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Obama Schedule || Friday, May 10, 2013

10:45 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
2:40 pm || Makes a statement on Obamacare; East Room

All times Eastern except as noted
Live Stream of Carney Briefing at 12:30 pm

25 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, May 10, 2013”

  1. First he should announce to his base that yes, Obamacare is now the law and as soon as someone reads the whole thing we’ll all know what it means.
    Second, he can assure young healthy people that it’s for their own good to buy an expensive health insurance policy just in case they fall off of their longboards and get some serious owwies.
    Lastly, he can claim that “if you like your current health insurance.. you’ll love what Kathy Sebelius has in store for you”.

    1. In other words, another lecture on all the positives OCare brings to everyone at less cost and please stop picking on Kathy Sebelius.

    2. I don’t know why I bother with my pathetic satire when MrObama does a better job of it; tomorrow, his “statement” on Obamacare will be to highlight what it means to women and women’s rights as a honor to Mother’s Day……………he has invited women’s groups and PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

      Who better to celebrate Mother’s Day than the organiztion of baby killers, whose main mission is to prevent women from becoming mothers. geez.

      1. Hmmm Mother’s Day.. Golf Course Day.. Mothers Day.. such weighty decisions Sir Putts-a-Lot has to make this weekend.

        Srdem – keep ’em coming. Yours are way better than anything BO or the WH Press Sec can throw out there.

        Hey Keith, a suggestion – We know the weekends are a time for you and family to kick back, and for you to recover your sanity and think of new topics and articles to post. Would it be possible for you to on late Friday afternoon post a Weekend Open Topic Comment “post” that we can throw around some off topic WH stuff instead of adding it to your last post on Friday (unless you post something special over the weekend).

      2. It will be another long winded affair, I presume. Here is my prediction summary: “Just get out there and sex it up and don’t worry about breast cancer, we’ve got you covered!”

  2. Keith:

    POTUS has an established habit of starting late after “busy” days, and a regular regimen of Daily Briefings (since Romney started getting them).

    Is there a way to know a) if he actually gets the DB and b) when?

      1. Are you sure they don’t talk about sports scores instead? For being briefed every day he sure has no idea what’s actually going on in the world.

    1. Isnt it ‘ironic’ that all creeps, liars & idiots (re: politicans) who voted for “Obamacare” will never use it… they all have their gold-plated, excutive healthcare for life.

      1. This is the theory I was hearing at the time this all happened – all just to make Obama look good and get him re-elected. FOUR PEOPLE DEAD for a photo opportunity!

    1. Sometimes I have thought that Noonan’s articles have too soft a touch so I’m glad to see her tackling Benghazi.

  3. What in hell does this slacker do all day? Look at that schedule! The question begs to be asked: Does President ” Sittin’ by the Dock in the Bay” have a hammock slung in the Oval Office for those all too frequent daytime naps he must take? If personal laziness was classified as a professional sport, Dictator Obama would be a perennial All Star, MVP, and Future Hall of Famer. Sheesh.

    1. The “WH press corps” must know what he does all day, but they refuse/can not “report” about Obama’s true daily schedule because they would lose their privileged access to the ‘Dear Leader’.

  4. Could someone explain to me the difference between “Delivering remarks” and “Making a statement”? All this man DOES is TALK…………..

  5. Maybe Mooch will give Harry a copy of her speeches on a I-POD both of the Obozos are pure communist and American haters they hate the British

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