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Video || RNC Benghazi Ad that Never Aired

This was ad put together by the Republican National Committee in 2012 using the 2008 Hillary Clinton campaign’s famous 3 am phone call commercial against the President Obama.

It never aired.

12 thoughts on “Video || RNC Benghazi Ad that Never Aired”

  1. It was a great ad, but the Obama campaign was already smashing the RNC for playing “political”, the GOP wussies took it down. Could have been a game changer, and we’d all be picking on Prezzy Romney now.

    1. I’ve read that it was pulled at the insistence of the Romney campaign.
      The ad is just as true today and deserves to be seen. THIS is the real video the White House is fighting against.

  2. This AD is stupid and moronic.
    First off, if there were Republican Congressional representatives who were actually able to question folks like Hillary or Penetta or anyone else then that would be different. But electing people who can’t even make a dent into the questioning or followups is worthless to the American people.
    These Republicans seem incapable of going into a hearing and actually getting their questions heard.
    Maybe the money for this ad should go to teaching the members of Congress of how to ask questions and getting answers.

    Second off this plays into anyone’s hands that this is “just political”.

    A complete disgrace and why I won’t give any money to the RNC.

    1. We don’t want Politics. We want answers. We won’t people who are responsible and take responsibility (THE ACTUAL ACT OF BEING RESPONSIBLE, NOT JUST SAYING IT)
      The RNC doesn’t realize that we (conservatives) don’t trust Republicans to look out for us or the American people.

  3. IMO, it wouldn’t have made any difference in the outcome of the election.
    MrObama’s base was focused on personal or identity issues, not on something so confusing as foreign policy or what some terrorist might have done in someplace they couldn’t point out on a world map.
    The Repubs were so fractured by the brutal primaries, that they couldn’t come together behind MrRomney for fear of denying their fav candidate relevance, no matter what important issue was considered.

    Remember, MrObama was running against “Washington” and the public bought it. He was the outsider, the Black man agrieved by the racist Repubs who wouldn’t do good things, and he was just so ‘cool’ like their favorite entertainer.
    MrRomney was everybody’s “Uncle” who was a drag at the party with his advice on how everyone should pay their bills on time and was so un-cool as to refuse to go on comedy TV. .

    1. Here here to srdem. The uninformed voter or just the voters who were single issue voters were never going to vote for the adult in the room. I wasn’t looking for cool – I wasn’t looking for a hard core Christian candidate; I wasn’t looking for a bully – I was looking for a person with integrity, real experience and an adult. Mr. Romney never had the media behind him – I really don’t think there is much that could have been done. People talk about the debates and what he could or should of done. He had a huge uphill battle. I believe with all my heart and soul that we would be in a much better place right now – but it was not to be. I hope Mr. Romney is enjoying the fruits of his labor and spending wonderful time with his family. I think it is almost impossible these days for a truly decent person to be elected President.

      1. So what can the GOP do in the future to get a highly qualified person elected to the White House — in the face of media opposition, an electorate more susceptible to soundbites than facts, and a vastly entrenched and richly funded Obama constituency?

        1. That is why we need “Voter IQ” laws.
          (if you are too stupid to know basic current events or politics you should not be allowed to ‘vote’)

          1. Completely agreed. But would that give anti-righters another attack point for claiming disenfranchisement of voters?

            OTOH, it would validate Limbaugh’s claim about low information voters. It would be highly entertaining to see the spin of Limbaugh critics agreeing with him on this.

  4. It never aired because the cocktail-swilling, cocaine-sniffing rich tards at the RNC were too scared. Yellow. Cowards. Each. And. Every. One. They allowed the media to *trash* the Tea Party, and stood by and watched. The RNC never fought back against Obama’s attack ads and remained, as they always do, in there standard position: on their knees.

    My anger boileth over not at the neo-Marxist bigots of the left who won …. they fought harder to win. The anger of the conservative right is on the shoulders of the wimps, wussies and cowards of the RNC who stood by while the Little Boy at MSNBC and the reverend-bigot absolutely *TRASHED* everything we stood for … and said nothing. Not a damn thing.

    After Obama won, I fired up the BBQ pit and burned EVERY bit of Republican literature I could find.




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