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The Obama Morning News || May 10, 2013

Beohner: Release internal Benghazi emails . . . Washington Post
Benghazi a blow to Hillary and Obama . . . National Journal
Romney scrapped Benghazi ad in final weeks . . . The Hill
Scandal vs. Scandal – a media retrospective
. . . Doug Ross
Republicans boycott Obamacare’s IPAB . . . Fox News
Obama to tout health law’s benefits today . . . The Hill
White House seething over blocked EPA vote . . . Examiner
Chinese beseech Obama on WH website . . . Washington Post

Education Dept. drops “father” and “mother” . . . Washington Times

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  1. Romney scrapped Benghazi ad in final weeks . . . The Hill

    “It’s 3 a.m. and your children are safe and asleep, but there’s a phone in the White House and it’s ringing. Something’s happening in the world,” a voiceover in the ad says as images of a building burning are shown and gunfire is heard in the background. The ad then displays text that reads: “Security requests denied. Four Americans dead. And an administration whose story is still changing.”


    According to the source with knowledge of the ad’s creation, the Romney campaign stopped it from airing for fear that it would shift the focus away from the economy.


    I doubt this would’ve swayed any LIV’s, but I wonder about other independents.

  2. Memo to Speaker Boehner:

    Mr. Speaker, knock off the dancing and just name a select committee to investigate this that will have subpoena powers. Stop acting like a gentleman with these traitors.

  3. White House seething over blocked EPA vote . . . Examiner

    From 4/11:

    As head of the EPA’s air and radiation office, Ms. McCarthy played the lead role in establishing emissions standards for coal-fired power plants.

    The standards have yet to go into effect and may be weakened. But as drafted, they would impose a de facto moratorium on new coal-generated electricity and put many miners out of work.


    Ms. McCarthy also was the architect of fuel efficiency standards for automobiles that were hailed by the environmental community as some of the most important steps by the federal government thus far to combat climate change.

    But she was largely mum on what steps the EPA would take to continue that fight. With congressional action unlikely, Mr. Obama has said he would take executive action in the effort, including directing the EPA to enact further regulations.


    I wonder how Joe Manchin would’ve voted if the Republicans had not blocked the vote.

  4. “Obama to tout health law’s benefits today”

    So I was saying to myself earlier this week, “Self, why is Cantor scheduling another repeal of Obamacare when he just got slapped down for trying to slip in funding for its high risk insurance program?” Now I know why. The ruling class is working together in this latest kabuki theater performance. Cantor is just throwing more red meat to Preezy Revenge to demagogue about.

    In the meanwhile, the Senate is rushing their amnesty bill through committee markup. Yesterday, two Republicans – Flake and Graham – voted with every Democrat on the committee to defeat every amendment offered to strengthen the bill and enforce current immigration laws. Why don’t these senators want to make sure our borders are enforced? My guess is that giving the right to vote to uneducated, illiterate foreigners with no loyalty to America is the quickest way to defeat any opposition to the leviathan, and give the ruling class from both political parties permanent control over their beloved centralized state. Won’t be long before We the People will become We the Subjects.

    That’s not all the ruling class is doing to us unfortunately. Mark Levin interviewed the ICE Union President, Chris Crane, last night. He is being shut out of immigration legislation by the Gang of Eight, with the exception of Rubio. He also said the people controlling our border policy right now isn’t DHS…it’s LaRaza.

  5. Education Dept. drops “father” and “mother” . . . Washington Times

    Hello, Parent 1,
    Hello, Parent 2,
    Here I am at Camp …..

    I got nothing.

  6. The NYT has an editorial on the “Republicans’ Benghazi Obsession”. They’re going to be on the wrong side of this.

  7. Speaking of the health care law (sigh), my “advantage” plan called to nag me about something that was long over with, done, paid, reported…They had no idea what my record was. Yet they can decide what treatments I get, etc. My sister has another one (by those worms at AARP) and they called her to remind her to get her BP pills. Like my sister would forget! She was furious! She loves pills!

    • PLUS–will shut up soon–that Mika bimb on Morning Joe had a piece in the Daily News, I think it was, saying we should start calling people fat so we could help them more. Well, I have some advice for her on single process hair dye–it’s all constructive, Mika, don’t be mad.