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Internal Benghazi Review Ignored Clinton, Obama

The internal State Department Accountability Review Board report being touted by the White House as an “unsparing” investigation into the Benghazi response actually completely spared the two individuals whose actions Republicans want to know about most: President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

There is no mention in the report of the what Clinton or Obama did related to Benghazi. In fact, Obama isn’t mentioned at all in the document, and Clinton only once – in the context of her appointing the Review Board. There is no suggestion that Clinton or Obama were interviewed or even examined by the investigation.

What’s more, Accountability Review Boards are part of statutory State Department process that is not legally permitted to investigate the president.

It’s not even clear that an Accountability Review Board is permitted to probe the Secretary of State. The purview of a Review Board covers “employees” of the State Department who could be subject to discipline by the Secretary of State, who presumably would not be tasked to discipline herself.

Despite all this, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Wednesday suggested the Review Board report exculpates Clinton.

From the briefing:

Q    So the White House is confident that Hillary Clinton acted appropriately throughout this process?

MR. CARNEY:  We are.  And I think I would point you to the Accountability Review Board and what —

Q    Which didn’t —

MR. CARNEY:  I think I would point you to the report the put out.  I would point you to what the two heads of that board, Ambassador Pickering and Admiral Mullen — each highly praised by both sides of the aisle for their long, distinguished careers — put out in a statement this week:  “From the beginning of the ARB process, we had unfettered access to everyone and everything, including all of the documentation we needed.  Our marching orders were to get to the bottom of what happened, and that is what we did.”

Again, this is an unsparing report done by two career professionals, nonpartisan career professionals, that contain within it very serious recommendations, found shortcomings that needed to be corrected, and the State Department acted immediately on that.

But there is no evidence Pickering and Mullin ever talked to Clinton, or that they even sought to.

Carney dodged a question about whether Obama was interviewed by the Review Board.

Q    On the question of the Accountability Review Board, you keep saying it was unsparing and you said they had unfettered access.  Did Admiral Mullen and Mr. Pickering interview the President about what he did on the night of September 11th?

MR. CARNEY:  Again, I will point you to what Admiral Mullen and Ambassador Pickering said and what the report said, beginning with the fact that — this is useful here.  The Accountability Review Board investigation, headed by, as I said, two of the most respected, non-partisan leaders in Washington, found that the interagency response was timely and appropriate and “helped save the lives of two severely wounded Americans.”

Here’s a video of the exchange, in which Carney appears a little flustered.

Note that this is a classic case of press secretary spin, in which the answer contains a litany of facts wholly unrelated to the question and designed to draw attention away from the fact that the press secretary is not addressing the issue that was raised.

In this case, Carney was successful. There was no follow up.

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  2. At least Richard NIxon did the right thing and resigned, but you won’t see that with Obama. He’ll stay on and continue to lie in a vain attempt to cover up his other lies. Remember, you’re taxes won’t go up a dime, I won’t mandate health insurance, and you’ll be able to keep your current health insurance plan. Healthcare costs will go down under my plan. LOL His pattern of LIES are well established for those who choose to see them.

  3. So the two people, who had decision-making authority, were completely left out of any reckoning in this whole process. Carney said that they were sure that “they acted properly” according o the review. Interesting that their “actions” or inactions weren’t even mentioned by this so-called review board at all.

    1. The incompetence is not the issue here although it is extremely important. That fact is Rice lied, and Obama lied not once but on numerous occassions weeks after the attack. Lied, its 100% black and white!! This is dispicable and so is the liberal media’s slobbering all over him. Romney messed up, I don’t give a rats as if he screamed at the top of his lungs. He should have hammered him on the third debate. I cannot believe this guy is president, sickening what is happening to America.


  5. Notice how the liberal MSM keeps trying to cover Benghazi up. The Left has to keep “low information” liberals in the dark. And it is SO easy with their pseudo-intellectual base. We are never told in the media that a few years ago Kaddafi started a new trading currency called the Gold Dinar, and that western banks were furious. As the currency gained popularity in Africa and the Mid-East, NATO and the US started telling us that we needed a regime change. THIS IS WHY OBAMA AND NATO INVADED LIBYA! Once the US got involved the Obama administration used the episode to funnel weapons to Al Qaeda linked extremist. And this led to the Benghazi attack and cover-up! Yes, the banks and military contractors are using the blood and the US soldier and the money of the US tax payer once again to maximize their profits in Syria now. Combine this scenario with the White House, who hope to continue their so called Arab Spring. After helping extremist take over Libya, the Obama administration is supporting the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and Al Qaeda in Syria with hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars. The end result will be WW3 after the extremist turn their attention to Israel. I can’t find a liberal who knows anything about the truth.

  6. I think both Obama and Clinton anre feeling about the same as when Woodward started pulling on the banlon shirt thread that was Watergate.

  7. Am I the only person who recalls a statement by the Imperial Leader to the effect that he ordered everything possible be done to help our people on the ground as soon as he heard about the attack? I don’t recall the context or source, but I definitely recall hearing a recording of him saying something to that effect. That was before the election.

    My point is, why not push to know what exactly he meant by that since with everything that has come out now we know that nothing was done? I assume that when he said that he was just bloviating. But should he not be held accountable for that?

    1. His statement left room to be interpreted as securing assets in general, and not specifically to send help to Benghazi.

      Even if that were the case, how were they to know that Tripoli would not be facing attack? Mr. Hicks testified that no request was made of Libyan government seeking flyover permission.

      All of the excuses about not having enough time are done through hindsight. There was no way to know how long the attack would go on, or where it may spring up next (ie: Tripoli). Not requesting flyover permission suggests is was decided right at the start not to even try to do anything about the situation.

  8. A scandal bigger than Watergate for sure…if only we had an unbiased “mainstream” media to report it.

    People should lose their jobs/pensions as a result of this but I’m not holding my breath.

    At this point, the very least I’m hoping for is that Hilary 2016 is done.

  9. Jay Carney should be made art of the investigation. He’s as guilty of covering up what happened at Benghazi as Clinton, Rice and the rest of the liars. He certainly helped perpetuate the lies. Actually anyone who participated in the cover-up should be removed from their positions and that includes Obama.

  10. Of course Jay was successful. The White House media are kittens when a Democrat is president and pit bulls when there’s a Republican. I take you back to the Valerie Plame “leak”. No one died. This non story was on the main stream news for years. Years. Every night.
    Please compare.


  12. One thing is clear to me, these people in this administraion can lie, cheat and steal with the best of them. It is just amazing that they just keep going deeper and deeper into the lie rather than telling the truth. I’m not sure we’ll ever the real truth until Obama is out of office but there is no doubt in my mind that the four Americans killed were because of gross incompetence.

  13. The full truth, when finally revealed, will serve only to cement what is already known. hillary is not presidential material, else she would have appeared on those Sunday shows. She was able to make a 2 am call with Hicks but not able to summon the courage to make the proverbial “3 am call” to the nation on the Sunday shows. In fact, she went into hiding. Second, obama is not presidential material, else he would not have abrogated his Commander-in-Chief responsibilities to Panetta at 5:30 pm on 9/11/12. When obama did that, he gave up his moral authority to be the leader of this nation. On that basis alone, he surrendered his presidential capability to lead us. He needs to be forced to step down and soon. THAT is the proper narrative that needs to be percolating today. The lies and deception are but icing on the cake.

    Let me add another reason hillary is not qualified to be anything on a federal level…she went to that hangar, with those flag-draped coffins and told the grieving family members that they would “get the person who made that video”. She knew, repeat, she knew the truth and chose to lie to these families. She should be in prison.

  14. Alfred -King of Wessex

    This report, with its obvious ommisions tells us, the “little people” one thing very clearly: Obama and Hillary Clinton have big “GUILTY” signs hanging from around their necks.

  15. It appears that the ARB also forgot to interview the three whistleblower witnesses and some of the other foxes who went into the henhouse.

    I would imagine that such an interview of the other foxes would have been like this:

    ARB Fox: Did you break into the henhouse?
    President Fox: Who me?
    Secretary Fox: What does it matter? Who cares if the hens either ran away or some rooster came in and scared them away.
    ARB Fox: OK, I guess that ends the interview. Thank you my fellow foxes. Now gimme some chicken meat.

  16. The FBI are in charge of the ongoing investigation.

    Mr. Hicks was the most senior US official on the scene to survive. He testified that the FBI has never requested to speak to him about the events of that night.

    Perhaps someone could point that out the next time the President assures us that everything is being done to find out the “truth”.

  17. – In the two weeks following the incident, President Obama himself singled out the video as a contributing factor to the attack on four separate occasions (Sept. 18 on “Late Show With David Letterman”; Sept. 20 during a forum with Univision; and twice on Sept. 25, once on the daytime talk show “The View” and again that afternoon at his speech before the United Nations General Assembly).

    Read more:

  18. So what’s the big deal?

    We can say it’s a big deal because of the testimony of Eric Nordstrom, the regional security officer in Libya at the time of the attacks. “It matters to me personally and it matters to my colleagues at the Department of State,” Nordstrom said as his voice cracked with sorrow and he paused several times to choke back tears. “It matters to the American public for whom we serve and, most importantly, it matters to the friends and family of Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, who were murdered on Sept. 11.”

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  20. We now know, according to the testimony of a CIA agent to congress, that the State Department told a rescue team, poised to bring aid to Ambassador Stevens, to stand down. This fits perfectly with all of the other lies told by Clinton and the State Department, Obama and Susan Rice. We have much more damning evidence against this administration than we had against Nixon, whose shenanigans did not result in the senseless deaths of four Americans, but merely some information that was stolen from the Watergate Hotel. Why have we come to such a point in American politics that party loyalty is more important than party corruption?

  21. The WH knew our boys could go in there and rescue the people in that compound. They(Obama) didn’t want his loving(muslims) religeon of peace terrorist slaughtered so they ordered a “STAND DOWN” which basically says they murdered our own people. Obama was going to supply the Syrian rebels with missiles Thats the reason for the attack..but we won’t hear about that because that is sercured information. Too late! The cat’s out of the bag obama. We know already. This administration should be put in prison=Guantanimo Bay. They are all murderers, they lied. they commited treason against our citizens, they purjured the facts, they lied to this nation, they make filth look sanitized. Americans need to stand up and put these people away for good. Americans are suffering everyday because of these socialist’s decisions. If we don’t grab them by the balls now, we will never get a hold on how to run this nation. Democrats=socialists.

  22. Not only did this ARB investigation not interview Hillary Clinton or Obama, they chose to not interview the second in command from US State Department stationed in Libya, who was the last person known to talk with Ambassador Stevens. How can this even be called an investigation? These people should be put in jail for pretending to run an investigation. From every account this looks like they chose to ignore many of the issues and witnesses in order to collaborate with what everyone now knows was a false narrative spin coming from the White House and the State Department about a video no one had even heard of in Libya. The fact these investigators were composed of an Admiral and an Ambassador leads me to believe that either these two have been incompetent and idiotic their entire lives as they miraculously rose to their positions of power and rank through sheer luck and/or bribery or that this Ambassador and Admiral have been blackmailed to cover up an investigation which they were clearly meant to lead nowhere. These ARB investigators should be hiding their heads in the sand at this point because the only ones believing they actual did an investigation are the liberals and the media that covered this up or chose to ignore and/or not report any of the actual truth regarding Benghazi from the start. “Big Brother” now controls the main stream media and journalism has become a failed profession in this once great country where we are supposed to have “freedom of the press.” The real story which no one wants to cover is that this administration has been gun running and handing weapons obtained in Libya over to some of the very organizations and terrorist groups which we have been sending our troupes over to die fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Pakistan. May God have mercy on their souls if this is what they have actually been doing and covering up. Some might go as far as to say this is out right treason.

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