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Obama: IRS Targeting of Conservatives Would be “Outrageous

President Obama sought today to get out ahead of the burgeoning scandal centering on whether the IRS targeted conservative organizations, promising to get to the bottom of the matter and saying that if true the actions would be “outrageous.”

Obama said he only learned about the charges from news reports Friday.

“This is something that I think people are properly concerned about,” he said. “You don’t ever want the IRS to be perceived as biased . . . I’ve got no patience with it. I will not tolerate it.”

Obama was careful, however, not to draw a conclusion that misconduct had occurred, suggesting he is awaiting the results of an investigation.

29 thoughts on “Obama: IRS Targeting of Conservatives Would be “Outrageous”

  1. So he’s going to wait for the investigation report, just like Hillary did for Benghazi. Maybe this report will take another two yrs or so?

    1. “Maybe this report will take another two yrs or so?” – Otis Driftwood

      Well, maybe just untiil after November, 2014…After all, that worked pretty well for him the LAST time, didn’t it?

    2. The “report” will drag with the help of the GOP, who have resented the Tea Party et al. No damn reason in hell that FOIA’s were not requested by Republicans. The Tea Party and all affiliates were complaining about this for two years. Now they’re showing indignation! Bull and B.S.

  2. ‘“This is something that I think people are properly concerned about,” he said. “You don’t ever want the IRS to be perceived as biased . . . I’ve got no patience with it. I will not tolerate it.”’ – H.R.H Obama

    Yes, but will you insist on firing anybody? I don’t mean some low level mail room guy, but someone more like, say, IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman? After all, don’t you think the boss should be accountable? And I mean ACTUALLY fire, not give a giant golden parachute and slip him another ministry appoinment later, when no one’s looking…

    Nah. Didn’t think so. Carry on…

    1. Does “I will not tolerate it” have the same majestic force as “this is not acceptable”? Just wondering. I was scareder when my dad used to say, “Don’t MAKE me stop this car.”

    2. Doug Shulman is no longer the Commissioner of the IRS, plus he was appointed by Bush. He’s the perfect patsy for the cabal of crooks, and nobody loses their job except for maybe the low level IRS employees who were directed to flag Tea Party groups for harassment.

  3. Well, if he’s suddenly interested in being “fair and balanced”, maybe he can have the IRS investigate THIS?

    “Black Protestants are twice as likely as churchgoers to be hearing about the candidates at church.” Moreover, “Nearly half (45%) of black Protestant churchgoers say the messages they hear at church favor a candidate, and every one of those says the message favors Obama.”

    And while they’re at it, maybe they can finally act on THIS investigative request?

    “The organization previously known as ACORN is reportedly alive and well, just known by many different names.

    The list of still-active ACORN entities, allies and rebranded organizations was compiled by Cause of Action, a nonprofit watchdog group that aims to expose waste, fraud and abuse of government funds.

    Karen Groen, chief oversight counsel, explains that “Congress passed a law saying that ACORN wasn’t to be funded with federal dollars. And what we found is that, with respect to some of these entities, they’re claiming a tax-exempt status. And from some of the paperwork it looks like what they are essentially doing is taking tax-exempt donations and shuffling those toward political activity.”

    Cause of Action has made three requests to the IRS to investigate three ACORN-related groups in particular: the Texas Organizing Project (TOP), the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) and New York Communities for Change (NYCC).

    “From our investigation, it looked like these entities could be essentially conducting a shell-game with their tax-deductible donations that they’re receiving,” Groen reports.

    At least two of the groups, Mutual Housing Association of New York and Affordable Housing Centers of America in Chicago, have received federal dollars.”

    Obama? Anyone?

    Well, maybe some of those troublesome Evangelical Christians can be the subject of the next IRS witch hun- eh, “investigation”…

  4. No one was fired at the GSA or Fast and Furious – they were all demoted or transferred to a different title or retired with full bennies. Hicks was demoted for speaking the truth — Petreaus was drummed out of the CIA by leaked info about his affair — much less serious than pot and cocaine habit, btw. The commanding generals were summarily “retired” for speaking out and not following the party line. Here’s a thought — send Susan Rice to Benghazi. It’s so safe, she should be fine.

  5. oh, yes, let’s not forget Obama’s little “joke” at one of his speeches where he “teased” he would audit his “enemies”.

  6. “Wow, sucks to be you, conservatives. Maybe I’ll re-assign some low-level staffer over this after the mid-terms. Or maybe not.”–what Obama really meant

  7. “Obama said he only learned about the charges from news reports Friday.”

    Maybe he’ll realize we aren’t in “slow recovery” when he reads it on the back of his Wheaties box

  8. Obama will attempt to deflect Benghazi with the IRS. There are multiple scandalous abuses by this Administration and they all need to be relentlessly exposed in the full light of day. This is not Chicago and this should not be accepted as just another day in the hood.

  9. The Mary Rose Woods ref made me laugh–remember her showing how she “erased” the tape–her leg hyperextended crazy far to show how she must have pushed the foot pedal. Funny stuff! I wonder how far Rice can reach.

  10. Let me get this straight. The IRS, which is under the control of the Executive Branch, knew there was an IG complaint filed by Landmark Legal in March of 2012 and they didn’t tell their CEO about the investigation? Either he is an incompetent CEO who has no idea what his subordinates are doing, or he’s lying. I’m going with the latter.

    1. I choose both. I’m greedy. In future generations, the Harvard Business School will use Barack’s Presidency as a case study in how NOT to manage ANYTHING.


    He jokes “supposedly” — interesting how it happened in Ohio where over 100% of population voted for him. Nothing happened with that and our media and joint Congresses not to mention the Supreme Court are all terrified of this administration. That is the only explanation for all of the things that have been allowed, condoned, “explained”, overlooked, etc.
    Who says crime doesn’t pay?!

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  13. Now it’s being revealed that the DoJ secretly obtained 2 months of AP telephone conversations. How does it feel when the Presidential paranoia is directed at you, MSM?

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