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Quote of the Day || May 9, 2013

“Yes, I went to sleep the night of Benghazi. But I checked in every time I got up to pee.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

14 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || May 9, 2013”

  1. It actually is a more involved process for observant Muslims like Obama to pee than for other folk. Mighty Mo stipulates that you have to be careful about getting urine in your drawers, so there’s this whole “purification” thing they go through where they have to wash their doink off, and usually follow up with cleaning out – every – other orifice.

    This requires total concentration, so no time for checking reports on stupid White people who probably deserve to die for one reason or another anyway.

    My unfortunate knowledge on THIS subject stems from my employer’s accomodating to our numerous African Muslims in the work environment, where my employer has gone so far as to allow them to use a locker room as a mosque, pray together outside of work breaks as often as they like (no similar privileges for Christians, even immigrant African ones), and installed a sink in the shower so they can whiz on the floor and go STRAIGHT to joint mainenance. This is SLIGHTLY better for us infidels than the OTHER thing they do, which was to splash urinal water on themselves, the floor, and anyone in the vicinity, and consider this their hand-washing as well and leave without further ACTUAL cleaning of the hands. They will sometimes dry with a paper towel, and leave it to obstruct the plumbing fixture to the point of overflow.

    You also don’t want to stand next to one when they’re at the sink. They spash water EVERYWHERE, pull water up into their NOSE and then eject the results at high speed all over the porcelain, then leaving it for infidels to clean up. They’re also just as likely to be fonding their junk in the sink as they are in the “official” cleanser, so unless you want to know more about your co-worker than you want, DON’T get next to him at the sink!

    My employer is deathy afraid of them for various reasons I can’t get into here, and will fire anyone who complains as being a bigot. That ain’t gonna change any time soon.

    Anyway, this practice might explain why Moochie wants separate vacays and living facilites to the fullest extent possible, too. It’s just too nasty…

    It;s not like they sleep together, anyway. After all, arms or not, she’s no Reggie Love…

    1. cincycinco; you are a delight of information, and I enjoy reading your posts.
      However, there are some mysteries that I prefer to take to my grave, such as the particulars of personal hygine performed by Muslim men.

    2. Cincy, the blog’s name is White House Dossier, not White House Bidet…….LOL It was funny….just inappropriate for lunch time.

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