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Quote of the Day || May 14, 2013

“The Republican Benghazi circus is just a distraction from the important business of governing and finding out who the actual killers were. It’s an outrage. And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m headed to New York City for three fundraisers.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

16 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || May 14, 2013”

  1. What happened to PM Cameron??? Did he catch the next flight out to Heathrow after the ‘presser’? Or did Barry drag him to the FUNdraisers? Maybe Harvey Weinstein can do a sequel to Saviing Private Ryan….

    1. Cameron is a jelly-spined PM in my ( and many Brits) opinion. And why this love-relation with Little Barry ? After all, he is a Toryleader while Barry is a socialist agitator. A true Toryleader should keep that scum at arms length , well, at least not grin and hold on to him so much when they meet. . Silly Barry also meddles in European affairs when he repeatedly supports the EU Project, a giant, wasteful, corrupt socialist affair if there ever was one.

        1. BTW, I saw on one of the sites this morning a UN official holding up a map of the ME which doesn’t have Israel on it, just Palestine below Lebanon. I wonder if this is where the UN is headed. They recognized her right to exist from the beginning but as the Muslim countries gather more steam and power in the UN, they may attempt to vote her out of existence.

          1. Wouldn’t be surprised, Julie. Saw on Drudge yesterday that Iran will chair the UN arms control forum. Can’t think of anything more outrageous than putting the biggest terrorist organization in the world in charge of international arms control.

  2. Barry OkeyDoke should consider a pardon for O.J. Simpson. Then they can both look for all those killers on the links. Fore-ward!

    They could even commemorate the search with a “Tee Party”.

    1. “They could even commemorate the search with a “Tee Party”.” – Playrighter

      But-wouldn’t their “tee party” automatically trigger an IRS investigation?

  3. When the going gets rough Obama gets going, OUT OF TOWN, thats his pattern, the spoiled ugly brat! How does a President of the United States get away with all these things, don’t tell me that it wasn’t him telling the IRS to do those horrible things, and now the Department of Justice with that Holder who is a criminal, getting all kinds of info for Obama? I can’t believe that all the Republicans and Democrats do is TALK ABOUT IT, they never do anything to stop this stuff, This is plain tyranny. Something has to give. Obama will continue along his merry way, lieing, spying, not doing his job, not protecting us from terrorists, etc. UNLESS HE IS STOPPED COLD by legal means.He’s a spiteful bird and can’t see the forest from the trees.

  4. I think we now catch a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg of this administrations spying, lying threatening and corruption. It´s an ugly, ugly picture that ascends, but how I want to see more and more. Everyday ! I am normally a rather kind person but I want the rest of this Presidency to be a torment for all the involved. They have mocked and soiled the US Presidency. Will the MSM finally wake up?
    By the way, why these constant fundraisings on the taxpayers expense ? The election is won, who gets the money ? Of course it ought to be illegal for a reelected President to continue like this.

    1. Will the MSM wake up? Not likely. Even the AP will eventually go quiet on this latest trickery by Obama’s people. Too many of the MSM crowd are fanatical leftists like Obama and are truly puzzled when others criticize Obama. When Obama claims “I didn’t know anything about it”, regarding the flood of scandals coming out of the White House, all the MSM can do is apologize for asking the question.. They are putzfrauen for the mounds of dirt he lives behind.

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