they were able to exonerate themselves completely.