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Obama is Playing Golf

It’s Saturday and President Obama is golfing as usual with a few of his regular partners, White House aides Marvin Nicholson, Mike Brush and Joe Paulsen.

It’s already Obama’s eleventh outing this year and the 122nd since Inauguration Day in 2009.

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    1. Frees him up to announce that he wishes all mothers a Happy Mothers’ Day and that he has made that possible by providing birth control and abortion to females of all ages. A great promotion of motherhood.

        1. He’s just a very bad person bereft of any feelings except his
          own self interest very creepy indeed. A psychologist dream.

  1. From Politico:
    5/11/13 11:52 AM EDT
    President Obama honored outstanding police officers at a White House reception Saturday and used the occasion to jab lawmakers on gun control.”
    Was that today, this morning? If so, he must have given the police the ‘bum’s rush’ to get out to his fav activity on the golf course.

    1. Did you see the story how they are contemplating tearing down the Sandy Hook school and building a replacement off the site?
      I’ve no doubt that this will be to continue the gun control issue with mucho publicity, and who’s going to pay for it, the federal government, aka, your and my tax dollars?

      1. I think they decided to tear it down. Guess the local taxpayers of Newtown can afford the rebuild? Oh, and….

        Did they tear down Columbine High School ? The Aurora movie theater? Downtown Boston? Lower Manhattan?

        It make no sense :(

  2. Who cares if he’s golfing again. What I would like to know is what he was doing on the evening of 9/11/12? As Americans fought for their lives in Benghazi, did he play basketball with Reggie, have dinner with the family, have a meeting with his latest Choom gang, get drunk with Mooch, hit the sack early to get his beauty sleep for the big Vegas campaign trip the next day? Where was the commander in chief of these four men when they needed him?

    Only Preezy Revenge and those in his inner circle know what his activities were on the night of 9/11/12, and nobody in the press is asking the question. Is there not one patriot among them who will tell America the truth?

    1. We can guess that the Obama politburo was in high alert the whole night as they tried to find a wormhole out of this event in Benghazi. Just guessing; threats were made, favors traded, talking points discussed, and CYA plans were made:
      she wasn’t going to take the heat, he had to stand beside her, kinda thing.
      They decided to use the video and stick to the story, but who is going to sell it? Somehow, they felt that SusanRice had enough political weight and distance from the WhiteHouse to sell the talking points. She owed them if she wanted to be next Sec of State, so she risked it all for a promotion.

      Nobody slept that night, not even the President. Phone lines were burning up with calls to political advisors for advice. Careers and legacies were on the line, the election could be lost with this disaster unless they could come up with a plan.
      IMO, anyway.

      1. Oh, I believe you’re right about the politburo kicking into high gear after they learned of the four deaths, srdem. Maybe you have more confidence in Preezy’s humanity than I do. I believe he washed his hands of Benghazi after his meeting with Panetta. Panetta even testified that Obama told him to do what needs to be done and that was the last he heard from him. We know he never made it to the Situation Room that night. There is not one Pete Souza photo op to commemorate his performance of duties as president on the night of 9/11/12, and we all know how much this guy likes to display pictures of himself.

        1. Susan, you hit the nail on the head. I have always said if you want to know what Obama is up to, follow Pete Souza’s camera trail.

          Obama knew that he shouldn’t play golf that day, the anniverary of Sept. 11. It was reported that he never left the WH on that Sunday. He was notified of the attack around 5:00 pm. He told Pantera to take care of things and disapeared upstairs for the rest of the night. The Obamas never spend family time together – they are surrounded by their new celeb friends. It’s party central at the WH. What was Obama doing that night? And why did he ignore a terrorist attack on his own Ambassador? It’s beyond scandalous! It’s dereliction of duty. And then comes the cover-up…..we have to get him!

          1. Couple of corrections, Girly1. September 11th was on a Tuesday in 2012, and Preezy didn’t golf that day. He did all the presidential stuff that is normally done in remembrance of 9/11 – he even rolled out of bed before 10am that day. In fact, the 5PM meeting with Panetta was the only thing on his calendar other than the 9/11 ceremonies. No doubt he was anxious to get his drunk on after that long day of performances.

            Thanks for the daily schedule you faithfully post, Keith. They sure come in handy when our memories start to fade…

          2. Thanks for that link, Susan. Interesting comments that day, especially the one SnarkEsq posted (and gave link) about Obama skipping the daily briefings.

          3. Susan, I had prepared a comment on your comment above and on reading more, see that you then addressed so many of my thoughts. But I would like to post what I have written — because to me, these question need to be answered!
            . . . . . .
            Susan, I want the same questions answered . . . exactly where was he was after the 5 PM meeting w/Panetta, exactly what he was doing, as in drinkin’, smokin’ or snortin’, and the names of who he was with!

            My inquiring mind wants to know, so bear with me friends: First of all, 9-11-2012 was on a Tuesday, as was 9-11-2001 a Tuesday, so I will not give him a free pass for it being a Sunday night with family.

            If you go back to the official WH schedule for him on 9-11-2012, your comments here on Keith’s site were discussing his lack of a Presidential Daily briefing — very interesting now to read those comments now which ended at 9-11-2012 @5:07 PM. except for a comment by Dorothy Grappo on 2-17-13 where she brings up Las Vegas and a comment he made re: rapper “Magic”, “I sure hope some of his magic rubs off on me.” and then Dorothy brings up Benghazi and this corrupt administration. Ohhhh, the Magic Man, our CIC!

            And, the 5 PM meeeting w/Panetta was ALREADY ON HIS SCHEDULE!!!! It wasn’t called because of what was going on in Benghazi! It was on his schedule! So I won’t even give The Girly Man a pass for attending an urgent meeting called because of what was happening in Benghazi.

            I have to stop because the existing duct tape is starting to rip and I have no more on hand.

          4. Thanks Susan. I should have checked Keith’s Daily Schedule archives. I didn’t realize the 5:00 meeting with Panetta was already on his schedule. And, as you said, no photos. Curioser and curioser!

      1. I’m sure he would lie, but at least his lies would be on the record. Nobody has the courage to ask him face to face, unfortunately.

        1. …still, if it weren’t so serious, it would be such fun to speculate on where the H— the CinC was. He’s so stupid he leaves it wide open for us.
          We prob would be better off wondering where valjar was.
          And whoever said it was absolutely right: if the o was in the Situation Room, Pete Souza would’ve been there too.

        2. Not Nabob the Knothead

          Lying today is no big deal these days. Bill Clinton made that possible. Low information voters don’t care, because they have to tell a few to get their goodies.

    2. Yes, where was he on 9/11/12 ? We do have that historical photo op of him (in golf jacket!) in the WH situation/game room on OBL’s slaughter. Great question!

      1. We need to have a new a new section, in addition to the Daily Schedule, called “The White House After Dark”. We dealing with one shady character.

  3. The one time I actually saw one of his “chips” onto the green, the idiot scalded it across the green and way past the cup. He is a failure at everthing. Where did he come from, how did we get him? Where are his transcripts? What qualifies him for anything? IMPEACH this a$$hole.

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  5. All must be well in the world! Now, the Chief of State can relax, playing with his dimpled balls.
    Thanks for the report, Keith.

  6. The man epitomizes what our country has become and that’s why he was elected. Lazyness, mediocrity, undisciplined, lacking morality, sloth, self-absorbed.

  7. The arrogance of this immoral, lazy, and conscienceless Dictator is beyond belief. Scandals are exploding like land mines and he just thinks that he is above it all and untouchable. Four people dead in Benghazi and his attitude is “What me worry?” He just goes golfing and as usual is flipping the bird to the taxpayers who are picking up the tab.

    He’s never been held accountable for anything in his entire privileged life and he thinks he can get away with anything. Prison blues would look great on this massive tool.

    1. I’m pretty fond of “immoral and lazy”.
      Isn’t there a drama somewhere about a guy like the o? Is it “Emperor Jones”?

  8. Well, when WE impeach him, he will have to get a real job. Hopefully the “love” will have burned out of the mindless media, and he has to truly EARN a living.

    1. I don’t know if he would try and hold out through impeachment. If he were to be impeached, he loses everything, the protection, beni’s for life, yearly stipend. It was one of the reasons why Nixon took that path.

    1. At what point does the “Main Stream Media” report his golfing? Every Sat & Sun ABC, CBS & NBC “News” have their ‘elite WH reporters’ standing on the White House lawn yammering-on and NOT a word is said about Obama’s golfing.

        1. Good link Denise :-)
          Meanwhile if a Republican President had a lowly staff memeber whose sibiling’s, cousin’s dog-walker had any connection to the White House the “media” would be all over that connection:
          ‘How dare that sibling/relative work for the President at the White House!’

  9. Every now and then, I remember to be absolutey HORRIFIED that the “Black Community” will setttle for this third-rate Armani “first”.
    Guys, can’t we do better than this?
    I mean, if we all want to elect the “First Black President”, wouldn’t you think we could find someone better?
    It does remind one that the Low-info-voters will elect one of their own kind:
    WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Just because he sweet-talks and he’s kinda half-black, that erases everything else?

  10. The whole Presidency is probably a game to him,does he think that its all about intrigue and drama like in a novel? Thats how he acts with all the secrets and lies?? He doesn’t care and never did care about the people — he’ll play golf now and spend our money, ’cause he thinks he doesn’t have to run again, so he will inflict a lot of pain, negativity and scandal ’cause thats who he is. He hates America and people better wake up, why should he get away with murder, lies, targeting people and businesses. The worst President we ever had, lazy ugly bum inside and out.

    1. He creeps me out. He not only doesn’t care about “the people’, he doesn’t care about people, period. No one outside of himself.

        1. Goodmorning ladies, agree with you all, he is a creepy little guy. And the wife is insufferable. Obamafatigue over here.

          1. The fawning is nauseating, Star. How do you avoid their pictures over there ? Seem to be all over the place. Almost like North Korea.

          2. I just throw out pubs with them on the cover or rip off the cover–and in the case of the AOL homepage–I go without it for a day if one of them is on the rotation of stupid Huffpo stories. When I get to this site, though, often there HE is–what can ya do?

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  12. History will tell the tale. The rogue History CH is running a series of
    America’s Book of Secrets. New episode Benghazi it’s not a consulate
    building it’s a CIA operation. Those folks jumped the shark after they
    went over to the global warming crowd. In fact you know who John
    Wilkes Booth was? If you said nut who assassinated Lincoln you are
    only partially right according to the History CH he was the first American
    Terrorist. Oy.

    1. Oh yes Julie, it is really something to celebrate. It´s wonderful to be a mother and it is wonderful to have a good mother . How I miss mine on this day .( As a matter of fact we celebrate M D in two weeks over here). Do you think we can keep this day in this age of same sex marriages and artificial conceptions ? Will it be Happy Parents Day instead ?

      1. A very big question indeed. Over here there is a movement afoot not to use words like mother and father on official forms, for example, applications for school and work.

        1. Strange times indeed Julie, this inability to let things alone. So much has to be redefined or renamed because this and that group might be sensitive about it. Here we have a small but loud group claiming that we shouldn´t use “hon” ( she) or “han” ( he), instead the made up combination “hen”. Children should be brought up “neutral”. I know, I know, sounds absolutely lunatic but these people write storybooks for children using this Newspeak. Oh dear, I hope they don´t have kids. They probably just want attention. Maybe their mothers didn´t give them enough of it ?

        2. I agree that “mother/father/ should be eliminated from offical forms. Shocking, I know.

          There are a lot of children who are raised by other than birth parents, some don’t know who father (or mother) is, and millions of children are raised by aunts, grandmothers, and legal guardians such as foster parents.

          Eliminating mother/father from official forms has more relevance than the gay parent mother/mother issue

          1. Well, parent/parents? If we make it plural, are we discriminating against kids whose fathers don’t recognize them? Since it takes a village, maybe Collective Phoenix or Collective Bend?

            Parent/parents or legal guardian/guardians is ok with me. If you do away with it altogether, it further breaks down the family unit–I would like to see a reversal in fact–and will give the state a greater status.

          2. When I have to fill out forms my pre-teen son, I just put a big N/A when it comes to my X–I don’t even give his name. Heck, he’s never seen him and now owes about $150,000.00 in child support, so his name is irrelevant.

    1. Excellent. I feel sanguine about the Benghazi hearings and that we’ve reached a tipping point. This in spite of Ms. Clinton lining up all her ducks on the talk shows today talking about her unprecedented popularity etc. and what fools the Republicans are to be going after her.

      BTW, Clinton had high unfavorables in the 2008 election so what has turned everything around so dramatically? Or has everything been turned around or we are just being told so?

      1. I was depressed after the hearings, Julie. Not sure if it was the emotional testimony of the three whistleblowers, or the Democrats attempts to discredit them. Just can’t believe my fellow Americans could still lionize the liars in this regime after learning the truth about what happened in Benghazi.

    1. To be fair, it’s not that we begrudge a president his free time and fun time – barry has admitted he’s lazy – we just agree with him. That’s what our issue is. He’s slothful, undisciplined, immoral, crooked, AND lazy…we need a leader not a playa!

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