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Live Stream || Obama Speaks in Manor, Texas

The event has concluded.

33 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Speaks in Manor, Texas”

    1. “Can we start the Impeachment Proceedings now?” – QueenOfScott

      We could. There’s such an overwhelming body of evidence on MANY subjects that, in a country that was actually run by LAWS, Obama would be swiftly and deservedly gone.

      Here’s the problem. We are not a nation of laws.

      To demonstrate, let’s look back at what happened the LAST time a Democrat violated the law and was subject to impeachment proceedings. Very convenient, by the way, we need go back no further than the LAST Democrat President. Let’s look right at the end;

      “On Friday, February 12, television cameras were once again turned on inside the chamber and senators gathered in open session for the final roll call. With the whole world watching, senators stood up one by one to vote “guilty” or “not guilty.” On Article 1, the charge of perjury, 55 senators, including 10 Republicans and all 45 Democrats voted not guilty. On Article 3, obstruction of justice, the Senate split evenly, 50 for and 50 against the President.

      With the necessary two-thirds majority not having been achieved, the President was thus acquitted on both charges and would serve out the remainder of his term of office lasting through January 20, 2001.”

      Yup. House votes for impeachment, Democrat controlled Senate refuses. President is officially free of having to obey the law.

      The Senate is MORE Democrat and MORE partisan now than it was before. And there’s one other small detail;

      Stating the obvious elephant in the room,

      Obama is Black.

      I heard a talk-show host make the comment to a caller about impeachment that no politician would be willing to have the “blood” of impeaching the First Black President on his hands. Sadly true. Even if it were politically possible, how long after any sucessful action against The First Black President do you think the First Black Riots would be? I live in Cincinnati, so I can answer this from experience; not long at all…

      So, Black, Democrat, owns 5 of 9 Supremes, half the House, most of the Senate, and ALL of the no-information and racial solidarity voters, PLUS most major media outlets AND the guys who program the “voting”:machines.

      Impeachment is fully merited. It’s also not going to happen.

      Sorry. There will be no justice for Benghazi until the time comes when Obama has to answer to his Maker. You can be sure he’ll be fully rewarded then, though; and Harry Reid won’t be able to help. Harry may have some problems of his OWN to answer for at that point….

      1. Thank you for the reminder about Bubba’s impeachment trial. Did you know his lawyer in that impeachment trial just so happens to be Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s right hand girl in the Benghazi coverup? She’s the Clinton crony who gave whistle-blower Greg Hicks hell for meeting with Rep. Chaffetz without his “minder” in tow. Curiouser and curiouser…

        1. No, I didn’t know that, thanks for the info.

          Hilz should be very conversant on impeachment proceedings, though. After all, she DID work on Nixon’s…

          ‘The House Judiciary Committee’s former chief counsel, Jerome Zeifman, waited 22 years to unleash his bombshell, which would reveal that the deck was stacked against Nixon by none other than the wife of the man who now faces a similar fate. It was Hillary Clinton who rigged the proceedings against the 37th president, as Zeifman revealed in a little-noticed passage of his 1996 book, “Without Honor: The Impeachment of President Nixon and the Crimes of Camelot.” Zeifman quoted his own 1974 diary, which reports that just four days after Nixon resigned “John Labovitz came to my office and apologized for having participated to some extent to conceal from me the work that was being done. Some months ago, he and Hillary lied intentionally to me and told me there were no drafts of proposed rules of procedure for the [Nixon] impeachment inquiry.”‘

          Hillary lies? Who knew?

          Anyone who actually knows her history, of course…

  1. MORE human props? Sheesh! Can’t someone just get this guy a backdrop with orphans and nuns and other things Obama doesn’t actually give a rat’s patoot about on it, and quit abusing actual people?

      1. FIFTY-THREE MINUTES late (although the White House jimmied the “schedule” to pretend he was touring (empty) class rooms) — even with that adjustment, he was still twenty-eight minutes late, meaning his human props had to stand in place for the better part of an hour waiting for the Podium POTUS to enter to the second rendition of “Hail to the Chief”.

        He clearly has ZERO respect for the time of others, and deserves the same.

        1. Oh, yes, his speech, in which he urged students to contact Congresspeople (Reps) who are “blocking” his common sense efforts, although he promised to work around them with Executive Orders, lasted twenty minutes. Those kids had to stand as props on a podium for over an hour so that Obama could use them for twenty minutes and then leave to his favorite tune “Hail to the Chief”.

          1. Oops. Michelle (and Jill Biden) just showed up twelve minutes EARLY for the White House Tea.

            Maybe there is something to “Let’s move!”

          2. PS: Michelle just said “It’s time to forget about ‘Let’s Move’ and have all the cookies you want.” Then all the kids were led out of the room for a “fun project”, leaving the adults behind for…? Kids were given different colored cards for their particular groups. and the WH camera stayed with the kids. Five minutes of video of the kids, no sign of the adults. That’s enough transparency for me.

          3. Top this, Barack!. POTUS has to settle for kids as human props — Michelle got Prince Harry to drop into the Mother’s Day Tea. He just posed at the podium — never said a word. Then, with Pete Souza no doubt taking the best “glory shots”, the White House feed shut down.

        2. “He clearly has ZERO respect for the time of others, and deserves the same. ” – Playrighter

          “Dominating time
          Dominant people will seek to control time more. For example in conversations, they may talk more themselves and deny others time to talk, for example by interruption or leaving early.

          Another method is hurrying, talking fast themselves, checking the time and asking that others ‘be brief’.

          Outside of conversations, they may not be available when you need them but then demand your attention immediately.’

          It’s a typical tactic used by poor managers in every walk of life. Some people just like to make sure you know that THEY’RE the boss.

          Could be worse.

          Could be like LBJ forcing underlings to interview him while he was defacating, and not even letting them close the door…

          ‘Johnson also upset aides with his habit of adjourning a conversation to the bathroom when the need arose. Those who were reluctant to follow him to the toilet were a source of great amusement to him. He frequently recounted a story about “one of the delicate Kennedyites who came into the bathroom with me and then found it utterly impossible to look at me while I sat there on the toilet. You’d think he had never seen those parts of the body before. For there he was, standing as far away from me as he possibly could, keeping his back toward me the whole time, trying to carry on a conversation. I could barely hear a word he said. I kept straining my ears and then finally I asked him to come a little closer to me. Then began the most ludicrous scene I had ever witnessed. Instead of simply turning around and walking over to me, he kept his face away from me and walked backward, one rickety step at a time. For a moment there I thought he was going to run right into me. It certainly made me wonder how that man had made it so far in the world.” ‘

          Democrats are great, aren’t they?

  2. What an asswipe idiot…it’s everyone’s else’s fault. And he’s just gonna take action himself – EO.

    When did this get to be a new thing – “if you work hard, you should be able to succeed – no matter what you look like”? I think this has been around FOREVER – not a OBAMA thing.

    Dumbass. I can’t stand this douche.

    “All these students aren’t white and rich. Some are black and poor.” Geez whiz, thanks Obango.

    Worms regenerating – that’s rock science. Thanks Dumbo.

    Broke nation – free preschool for all. Take the rest of my paycheck, Obamabamadingdong.

    Obama, just shut up and get off my lawn.

    P.S. Don’t mess with Texas.
    P.S.S. Sorry, I just can’t stand this guy…

    1. Manor, Texas is a tiny town of ~5,000 residents about 10 miles outside of Austin. Best known for their dumpy race track, Manor Downs. No doubt his audience was shipped from Austin.

  3. I tend not to watch his speeches, as it just makes me want to throw a shoe at the screen. Did he give another lecture to teens?

  4. The only thing this POTUS knows how to do is campaign and spend taxpayer money. I tell every young person what he is costing them and they are amazed. I saw him and the only ones standing with him now are young people and many young people are no longer his supporters.

    1. Do you live in the Austin area, Susan? Nice name by the way :-)
      He was less than 100 miles from our home, but I had absolutely no interest in seeing the grifter in person.

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