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SEAL Team Parents Blame WH for Deaths

Parents of SEAL Team Six members who were killed in a helicopter downing just months after the death of Osama Bin Laden are accusing the White House of potentially contributing to deaths by revealing for political purposes that team – whose very existence was classified – killed Bin Laden.

“We absolutely know that they put a target on our son’s back,” said Karen Vaughn, whose son Aaron Vaughn died in the incident. “This team was being sought after” for revenge. Vice President Biden was the first to specifically name SEAL Team VI.

The parents also demanded that Obama explain why a Muslim cleric was permitted to speak at the funeral for SEAL team members and disparage them as infidels.

Here’s the video of their interview with Tucker Carlson of Fox News.

H/T to The Gateway Pundit.

11 thoughts on “SEAL Team Parents Blame WH for Deaths”

  1. No good deed goes unpunished by this administration.
    Is that Pakistani Doctor that helped them still in prison?

    Maybe Harvey Weinstein will make a movie about him.

  2. I guess this is how bad our media’s become, from 2011, here’s a conspiracy theorist correcting another conspiracy theorist …

    I do think outting the Seal Team 6 was a worse faux pas than the Valerie Plame outting. For that I hold the WH responsible for “loose lips sink ships”. Unfortuately for this WH, men died. Plame went on to become a millionaire.

  3. “The parents also demanded that Obama explain why a Muslim cleric was permitted to speak at the funeral for SEAL team members and disparage them as infidels.”

    Is anyone else out there tired of all the “PC” kowtowing to Islam? Were any of the dead practicing Islam–if not, why was a Muslim cleric even there–there should have only been a religious rep for whatever religion(s) the fallen Seal Team 6 member(s) practiced.

    God Bless and protect these families as they continue to speak out–we thank them for having the courage to speak out as well as we thank them for their son’s service and ultimate sacrifice for our country.

  4. Thank goodness Biden wasn’t around during WW2 or he would have
    probably compromised D-Day and the Enigma machine. These folks
    are putting us in danger thru sheer stupidity.

  5. God bless and bring comfort to the Vaughns and other family members who spoke out about the outrageous actions of this regime and what occurred during the ramp ceremony at Bagram, Afghanistan. Why in the world did America’s military hierarchy allow a Muslim imam to speak in Arabic over the coffins of our fallen heroes? How unimaginably horrible for these parents to learn of this betrayal. This would be like FDR allowing the Shinto to pray in Japanese over the graves of American heroes lost in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    I’ll never forget that two-day victory lap Obama took around the country after OBL’s death. He made his first trip as president to Ground Zero to lay a wreath; he ‘spiked the football’ at Fort Campbell, KY – home of SEAL Team VI; and he personally met with members of the team that took out Osama. America has reelected a disgusting, power hungry, political whore who has blood on his hands. He betrayed the confidence of our military and brings disgrace on America.

    1. When the Muslim terrorists took down the twin towers they wanted to erect a mosque at ground zero. This is historically how they mark what they conquer. Yes we have a Muslim in the WH that has people from the Muslim brotherhood in top secret positions. Michelle Bachman was smacked down for revealing this. A Muslim has permission to lie as long as it furthers the Islamic way.

  6. If my son’s body lying there, I would have interrupted the funeral and removed his casket right then and right there. There is no way I would have allowed that spawn of Satan to speak over his body.

    1. The parents had no way of knowing what was said in arabic. I suspect they had their doubts and had the entire disgusting eulogy translated.

  7. This is the first time I’ve heard about the Muslim cleric! Despicable!!!!

    The grieving familes specifically requested that no photographs be taken of the returning caskets of their loved ones. What did the Muslim-in-Chief do? He snuck into AAFB like a thief in the night and had the oh so creative Pete Souza do a silhouette!

    A sociopath has no conscience – no emotions. A malignant narcissist sociopath is the worst of the worst. God help us!

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