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The Campaign Raffles are Back

Michelle Obama is raffling herself off again, reviving the 2012 presidential campaign’s degrading habit of auctioning off our leaders to raise political cash.

Mostly during the campaign you might win a meal with Obama, though Michelle participated as well. Today’s announcement from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee offers up lunch with BOTH Michelle and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for as little as a $3 contribution.

Here’s a portion of an email that went out today:

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 12.34.20 PM“They want to hear what you have to say,” assures DSCC Chair Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado, who sent the email.

I doubt that. They’d probably rather you kept quiet. But they do want your money.

Personally I wouldn’t mind having lunch with the Koch brothers. Probably a superb meal, which is what I’m really looking for in a lunch. I mean, I get plenty good conversation, but not nearly enough free meals at 4-Star restaurants.

67 thoughts on “The Campaign Raffles are Back”

    1. They know that people don’t have money, but they also know that people who don’t have money still play the lotteries.

  1. Doesn’t all of this airline-contest winning lead to global pollution and global warming?

    Couldn’t they include a nice clean TRAIN TRIP on Amtrak for the winner?
    Or just let a winner from Boston.

    AND what does the Koch Brothers have to do with this? Aren’t they private citizens?

    Who pays for Michelle’s security and flight to Boston?

  2. Well, remember with Moochie, you’re getting a package deal. You get:
    -Her Attitude
    -Her Hulk Hogan guns
    -AND her – eh – “voluptuous” hindquarters, both left AND right!

    Whoota Deal, huh?

    Actually, I would pay good money to NOT be in a room with ANY of them. And I would pay DOUBLE to be let out if I wandered in.

    Come to think of it, though, I paying TEN TIMES what I was just for the privlege of having them occupy The White House, so I can’t IMAGINE what it would cost to actually be let INTO The WH again, being only a peasant and with no rapping skilz…

    More than I have, I’m sure. The Obamas have already seen to that…

      1. “Oh, excuse me, I thought you said her ‘Hulk Hogan’ arms.
        ” – Julie Brueckheimer

        I did. “Guns” is a slang term for biceps that a self-infatuated body builder like Moochie might employ…


        Plural form of gun
        (plural only, bodybuilding, slang) Well-developed muscles of the upper arm, especially the biceps and triceps.
        2005, Joe Kita (ed.), Men’s Health Best: Arms, page 6
        And there’s still no better way to throw down the fitness gauntlet that to roll up your sleeves and unveil some powerful guns.
        2010, Mark Alvisi (quote from a reader), “Mark of a Champion”, Muscular Development‎ 47(1): 350
        I read in another magazine about a workout that can put a whole inch on your arms in just one day! Obviously that sounds awesome, because my guns are only 15 inches. ”

        Just throwing The Chiseled One into relief…

    1. MichelleIndependent

      You could not pay me 3 THOUSAND dollars to meet either one of them.

      Both big Mooching, lying, Marxist fakes.

  3. “While Repubicans meet….billionaire Koch brothers, MILLIONAIRE POLITICIANS MichelleObama and ElizabethWarren……”
    Just taking some of the spin off here.

    I’m feeling slighted again, I didn’t get my invite to give the MILLIONAIRE POLITICIANS a share of my retirement moolah.
    I did get an offer from PeopleMagazine for a chance to win a ticket to see the “Goo Goo Dolls” in concert.
    Might be the same thing, for all I know.

    1. My last visit to NYC there were many museum and Lincoln Center renovations going on, all courtesy of the Koch brothers, true lovers of the arts. I’m not sure why they are so hated by the left. Yes, they donate to conservative and tea party groups, but mostly for the positive messages they’re trying to get out.

      On the other hand, George Soros (sugar daddy to the left) supports anyone who attacks conservatives and media like Fox News, usually with fabricated stories.

      1. Rush knows them personally and says they are good people who are generous in their community. They lean mostly libertarian, but do promote conservative causes as well.

        One of their beneficiaries is the libertarian think tank, Cato Institute, which supports open borders and has signed on to Schumer’s amnesty bill. Cato has ganged up with Grover Norquist’s group to attack Jim DeMint and Heritage for their report revealing amnesty would could us taxpayers $6.3 trillion.

      2. George Soros is a Jew and he did the most despicable thing a human being can do. He turned in his own jewish people to Hitlers SS. He will pay dearly for that when he meets our Lord. Praise the Lord let God be praised!

  4. AND Elizabeth (Fauxcahontas) Warren? Isn’t this more like a punishment or booby prize? Airfare on “us”–meaning the committee or the United States?

    1. They don’t rank that high on my list. Give me root canal ten times over without novocaine before having lunch with these two “women”.

    1. Nah, it’s a email harvest for potential donors, the thousand or so 3-buck donations will pay for it. It’s not about the money, and the winners have already been hand selected, carefully screened and security cleared to attend. It’s snakeoil salesmen at their finest. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it :D

      Too bad MO couldn’t use her power and influence to raise funds and bring awareness for more worthy causes.

      1. You do know what’s going to happen. Ole’ Hill will be knocked clean out of the 2016 race b/c she’ll be crushed under the bus. This will usher in a landslide pathway for Hulk Hogan (a.k.a. mooch; ME chelle; Mitchel; etc.)

    2. Are you speaking of the, uh, winners? If so, just think what their Secret Service and government plane is going to cost us, the taxpayers.

    3. nope.. no 3 dollar raffle for me. Mo could be courting a lobsta dinner and I would still decline.

      I have to agree with you Keith, a dinner with the Koch brothers would be fun, and engaging in real conversation. With MO it would be “I lift things up and put things dowwwwwn”

  5. You think these raffles are bad. Wait until they leave office and start appearing at birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, christenings like the Ghostbusters did in G2.

  6. The “Elizabeth Warren” part could be interesting. I have some ACTUAL Cherokee family (Eastern Band, enrolled and everything) that we visit periodically, and they are ALWAYS skeptical when someone says they’re “Cherokee Indian”.

    First of all, they don’t go around calling THEMSELVES “Indians” for the most part, except for “touristy” purposes (it’s the big moneymaker inside the Qualla Boundary, so you sometimes have to go with your winning hand…),anything accessible by tourists (like Web sites) and, of course, our ever sensitive and beloved Government. Second, there’s some fairly strict rules for who is and is not considered legally “Cherokee” BY the tribe, the main one being that you HAVE to be a DIRECT decendant of a previously enrolled Cherokee from the 1924 Baker roll, and you have to declare this before you’re an adult; THEN, there’s a lot of OTHER stuff you have to do;

    So you DON’T just say “Hey, I have kinda a big nose, can I powwow with YOU guys? It’s slightly more complicated, at least, than saying you’re an “Indian” for EEOC purposes at Harvard when you’re a well-connected liberal…

    So THAT part would be fun. Go in to lunch with her talking like Tonto did with the Lone Ranger, ask her if she has a recipe for really good buffalo dung fritters, and bring a drum for her to do an “Indian” beat on (dollars to donuts it’ll be “DUB dub dub dub, DUB dub dub dub – like they do in the movies, but NEVER have in actual real life). She’ll never know the difference, and maybe you’ll be able to get her to eat a little genuine bull poop to prove her “Indian-ness” if you play it right, which would just be fitting payback for all the dung that’s come OUT of her mouth…

    1. Didn’t the Cherokee have black slaves who they brought into the tribe to boost their numbers and now are winnowing out because they get a share of the casino money?

      Oh, noble red man.

      Or is that all a lie? I read it on the Internet, so it may very well be.

      1. The Cherokee themselves were the ORIGINAL New World slaves, along with Seminoles, Chickasaws, and whatever other peoples were in the path of European exploitation colonies. They were enslaved long before the nation WAS a nation by Hugenot (and other) settlers who went on to be the rice and cotton planters after a few generations, but they were largely taken out of the program because they proved very suceptible to Low Country ailments like malaria, while the African slaves
        were a lot better at surviving them.

        Unfortunately, you are correct that various tribes “enslaved” other peoples as well, but what this actually meant varied by tribe, from youth that were intened to replace warriors lost in battle, to adoptions of children orphaned in battle, to people who would be ritualistically murdered as a greif/revenge catharsis for a loss in battle. There was little of what we think of as “slavery”, simply because factory farms such as Southern plantations ran were unknown to native people, and slave laber is very inefficient unless there is a huge quantity of materials produced to make up for the inefficiancy. Some tribes also, unfortunately, did have members who did actually HELP capture and oversee Black slaves for European masters. This does not mean it was an offical tribal policy to do so, however.

        And yes, the Cherokee – like any other tribe with casinos – are very sensitive to the fact that many folks suddenly discovered “Indian” roots when it became public knowledge of how casino profits are shared within the tribe. Can’t really blame them for that. Many people also claim “Indian” heritage, like Hokeyhauntus Warren, simply to gain a difficult-to-verify, official Government discrimination against others in their favor, and this does not bring honor to the tribes either.

        On a side note, it IS interesting, however, that whenever we talk about slavery in America, it’s ALWAYS about Black slavery in the Antebellum South. Everyone was a slave somewhere in the world at one time or another; if we start talking reparations for slavery, then the decenants of the Romans sure owe a lot of people money, don’t they? As do Russians, Brits, Arabs, Israelies, and just about anyone ELSE who ever won a battle. Of course, that has nothing to do with people alive NOW. The only place slavery is STILL extant is in Africa, among Black Africans of different ethnicity. We never talk about THAT, though, do we? So inconvenient…


    By Rakhi Kumar

    Dear Michelle Obama,

    I’m addressing this to you because I admire you. Because you’re smart and a mum to two young girls. And you’re the First Lady of the USA. And because you were recently quoted as saying that Beyonce is a great ‘role model’ to your two daughters, and because you recently tweeted, after the Superbowl, that you were ‘so proud’ of her. I’m writing because everything you do is admired and emulated by so many; but when you endorse a recording artist like Beyonce, I see the most misogynistic aspects of the music industry (that prefers girls to be no more complex than dolls) interpret your comments as a seal of approval for the thoughtless cultural currency that they flood the youth market with. I’m writing because I think it’s time to stop suggesting to very young girls that ultimate feminine success – in the music industry or anywhere else – comes with the need, or the expectation for them to undress.

    When Beyonce kicked off her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour two nights ago, wearing her sheer bodysuit with nipples showing, to me she performed the final degradation of her talent; a retrogressive transformation that has taken someone stellar and otherworldly, and made them into something dreadfully familiar and sad.

    Variations of Beyonce’s body suit can be found in brothels, strip clubs, and red light districts across the world – where sex is for sale and it happens to be dispensed through a woman’s body. That she is a human being with feelings and dreams, perhaps a sister, a mother, a leader, a teacher, a student – ALWAYS – a daughter – all of this can be forgotten. In those surroundings a suit like Beyonce’s would look far from glamorous. Maybe just downright heartbreaking as a woman somewhere becomes an object, available for the gratification of a desire – at a price dictated by her ‘managers’.

    Next time you’re presented with a shortlist of people in popular culture who you should spend time with or commend, think about how many young girls want to be just like Beyonce: Beyonce who sings ‘Bow Down Bitch’ and wears sheer bodysuits and high heels, singing about making money and being independent.

    Remember that in the USA, the average age of a girl when she is trafficked for sex for the first time is 13.

    Remember that she’s often brought into the ‘life’ by drug dealers who promise her a celebrity lifestyle, clothes like the ones Beyonce wears, and situations where she can live like Queen Bey: looking hot, being desired by alpha males, wielding power over others with her body and sexuality.

    Understand that in an obscene act of manipulation by the young men who will pimp them, for a very short amount of time – maybe only for a half an hour in one of their early encounters – young girls who are trafficked do actually get to taste the experience that they have identified as ultimate feminine success: they get given hot pants or body suits like the one Beyonce’s dancing in, they dance for men who find them alluring, and for a very short time, these very young girls are convinced that they’ve made it – only to be assaulted, abused, and sometimes murdered in the years ahead, by the men who they thought wanted them.

    Beyonce, performing in sheer body suits, nipples displayed, mouth open, high heels and sheer tights, shaking her butt on stage, can no longer be held by world leaders as an icon of female success.

    Because for as long as she is, we are feeding a demonic myth that women must make themselves sexually available to enjoy ultimate success. And it is demonic because the impact this myth has on those most vulnerable young girls who fall pray to, is unimaginably horrible.

    It can take years of a young girl’s life away from her when she tries to escape a life of abuse at home by believing promises of money and glamor, sexual allure and power – a life just like the most successful women in the world; only to be sold for sex, beaten, and made addicted to drugs. It can take a chance of an educated, secure future away from her; and sometimes, if she can’t find an exit – it can take her very life away from her.

    Beyonce is a singer and a songwriter. She doesn’t need to wear see through clothes or body suits to sing. We know that because we’ve seen her singing accapella in a hospital in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and – and she sounded like a celestial being from a different dimension.

    She doesn’t have to do this. She’s choosing to. And she’s not the first or only one woman to do it. And like the many women who have played this game the way they have, her reasons may be economic, artistic, personal or even misunderstood. But whatever her reasons, her influence cannot be underestimated or misunderstood.

    It’s time that young girls were sent a different message. A more refined, intelligent message. A message that engaged them at the level of their intellect and potential because implicit in our message to them should be the acknowledgement that they are naturally brilliant and that we believe that they are capable of everything – without ever having to undress to achieve their success.

    The work here is to re etch the self image and self worth of young girls who think that sexualizing themselves is necessary to be powerful or successful.

    So please, let it be known that Beyonce is not a role model.
    She may have a lot of money, and she may have enormous influence.
    But she can no longer be called a role model.

    (Unless you think it would be really cool for Sasha or Malia to follow her example and sing songs for people on a stage whilst wearing sheer gold glitter bodysuits detailing the contours of their body, under the management of their daddy and/or their husband).

    Instead, call out those who deliberately allow their sexual identity to eclipse the genius of their spirit and sacredness of their soul. Tell young girls that they are more than that. Engage with artists who sing, dance, write, design, perform – but whose presentation centers on showcasing the brilliance of their brain, not their body.

    If I had daughters I’d tell them to pass on the Beyonce show because when you’re wearing a sheer see through body suit with nipples on display, no matter how much gold thread in it – I don’t see any light coming out of it. I just see a glowing ball of soullessness.

    I’d say to my girls: all that’s gold doesn’t glitter. Let’s find something genuinely luminous…and take them to a Lorna Simpson exhibition, or a C.C White concert, or hand them a Zadie Smith book.

    Follow Rakhi Kumar on Twitter:

    1. Beyonce is not all that bright, a perfect friend for MO. You have to ask yourself, if MO were still a patient dumper in Chicago, would any of these “celebrities” been her friend ? I don’t think so.

  8. You can be certain that the raffle “winners” won’t be dining at 4-Star restaurants. From photos of earlier raffle meals, the restaurants looked kinda dumpy.

    1. laughing.. I can think of a few places in Boston proper that serve great food but looks like a dive from the outside. Hell lets go to the “No Name”, one of them can bring the beer! Mo & Lizzie would have a fit if the winner got to pick out something like this. Also the winner has to be provided ear plugs.

    2. The pics I saw had baskets with wax paper in them, not even plates. Cheap and greasy. Not the sort of place I would think the president would take someone to dinner.

    1. My husband just told me that they’d make more money if you could throw a pie in their faces. So, howsabout a nice moose turd pie?

      1. Great idea for future raffles. Maybe they’d make more with a dunking booth at the White House cesspool. Wouldn’t mind ponying up a buck for a chance at dunking the royalty and their court of fools in some of that Washington-elitist poo.

  9. How pathetic is this again? I was watching Prince Harry and they went
    over his schedule. Arlington, Walter Reed then Sandy damage and a
    trip to Colorado for wounded men games. You know he will at his age
    show more respect for America and our military than the 2 grifters we’ve
    been suffering with since 2009.

  10. OK I don’t know all the ins and outs of politics but what are they raising money for? The DNC? Obama cant be reelected (well we will see) so not getting the fundraising.

  11. Heck, for 3 bucks I’d do lunch with the two of them. I got some questions I’d personally love to ask, on them of course….

  12. Why does the mooch always wave those 5 feet long arms when she speaks? Maybe she doesn’t like her knuckles dragging the ground;)

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  16. Instead, the Chargers were GIVEN the first down and scored on the subsequent play.
    ” This was a 20 something young lad who was having fun doing something that he loves. This has been something the Eagles have done for years.

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