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Video || Obama Goes Off on Benghazi

Here’s a clip from President Obama’s rant at his news conference today, in which he seemed to forget everything he and his aides said in the wake of Benghazi, like that they and he REPEATED AD NASEUM that the video caused the attacks.

Really. I’m wondering if Rose Mary Woods wandered into the Oval Office and erased a portion of Obama’s memory.

79 thoughts on “Video || Obama Goes Off on Benghazi”

    1. If the past is any indicator, most of the sheeple will buy this lock-stock-and barrel. The useful idiots are called idiots for a reason.

    1. For one thing, he himself days later said it was the video. So did his obedient servant Rice. He told the families in person, as did Hillary–that they videomaker was going to get it. Did all these facts vanish? We have taping now…nothing vanishes.

    1. (h/t the Caine Mutiny)

      Capt. Blakely: Mr. Greenwald, there can be no more serious charge against an officer than cowardice under fire.

      Lt. Barney Greenwald: Sir, may I make one thing clear? It is not the defense’s contention that Lieutenant Commander Queeg is a coward. Quite the contrary. The defense assumes that no man who rises to command a United States naval ship can possibly be a coward and that, therefore, if he commits questionable acts under fire, the explanation must be elsewhere.

      Wow! A POTUS should be under even more of a microscope than the commander of a US Naval ship

    1. Scottso, I just want to tell you that after I saw the pre-election TV ad which the GOP put out on Benghazi, I am tending to agree with you on Romney’s big time failure.

      1. Romney played to not-lose. He never played to win.
        He gave up.
        And guess what…as President he wouldn’t fight either, in my opinion.

        1. You’re right, Scottso. I’m just coming to terms with the fact that Romney never played to win. He had it locked up after the second debate, but chose not to fight back on Benghazi in the third debate. The stunt that Obama and Crowley played on the public that night was unconscionable. It’s now payback time!

          1. the stunt occured during the 2nd debate and by the 3rd, he dropped benghazi altogether.

            That was the fault of him and his people.

          2. No doubt they were helped along by some of the same Republican consultants who aided McCain in his loss. Nobody ever challenges Obama’s lies.

          3. He disgraced himself when HIllary Clinton appeared before the Senate hearing on Benghazi. He couldn’t fawn over his former colleague enough. And he’s part of the current gang of 8 on immigration softening the bill’s call for tough border enforcement.

            Sorry, he may be just too old, the RINO of RINOS, but his eternal maverick role doesn’t do the GOP any good.

    1. Yes but he may come in handy, Mandy (pun intended). He could serve as fertilizer for Moo’s Garden during the Sequester cash crunch.

  1. And a quick review of the official White House Schedule that you post regularly here will show that in the week leading up to and even the week after the Benghazi attack, shows there were more days that he DIDN’T receive the daily briefing than those that he DID.

    THAT alone should be grounds for impeachment.

      1. Absolutely. Actually, I think the insane, psychotic, commie koranimal mass murderer arranged the whole thing. He wasn’t just running guns in mehico.

      1. After the 3 columns I did over the weekend I’m expecting the door bell to ring any second. (Guess it’s a good thing I’m one of the 47% as I won’t be home when the ring. lol)

          1. The 47% are the ones who would never under any circumstances vote for Romney so they are the non-working ones.

  2. OMG – this guy is such a liar. if i wrote what i think of him, i think the IRS would be after me for sure. does he not think that people remember what he has said in the past. i get so mad just looking at him and if i have to listen to him, i go through the roof. once a narcistic liar, always a liar. at least 47% of us have a brain. he deserves to fall in a hole to be never found again!!!

    1. He is either reading the teleprompter, reading notes, or his freaking nose is up in the air. Oh, I forgot, it is up his wazoo the rest of the time.

  3. It’s pretty clear from this clip that, as Michelle Bachman has suggested, the administration is hoping the IRS scandal will blanket the Benghazi scandal.

  4. Time for the White House media hacks to set up some hard hitting interviews with more Hip Hop radio stations to try to deflect the criticisms. We all know that the Obama constituent is more concerned about BO’s taste in music, (really what is Jay-Z like?)

    1. Absolutely!!! Obama was the only person who could issue the ‘stand down’ order. Obama sent Susan Rice out there to lie. Obama was MIA all night. Obama lied over and over and over. If he wants to throw anyone under the bus, it should be Valerie Jarrett. He has been taking orders from her since Day One. This country is in the hands of a woman who was fired by Mayor Daley for incompetence!!! She screwed up a simple project involving slum properties in Chicago and was summarily fired!

  5. Yahoo News is showing a photo of Obama with a supposed tear running down his face as he rants about Benghazi. Funny how his tear ducts are located at the outer corner of his eyes instead of the inner where everyone else has them. But he’s pulling the Old Hillary trick of turning on the tears to jerk the low information Americans around. Personally I think 1) the lady doth protest too much–and ‘lady’ is not too far off and 2) it’s probably sweat. He’s sweating big time over this.

  6. He “goes off” because he knows his administration is wrong. His so-called indignation has served him well in the past. He is hoping he can bluff again.

  7. When our two boys were adolescents, they were fighting with each other and broke a large plate glass window in our home. By the time my husband and I got home from shopping, they had cooked up a story about someone throwing a rock from behind the neighbor’s fence and breaking the window. We knew almost immediately it was a lie, so my husband said he was calling the police to report the crime. The two boys cracked as soon as he picked up the phone and admitted they were the culprits. They had tears in their eyes when they were caught lying too. Only difference is they didn’t try to continue the lie.

    This man is a liar and anyone who defends his lies at this point are now accomplices in the Benghazi coverup.

  8. I’ve always known he’s a narcissist. I’m beginning to wonder if he’s a sociopath. Personality disorders tend to blend into one another.

  9. OT but I never expected a conviction in the Gosnell trial and so far the jury has found him guilty of three first degree murder charges. Maybe not so off topic as Obama and PP support anything-goes abortion.

    1. Actually the argument is now being made for PP and birth control — regulated — to prevent “rogues” like this from endangering “women’s health”. The issue is not about abortion, just not abortion, abortion.

  10. “NOBODY UNDERSTOOD WHAT EXACTLY WAS TAKING PLACE DURING THE COURSE OF THOSE FIRST FEW DAYS….except for Ambassador Stevens, Deputy Ambassador Hicks, the CIA, the State Department, The Libyan President, Girl Scout Troop 1422, the Norfolk Virginia Bowling League, 5 guys named Darryl sitting on the bench by the Lincoln Memorial, all the new born babies at Lennox Hill Hospital and the folks at the Hershey chocolate factory.

  11. What needs to happen is for General Petraeus to come out and testify at the Congressional hearings. After three decades of exemplary service to our country, this man was kicked to the curb by this corrupt administration. General Petraeus knows exactly what happened that night which caused Obama to hide under his bed until AF1 was ready to take him to Las Vegas.

      1. Yes, I want to hear from all of them. Petraeus was likely forced to go along with the revisions or lose his pension. Wouldn’t it be great if he came out and told the truth when questioned under oath? There are probably some layers between Lt. Col. Gibson and the Commander-in-Chief, but let’s start working up the chain.

        I also want to see Pickering and Mullins questioned. The O administration is acting like they’re impeccable and untouchable.

  12. All Obama cares about is his imagine. When I first turned on the TV, I didn’t realize it was a news conference with the British PM. I thought he called it as an attempt to brush over what was happening, per usual….boy was I shocked when the camera shot widened and Cameron was standing next to him. He has no grace even with another head of state in his presence. It’s all about him, all the time.

    1. One time I’d like to be a mind reader and pick Cameron’s brain. Was it awkward for him or are the Brits doing all they can to relieve Obama?

        1. I would love to know when this joint presser was arranged…over the week-end? It’s no secret that Cameron is only sitting on Downing St. because of Obama’s campaign strategists who performed their ‘magic’ for him. Talk about lap dogs, all Obama has to do is give a whistle!

  13. This guy is really something! Where to begin.

    “Video? Who said anything about a video”?

    Love the way he plays hurt puppy when he says, “It’s a given that they would question my integrity”. Yup, poor, misunderstood Obama.

    And he didn’t learn how to rewrite history very well from his Soviet buddies.

  14. That completely contradicts everything he ACTUALLY said after Benghazi, How can somebody lie so comfortably when they know that those speeches were recorded? He’s absolutely disgraceful. What a pathetic excuse for representation. He represents NOTHING AMERICAN.

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  16. The walls are closing in. How does it feel Obie-Doobie? Your lies, Hll-Billie’s lies, alllllllllllllllllll the liar’s. Impeachment is just around the corner.

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  19. I just wish someone would ask…”Where the hell were you, Mr. President, while the attacks were going on?” Why is this question not asked at every press conference, at every opportunity, etc.

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