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Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – May 13, 2013

The press conference has concluded.

18 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – May 13, 2013”

  1. Barack Obama’s top ten insults against Britain – 2013 edition

    Gotta love it perhaps Cameron should have this put in a frame for the
    Apologist in chief.

  2. Did they have Cameron over for dinner last night ? Otherwise, this is how we treat an ally’s leader? No pomp and partying after because of Obama’s “pressing” needs in nYc later today?

    Glad Michelle got to throw a tea party for Prince Harry though ;)

  3. Anyone know how long this ‘working visit’ from the PM has been in the works? The timing is too good to be true for the liar-in-chief!
    ***Is the Single Mom still hanging out with the Priince???

  4. Where is the outrage from the WH over the Mothers Day shootings in New Orleans? Or maybe they consider this normal since its inner city related like the war zone formerly known as Chicago?

    1. It’s a sad fact that Black on Black crime isn’t a priority anywhere, not just at the WhiteHouse.
      Now, had the three shooters in N.Orleans been White……….

      IMO, the Black community is paying a dear price for the “historic Black President”. They don’t say a word about the dim job prospects for Blacks or about the shocking crimes in their neighborhoods.

    1. On the days that he DID show up for Senate hearings, he was habitually late. Why should anythhing be different now? Community organizers are not early risers! Just ask Michelle.

  5. OMG, someone take the shovel away from the President and remind him you can’t dig your way out of the ditch.

    This is almost painful to watch.

  6. Let’s go back to a previous British Prime Minister for a nonetheless timely quote;

    “The Middle East is one of the hardest-hearted areas in the world. It has always been fought over, and peace has only reigned when a major power has established firm influence and shown that it will maintain its will. Your friends must be supported with every vigour and if necessary they must be avenged. Force, or perhaps force and bribery, are the only things that will be respected. It is very sad, but we had all better recognize it. At present our friendship is not valued, and our enmity is not feared.” – Winston Churchill

    NB to Obama – Relvant to Syria? Iran? Egypt? Libya?

    Maybe you should have reflected a little before removing that bust of Mr. Churchill from your office; but actually taking the time to think isn’t your long suit, now, is it?

  7. “So while your here Mr Cameron, do you have any spare room in your luggage to take back to the UK the bust of Winston Churchill?? I would suggest not taking it through as carry on though, might cause TSA to stop you for a more “detailed” patdown” – BObama

    (Not a real quote but typical)

    Need a little humor for Monday..

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