As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, May 9, 2013

9:55 am || Departs White House
12:15 pm CT || Arrives Austin
12:45 pm CT || Tours classrooms; Manor New Technology High School
1:05 pm CT || Delivers remarks; Manor New Technology High School
4:00 pm CT || Tours Applied Materials, Inc.
4:40 pm CT || Delivers remarks
5:35 pm CT || Departs Austin
9:45 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern except as noted

19 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, May 9, 2013

    • Bingo! Move along, folks. There is nothing to see here! No substance, just a human, not a man, who has risen without a trace.

  1. Nice waste of $$$. Why not put in another day in another state, then fly home. Total waste of fuel. Not like he has anything pending in DC.

  2. is he wearing a crown and doing the royal wave at these events while also sporting a slight grin and a nod and expensive socks?

  3. The Ted Cruz summary on Benghazi was excellent, thank you. Yes, it´s shocking that the MSM isn´t into this. How is it possible to avoid it ? Well, then again, the editors there are the enemy, the Propaganda section of this administration. The narrative written for Little Barry was that OBL is dead, slayn by brave Little Barry, the Islamists are defeated and Al Qaeda dissolved, the Muslims are now the new friends. Therefor, the word “islamist” is not be mentioned. Therefor the silly video was dug up, the “demonstrations” arranged, it was our dear Muslim friends that was offended and outraged. Threaten, scare or ignore those who do not follow this narrative. Oh dear, if it wasn´t so serious I would really laugh. But just look at the events and happenings in Northern Africa, in the MidEast and in some parts of Asia. The Islamists are on a Juggernaut ride. And we are also painfully aware that there is no one to stop them. However, I think most people in the West want their leaders to be clear about Western values and not to tolerate infiltration by Islamism. We are here and you are there, keep out. But I do think that you have a Troyan Horse in the White House.

  4. A moment of silence for the death of Applied Materials, Inc. Barry puts the kiss of death on every company he visits.

    • “A moment of silence for the death of Applied Materials, Inc. Barry puts the kiss of death on every company he visits.’ – Robin H

      Ooh! Can he visit Media Matters next, then?

    • AP has been around since before the King was spawned probably. They are an early on tech company in the liberal part of Texas and be counted on as much as the media to scrape and bow and support immigration.

  5. Hr’s trying to rattle the Republicans into thinking that Texas is in immediate danger of going Democratic. He is only speaking to the choir in Ausin.

  6. Hmm, lemme see, i got no heat from those hearings. I wonder what that Ben Gazzi said about me? Oh well, lemme see, how can I screw the folks today. Oh…yeah….I’ll get AF1 again & go to……..aah….right, Texas. Cruz & Sessions are a pain in my ass, so I’ll spend the folks money & go bother them & bulshit some more students. Plus, the hispanics may come out & see me, too….it’ll help the immigration bill since they caught the ‘3 amigos’. Hillary can go pound salt.