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Prince Harry Shows Up at Michelle’s Mother’s Day Tea

Prince Harry appears to have shown up at the White House. He’s in clothes.

31 thoughts on “Prince Harry Shows Up at Michelle’s Mother’s Day Tea”

      1. About Benghazi I just heard this about the stand down order (that is my big question– who gave it) — Anyway From the Pentagon “they were not told to stand down. They were told not to go to Benghazi” but to the airport….or something.

        I guess this it depends on what your definition of “is” is.

    1. Anything to distract from the truth about Benghazi–maybe Prince Harry could ask BHO where he was/what he was doing while 4 Americans were being murdered!

  1. This is approprait. Prince Harry seems to have as much dignity, grace and class as Mrs. Obama. i am not sayting they have much dignity etc — just the same amount.

      1. Young Harry, despite his faults, has more courage, grace and class than Barry and Me-Chelle could ever hope to attain in their wildest dreams.

    1. Harry appreciates and understands what it means to do for your country; to be loyal to your country–you don’t see him going around the world apologizing for Great Britain do you?

      1. Harry is a better man than Obama could ever be and what a great
        example of how to treat the military. MO kept up the let’s continue
        to degrade ourselves by looking like a stupid jr high girl who has to
        the center of everything. Golly she got a new frock and a new
        hair style…the humiliation continues.

  2. A couple of thoughts:

    I didn’t think it was appropriate for Jill to jump in with a round of applause in the middle of MrsO’s speaking.

    Who selects MrsO’s clothes? Can she not afford someone to help her make selections that are flattering?

    Did MrsO ride a lot of horses in the past? She was standing there like a cowboy with her legs a distance apart.

  3. She’s such a skank–hope he had a cootie shot before he went to the WH!!!

    Dear Prince Harry, please do not judge America by the usurpers in the WH–us “little” people are much better/nicer than she is and we do “love our country” and are “proud of our country” and proud to be Americans, unlike MO.

    Welcome to America!

  4. WTF is wrong with Moochelle’s wighat? Those heavy, long bangs and side pieces flopping around whenever she moves her head. It looks totally greasy. Yuck.

  5. This was a beautiful time for military mothers and their mothers and children to spend an afternoon at the White House with the First Lady, Dr. Biden and Prince Harry and the commentors here had to turn it into something disgusting. A little respect for those who attended would be nice. After all, these military moms are putting their lives on the line for you.

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