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Biden Wandering Off the Reservation

Vice President Joe Biden is already staking out his own territory apart from the Obama White House, ground he will need to occupy if he wants to have a chance to be the Democratic nominee for president in 2016.

Why don't you come work for me?
Why don't you come work for me?

Biden, a longtime liberal firebrand, will almost certainly seek to portray himself as the candidate of the Party’s left-wing base, stigmatizing Hillary as the cautious standard bearer for husband Bill’s New Democrat moderates.

An early sign of this may have been Biden’s decision to come out before the president in support for gay marriage last year. But in recent days, the Biden separatist movement has picked up considerable steam.

Biden appears to have decided, somewhat independently – he apparently had not fully briefed the White House before mentioning the idea publicly – to lead a renewed crusade to enact handgun legislation. The effort probably won’t result in any new laws. But it will have only one certain result: it will let the base know Biden loves them.

A couple of days ago, Biden told a local South Carolina Sierra Club activist that he opposes the Keystone pipeline, lamenting that he is in the “minority” at the White House.

And in a move that set him clearly apart from Obama and which could help cast him as a no-nonsense battler of terrorists, Biden went to Boston and declared that, yes, the marathon bombers were Islamist extremists and that we are indeed confronting a “doctrine of hate and oppression.”

Looks like there will be two political campaigns within the White House: One designed to take back the House in 2014, and another to elect Biden president in 2016.

25 Responses to Biden Wandering Off the Reservation

  1. Not that I would not LOVE to see Uncle Joe as the Dems’ candidate in 2016, I think this reservation stroll is more of a reward than anything else. “You’ve been a good soldier. You wanna give it another try, go for it Big Guy!”

    He got what less than 1% in the 2008 Iowa caucuses? Not happening, Joe. Sorry.

  2. Looks like there will be two political campaigns within the White House: One designed to take back the House in 2014, and another to elect Biden president in 2016.

    I hope this results in an epic Charley Foxtrot.

  3. The Dems need new blood and they need to be running governors or CEO’s, not Senators and First Ladies. Same goes for the GOP.

    I like Joe, Rand, Marco and Ted, but not for Prezzy. Obama’s been a political experiment gone horribly wrong.

    • There are a few Republican governors I like like Scott Walker and Susanna Martinez. The trouble is they are not well known Some big names have been very disappointing, though: Kasich and Christie who is a complete non-started in my books. Generally I would agree with you about running Senators, but I think with his background of clerking for Supreme Court Chief Justice Rehnquist, Ted Cruz is an exceptional person who could really restore the Constitution and he is a fearless fighter, unlike Romney. I wouldn’t look at him as an experiment but as a restoration.

      Speaking as an independent, I want to see the Republicans distinguish themselves from establishment politics. That was what was wrong in 2008 and 2012 and what would be wrong with Christie or Jeb Bush in 2016.

      • Good points Julie. I think the GOP has a much deeper bench than the Dems, but to win 2016, they may have to go rogue :D

        The Virginia Governor’s election this fall may well be an indicator for 2014 and 2016. Dem McAuliffe is a Clinton pal.

        • That’s what ‘they say’, Denise. Clinton supporters (and most likely Hillary Clinton herself) are making a McAuliffe win a benchmark for her nomination. So far, things are not looking good for him, but it’s too early to declare the winner.

  4. It’ll be sorta fun watching Hillary attempt to smack Joe down for what she probably views as “her turn” at bat.

    She’s been a loyal soldier.

    Oh, BTW, if Hillary is our next president, look for me in the headlines.


    None of you need to worry, as I will be targeting the LIVs.

  5. I think Biden is picking up the faint scent of blood in the water over Benghazi. If the 2014 elections go our way, Biden may end up becoming President through an uncommon means.