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White House Holds Secret Meeting with Reporters

Updated 6:57 pm ET

The White House today held a secret meeting to try to influence journalists’ reporting on Benghazi.

It reportedly began at 12:45 pm ET and forced the regular, public briefing scheduled for 12:30 pm to be delayed until mid afternoon.

Let my try to explain what went on here and what I think about it. I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts on it too, since mine is very much an inside-the-Beltway perspective on this.

First of all, of course, yours truly was not invited. Only 14 news outlets were, presumably those judged by the White House to be the largest and most important.

The briefing was conducted on “deep background.” This means that reporters were allowed to use information they heard during the briefing, but not permitted to use actual quotes or say who briefed.

This is not particularly unusual in Washington. Reporters will go for this because, when people speak on deep background or just on background – in which case you still can’t name the speaker but you can use direct quotes – they tend to get better information for their readers and more frank discussion with their sources.

I know people hate this, but if sources only talked on the record, you wouldn’t know half of the interesting stuff you read in the press. What’s more, the cause of accountability would suffer because you couldn’t talk to anyone who wasn’t authorized to speak and feared retribution.

But the White House apparently also asked reporters to keep the meeting itself secret.

The White House should not hold large, secret meetings with reporters, and reporters should not agree to do them. The White House should not attempt to hide that it is trying to influence the press. And reporters should not be engaging in secret meetings at the White House. It’s just too contrary to the press’s mission of openness.

I realize these are judgements involving degree and not kind. Talking to someone on background creates a secret. But secret meetings at the White House to disseminate White House propaganda to the press – particularly a press corps already biased in favor of the White House – is, for me, going too far.

The secret of course got out and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney even addressed the meeting in his public briefing. Now, each of the reporters who were there should fess up so the public knows their reporting has been influenced by a “deep background” roundtable discussion in the bowels of the West Wing.

UPDATE: And one other point which Sportinlife brings up in the comment section. That White House officials are engaging in this very unusual procedure is strong evidence of something they would never admit publicly: They are getting nervous about this. And they may know privately that things are worse than they have so far let on.

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  1. Typical. These fools can’t even keep a secret meeting secret for more than a few minutes. As usual, poor judgment, strategy, etc etc

        1. My front page this AM was weird–like someone had put truth serum in the Kool-Aid. Terrorism words removed…IRS is a big bum and targets people, sorry…and locally, some hospitals pull pricing of procedures out of…the air… I guess the “Obamacare is great” thing from the president didn’t get affected, but you can’t have everything! Heady stuff.

  2. So who WAS invited? It IS beginning to sound as if a little panic is setting in?
    Note to self: send Keith more $$.

      1. If the reporters had any self-respect they would have refused to go; that not being an option, they should report that they were there, and who else was there. Attendees can be named surely. This may backfire anyway because those not invited are pissed.If you get a list please post it!

        1. If reports had any self-respect, they would be doing their job and Oblamer would never have been elected the first time.

          1. …yep….you have that right…I was a federally protected whstle-blower for over two decades across those adminstrations…got a personal tour of Air Force One…with Bush the Elder….corrupt, corrupt, corrupt…


            RJ O’Guillory
            Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

    1. They are the most transparent administration in history. There has never been such a thin-skinned group of politicians EVAR!

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  4. This delayed meeting shows that the White House is behind the Times…and the Post…and the Globe…et al. And the White House clearly expects those “journalists” to also have its back.

    Keith: Nice choice of words: “…reporters were aloud to use information they heard during the briefing” when indeed they weren’t allowed to use this info aloud. Some transparency really is transparent.

    Secret meeting… Does this mean the White House considers the entire Benghazi SNAFU “deep background” — and wants it kept that way?

  5. This is DISGUSTING! Let’s keep up the pressure. They are hiding (trying to hide) something even more disgusting.

    I can’t get out of my mind that Ambassador Stevens — who was REPRESENTING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA — was raped and murdered and dragged around the streets (in whichever order). Americans DIED because of these fools/incompetents/[insert other description here]. And the President of the United States of America [although it pains me to call BO that] and his Secretary of State [hurts, too] and their minions DID NOTHING BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER…9/11 of all days.

    Disgusting is the only word I can think of right now.

  6. Hernandobama’s Hideaway located at 1600.

    I know a dark secluded place.
    A place where no one knows your face.
    A glass of wine a fast embrace.
    It’s called Hernando’s Hideaway ole!
    All you see are silhouettes.
    And all you hear are castanets.
    And no one cares how late it gets.
    Not at Hernando’s Hideaway ole!
    You will be free, to gaze at me, and talk of love.
    Just knock three times and whisper low, that you and I were sent by Joe.
    Then Strike a match and you will know your in Hernando’s Hideaway OLE!

  7. Everything you need to know about Obama is summed up in his own words. Really doesn’t matter what the topic is, the operative words are already in quotations.

    At a White House event Friday aimed at promoting Obamacare, President Obama vowed that the health care law will be implemented in full and urged Americans not to be “bamboozed” by “misinformation” from its political opponents.

    There’s been so much misinformation. … That misinformation will continue at least through the next election.”

    1. He even got down with jargon for his homies: “Don’t let ’em run the Okeydoke on you.”

      He also said, with unwitting irony: ” misinformation will continue, at least through the next election.”

      And as usual, he arranged to have the prescreened crowd on its feet for his obligatory “Standing O” — and he got a photo opp out of it at the same time. He introduced Natoma (sp?), who has battled health care for years and whose letter he has hanging on um, um, uh, um one of the White House walls, he claims. After the crowd rose for her and his stirring conclusion, he bent down and greeted the wheelchair bound lady, the one person in the room unable to give him a standing ovation.

      (Look for a Pete Souza photo to show up very shortly with the caption:”President stoops to new lows” — no wait, sorry that’s not a real quote — more likely “The President greets one of the inspirations of the Affordable Care Act”.)

      1. you really think Fox would be invited, Keith? I don’t know. I mean–you know what you’re talking about and I don’t, being just an armchair political junkie…but I can totally see Obama shutting out Fox. the administration did that at least once already, in a conference call with the CIA that Fox was left out of. (pardon the grammar.)

        1. They tried that once and it blew up in their face. I think they were there. This whole “secret” briefing stinks. It’s wrong on every level I can think of. Yes every reporter there should include that piece of info in their byline.

  8. I’ll go out on a limb here and predict the S#it is going to hit the fan this weekend. Too many plays underway for there not to be a reason.

    Keep your smartphones charged Folks!

    1. Shi’ite and fan already met. The invited journalists (?) were asked to bring a mop and a pail of soapy water to maintain their “credentials”.

    2. I’ve thought that TOO MANY times – it’s going to break, it’s going to break, it’s FINALLY going to break and make an actual headline – someone in the MSM is FINALLY going to cover this story. Never happens. Never has and my assessment is that it never will (or it will be well after Obama is gone, Hillary is President, and between Carney and Hillary, they’ll tell we should let by-gones be by-gones).

      Sorry for the cynicism, but someone wake me when there is actual exposure of the criminal activity going on (and has been going on) at the White House. It’s the worst kept secret but it, miraculously, stays conspicuously out of the headlines every single day.

  9. We can guess who was invited to the secret meeting, but we’d like to know who directed the meeting, who called it, how many WhiteHouse advisors were involved.
    We can also make guesses about the agenda; a direct plea from the WhiteHouse elites to bury this story, to follow the plan of blaming everything on partisan politics.

    It will be interesting to see who among the chair-sitters finally put some ink in their pens and actually do their jobs as overseers of the government.

  10. It’s not a government secret if two people know about it”

    The info discussed at the mtg will come out sooner than later. And now a new game has begun. This deceit has gotten way out of hand, hopefully the GOP will follow through and appoint a special investigator. Will be interesting if the LSM will then back the WH. What a circus.

    Do I agree with what the WH and current administration did? Absolutely not. But who is going to hold them accountable?

  11. Maybe I watch too many doomsday movies but everytime the PREZ has a secret meeting it’s about something you shouldn’t tell the PUBLIC or PANIC would ensure.

    The media never vetted Obama, we know so little about his background, conspiracy theories are plentiful because there is no transparency. Are we going to need to call The Avengers? (wink, wink).

    1. Now in this case paranoid is good because I don’t put anything
      out of bounds for these very dangerous bunch. Just remember
      what they’ve done lied to grieving families in front of the coffin.
      Good to be scared remember he said he was going to fundamentally change America.

  12. I would look for a rash of unexplained accidents, heart attacks, and other such things to occur over the next several months. While this administration is in office, I would not put it past them to retire anyone that is in any position to cause them or their agenda problems.

    Don’t forget the fingers of Soros and his ilk that are behind a lot of the things that are starting to unfold globally.

    Benghazi is just the starting point. Information is dribbling out about the Boston bombing, and Russia giving a heads up to the FBI that went ignored. ICE’s union is coming out against Big Sis and her virtual fiat powers regarding immigration. As more and more unravels, perhaps it will energize the conservatives, and maybe even the GOP, into pushing harder and harder for real answers.

    If someone has the cajones to do it, skeletons will be found under the Obama White House, and in Clinton’s State Department.

    1. My thought too, Shofar. The Republicans had better start protecting their star witnesses like Mr. Gibson who can out the person who gave the order to stand down.

        1. I would look for a rash of unexplained accidents, heart attacks, and other such things to occur over the next several months.

          I would settle for a couple of people wanting to spend more time with their families.

  13. Wear it as a badge of honor that you weren’t invited, Kieth. Those who had the “secret” off the record meeting with Carney are loyalists, trusted by the White House press office. Wish we knew who they were. They sold out any journalistic integrity they had to be confidantes to this deceitful regime.


    1. The people who were invited are nothing more than paid propagandists who threw out their journalistic integrity years ago.

  14. The White House should not hold large, secret meetings with reporters, and reporters should not agree to do them.

    Exactly right on that last part, Keith. Any journalist with a shred of integrity would not agree to such terms. Were there any invited reporters who refused? Anyone?

    1. Wait – I think you violated something by putting “integrity” and “journalist” in the same sentence. (No offense, Keith.)

  15. The WH must feel threatened if it is going to this length to control the dialogue. I’m guessing that Jonathan Karl of ABC and the threatened woman journalist from NBC or CBS whose name I don’t remember show that Benghazi has now got ‘legs’, and that’s got them rattled big time.

    I’m old enough to remember Watergate quite well, and in spite of what media like the NYT and WaPo say Benghazi has all the hallmarks of cover-up a la Watergate. Obama is trying to shut the investigation down.

        1. Agreed, it’s much bigger and they are trying to keep the cover on. If push comes to shove Obama will throw Hillary under the bus. I think we had a deliberate attempt to keep it quite because of the election. A massive failure of duty to protect and provide aid.

          1. Nixon lied nobody died I too am old enough to remember Watergate and Clinton. Things like Watergate are now a real yawn who knows how much
            they hack or pay for information and informers now.

  16. I wonder if they got Beyonce to waggle her ass and lipsync for press members before the WH begged them not to do the first Af-Am President wrong by accurately reporting facts and insisting on answers to questions designed to obtain information.

    Stevens — they say he liked Lybians. Look what it got him. Dragged and paraded around while dying or dead. Hilliary exclaiming words to the effect, “What does it matter who killed him?” Carney-Barker announcing that his death a little over half-a-year ago was essentially old and dull news.

    I wonder when he knew he was going to die. I wonder when the soldiers on the roof, who disobeyed to answer a call for help, knew that superiors felt they had made their bed and now could die in it. And the fourth man who died — wonder if his family thinks it’s been a long time since they received his body.

  17. It’s just too contrary to the press’s mission of openness? Really? It seems to me that the majority of the press abandoned their vision and their mission a long time ago…right around 2008 I’d say.
    The fact that the Obama WH thinks they can influence the press about what to report just shows their arrogance and their contempt for the American people.
    I hope they are all exposed in the most embarrassing fashion imaginable. Impeachment and prosecution is almost too much to hope for.

  18. Great work Keith. Were only the news orgs that are too big to fail invited? How much money were they forced to take to keep the news industry afloat?

  19. Keith, do you think you would be able to find out who exactly was invited and accepted and also what was said?

    Keep up the marvelously good work. There is a reason why yours was the number one political blog last year: people are hungry for the truth.

  20. You are correct in that reporters should refuse to take part in secret meetings, and they absolutely should not take place. The fact that it did demonstrates how unethical, “un-transparent,” and unethical the Obama regime is. According to Anita Dunn, Obama’s former director of communications, they “controlled” the media and still believe that perhaps they can. The corruption in Washington at this point is off-the-scale and must be purged.

    Obama and his cronies should be on trial for crimes, not calling secret meetings with compliant reporters who have also breached their code of ethics.

  21. Here’s what I think they were told and why it might actually stick. ‘We are going to go after those responsible, making like Jason Bourne, you dig?. You are part of the double super secret spy game now so be good and cover our ass while we clean up this mess.”

    Irresistible stuff to the sycophant lemming journalist-super hero wannabe.

    They are going to bury the truth under the headstones of some bad guys and think they were righteous from the first.

      1. I had to go to the urban dictionary for that “okey doke” definition.
        No one in my aquaintance has ever used that phrase, not ever.

        1. POTUS used it in his speech today, so maybe it will become part of the transformed vernacular.

          You can be assured that Jay-Z and his followers are all familiar with it. And based on Obama’s performance at the WHCD, they may also share an affection for “The Dozens”, although Obama prefers not to allow equal time to the other side — thus his telling the faithful today (approximate quote): “Make sure to get the right information. Don’t just read a blog or commentary from somebody with an agenda.”

          (That would be anybody who disagrees with him).

          1. “okey doke” is not the same as “okey dokey”.

            Okey doke is urban slang for a scam, or pulling a fast one on someone.
            MrObama’s use of the phrase had to be off-teleprompter, and probably went over the head of most of his audience who don’t use urban slang in their everyday lives.

          2. I used the term ‘okey dokey Annie Oakley’ many times in my childhood, but never heard the term ‘okey doke’ in the way he used it. Here’s video of Preezy Revenge explaining the term himself. He used it in a Mississippi campaign speech back in 2008 while describing the Clintons…


          3. Thanks for the great video. Nice illustration of Barry Okeydoke’s arrogance and dismissiveness, even five years ago — along with a fine example of his very longstanding need for fawning human props to support his air-ogance.

        2. I’m about the same age as you and I’ve heard it many times. Maybe it depends upon which part of the country one is from.

  22. My husband was channel surfing and he said Anderson Cooper was doing a special on the capture of Osama Bin Laden. It strikes me that Obama could have requested this to deflect from Benghazi.

    1. My “surfin'” husband stopped on Rachel Maddow who was ranting at the IRS about picking on “groups” of people. I was impressed until she closed her rant with….. but this is not as bad as outting an CIA agent or Hecka’ of a job Brownie. What????? Hello Seal Team 6 (outted and most now dead), BP Oil Spill and Hurricane Sandy (photo ops) .

      No wonder MSNBC is circling the drain.

  23. This is not particularly unusual in Washington. Reporters will go for this because, when people speak on deep background or just on background – in which case you still can’t name the speaker but you can use direct quotes – they tend to get better information for their readers and more frank discussion with their sources.

    I know people hate this, but if sources only talked on the record, you wouldn’t know half of the interesting stuff you read in the press. What’s more, the cause of accountability would suffer because you couldn’t talk to anyone who wasn’t authorized to speak and feared retribution.


    I know I’m late to the thread, so pardon me if the following already has been said.

    Another reason why reporters are amenable to this is that it appeals to their egos. They’re given information that no one else has because they are reporters. The power-structure is taking them into its confidence. They’re being treated to something worth a lot more than stale fucking donuts and weak, tepid coffee.

    In reality, they’re being co-opted by the government.

    They’re participating in being rolled by a 20-dollar prostitute and her pimp.

  24. Joseph Goebbels quotes

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    Well I think when CBS and ABC went rogue they’ve started to squirm and I still think the rest of the band of useful idiots in the Obama media
    cabal will tow the line. Only when we see more media and the ‘folks’
    wake up and ask if they can hide this what else are they hiding? As
    far as Carney he’s just not savy or man enough to keep the pressure up if Obama & Clinton can keep the media on line. However at some point
    it’s going to harder to keep that many journalist and other media in line.
    At some point they will have to make it worth a lot to keep their hand
    picked media in line and at this point they’ve not got much to offer.

  25. Thanks Keith. Late to the party, but a few comments. I heard/read that Tapper was not invited to the “secret” meeting so that makes me suspect as to the quality of the initial list of invitees. Once the “secret” was out perhaps the list of invitees was revised.
    Meetings between the press and the Administration should not be secret.
    They had something to hide, or wanted to test the loyalty of the press.
    No matter how far down we have allowed this Administration to drag us, there are a few good Americans left, and Obama and Company would be well advised to remember that this is not our first rodeo.

    There is only one unique thing about Obama in the history of our Presidents and that alone does not make him a good President or a good man.

    1. Hasn’t Tapper (with a rare knack for objectivity) been OFF the White House detail since he went to CNN? Jonathan Karl looks to be doing the job for ABC — and Carny is none too happy about it at the present time.

  26. Very interesting, many thanks Keith. It´s actually great news because first of all it´s evident that the administration is nervous. Also, when it leaks who attended the meeting ,these critters will lose their “credibility” ( not that it was much before) at least among their peers, unless they attended just to break all the hush-hush, no matter what. And this shows clearly how dirty the administration plays. There are no rules. Shame, shame, shame on them ! Oh, how I hope that they will have to taste their own medicine !
    Watergate now feels like innocent times. This administration is capable of doing just about anything, ruin other peoples lives ( is that unlucky videomaker still in jail ?) , in order to ram their agenda through and keep the frontman Little King Barry a happy guy with clean hands.

  27. Bagdad Jay:
    Record number of facial tics – not a good sign.
    Record number of references to ‘Republicans’ – not a good sign.

    “Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.” John Basil Barnhill

    All the King’s horses and all of Obama’s henchmen may not be able to put Benghazi-Gate together again. Fourteen sell-out journalistas meeting surreptitiously in the cellar with Valerie Jarrett and the Chicago cabal may not be able to stem the rising tide of angry Americans.

    Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are traitors and should be treated accordingly. Not only did they both ignore the 3:00 a.m. phone call, they tried to cover it up to win an election – 2012 for the community organizer and 2016 for the incompetent SOS.

    It doesn’t get any worse than a President of the United States of America sitting on his butt in the private quarters of the WH on a lazy Sunday afternoon and evening with his family ( and gawd knows who else) – never once checking in with his advisors while a terrorist attack is underway on our Consulate!!! Why is he still in office??? If there are any reporters left with a modicum of decency (Keith excluded), please come to the aid of your country!

  28. They are worse alright. there is no way Gen. Patreus didn’t know what the entire Benghazi event was about, start to finish. These amateurs gummed everything up. It was probably more clandestine than a simple matter of pre-election damage control. Given Patreus’ compromised position with regard to his personal life, it is obvious that all he wanted to do was get out of the way before the inevitable storm unseen by the clueless sycophants in the WH and State Dept.
    Expect a huge wag the dog if the Executive Branch gets much more heat over this. Distraction and excuses for power grab is all they will have left while the clock is ticking.

    1. Petraeus is another one who needs to be called back to testify. Not excusing him–his extracurricular activities deserved a resignation–but I imagine he was threatened into behaving over Benghazi in order to keep his pension.

  29. I want to know who the privileged reporters are, as well as who was NOT invited.
    My guess is that there wasn’t a FoxNews reporter there …

  30. As Keith pointed out and many others in the comments, this i quite troubling.
    The press being actively complicit in the Administration trying to first keep information away from the public and second control the way the limited info is reported and described, is despicable at best. It really shows how much of the press have become Democrat mouthpieces and how easily the Administration can manipulate them. If they can manipulate NYT, WashPost, CBS, ABC, AP, Gannet, etc., then they can marginalize Fox WH Dossier, Wash Times, Examiner etc.
    To use an old Gen LeMay analogy, the Dems are the adversary, the press is the enemy.

  31. I will also add that I think they are setting Victoria Nuland up to take the fall with an outside chance Carney will resign.

  32. Panic time at the Den of Destruction formerly known as the White House! The evil female Rasputin of Dictator Obama, Valerie Jarrett, is starting to show sweat marks on her dress and face. Mark my words the decision to not send military help and to cover up the attack will lead straight back to her. Everyone is starting to ask where Obama was during the night of Benghazi and the probable truth is that he was drinkin’ and tokin’ and was too stoned to the point of incoherency so as usual Val Jar made the call and that creature has ice water flowing through her veins. “Secret meeting” That means the propaganda organ of the democrat communist party, otherwise known as the mainstream media, were getting explicit marching orders on how to spin this criminal activity.

  33. Oh my! A smoke detector malfunctioned in the West Wing this morning. The Chicago Tribune announced that the President was safe so I’m left wondering if the Trib had someone at meeting yesterday.

    1. I hadn’t heard it was caused by a smoke detector. I thought maybe they were busy shredding documents or Obama had sneaked a cigarette. LOL

      1. Or they were shredding so fast and furious that the shredders started smoking. (Where’s Swedish Lady? I sibilantly essing away just like the Preezy.)

  34. Re: who was at the secret meeting:
    (I suppose everyone knew but me: Ben Rhodes is the o’s current Jon Favreau. His degree is in Fiction writing.)
    Benjamin J. Rhodes is the current deputy national security adviser for strategic communication for U.S. President Barack Obama, for whom he has been a foreign policy speechwriter since 2007.
    And it doesn’t hurt that his brother is Pres of CBS. Wasn’t CBS the network that put targets on the back of the Navy Seal Team, by revealing that they took out osama bin lden?

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were the network that targeted the Seals. The relationship between CBS and the WH is just a little too cozy for comfort. An administration with intregrity shouldn’t have hired Rhodes. And now CBS might dump Sharyl Attkisson because she dared report on Benghazi. This seems like censorship to me.

        1. ” Transparency and the rule of law will be the touch stones of this Presidency “. BO on 21 JAN 09
          You lying sack of ….

  35. Why NOT make it secret? It’s not like most of them will actually ask any meaningful questions, get any meaningful answers, or report on anything revealing that Obama might say anyway…

  36. I disagree that the largest and most important news organs were invited to the off-the-record briefing. I think the White House had friendly news organs at the briefing that resembled a strategy session where Carney told the assembled reporters, “This is what happened, and this is how we want you to report it”.

  37. W

    hy am I not surprised about the SECRET MEETING! Please, I am getting numb about the sneaky and criminality of this President and his administration. Maybe I look too hard at the Obama administration because I hate him so, thats probably what it is, but I have never in my life thought of another President as stupid and childish as this one. But the reason that I listen so closely at everything he does is FEAR? He stirs fear and loathing in a lot of people and I think that he likes it! Because every day something comes out that is crazy!!!! Let us pray that he gets impeached or that he resigns because he is not up to the job.

  38. I read or heard somewhere that CBS, ABC, etc., are talking Benghazi ’cause people stopped watching them, More people listen to Fox because they get the real news. I don’t watch Channel 4, 7 or 2 anymore, although 2 is a little better. It stands to reason, they would all of a sudden talk about the murders in Benghazi now for their own self-interest, not because they are real journalists, I hope EVERYONE STGPS WATCHING CHANNEL 2, 7 AND 4. forever.Anyway, I can’t stand Dianne whatshername on 7, she doesn’t talk real news, its so boring to watch her.

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  40. Everyone should stop watching CBS, ABC, CNN and NBC, because these stations have all their family members working in the White House, hello, any Americans out there listening to this??? All media is controlled by Obama, no wonder why we don’t get the real news??? No wonder why he won the FIXED ELECTION. Also, if anyone remembers, Obama was so sure he would win, thats why he was so sure, because his election campaign was horrible! But he knew and why did he know? Now we know. Just like the Iron Curtain can you believe anything now?
    Fox is better anyway, at least they tell us what the real news is and Fox is more exciting and real anyway.

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