As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || May 8, 2013

Officials: Benghazi talking points altered . . . Washington Times
Pentagon denies help could have been sent . . . Fox News
Probe puts spotlight back on Hillary . . . The Hill
CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson digs on Benghazi . . . Washington Post
Bolton: Benghazi could topple Obama . . . Washington Times
Cheney: Benghazi a “failure of leadership” . . . Daily Mail
Budget deal unlikely as red ink fades . . . Washington Post
Obama to target military sexual assault . . . Examiner
Obama’s cigarette tax up in smoke . . . Politico

5 Responses to The Obama Morning News || May 8, 2013

  1. Classy isn’t it did he have to write it on a chalkboard?

    Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s unveils NEW signature for bank notes following months of training after Obama warned he could ‘debase our currency’

  2. “Obama to target military sexual assault . . . Examiner”

    Hmmm, you mean it’s a bad idea to put healthy, hormonal young men and women together in isolated, unsupervised, and frequently dangerous situations? Didn’t see THAT coming!

    Some may be actual rape. Some may be REVENGE!, like the Commander-In-Chief is so fond of. All could have been avoided, if we didn’t subscribe to the lunacy of the left that there are no differences between men and women. Seems like Bill Clinton, at least, could point a couple of them out…

    This is nothing, though. Just wait ’till the HOMOSEXUAL rape allegations start. Won’t THAT be good for morale and unit cohesion!

    Remember the Iowa? 47 sailors died in an explosion that was likely the result of a jilted homosexual lover…

    Think of it as “Coming Attractions”, perhaps. Always good to have something to look FORWARD! to…

      • Not at all. I would suggest, however, that placing young people in an environment where they share a tent and bathroom faclitiies with another person who they are sexually attracted to is a problem, however.

        The system worked pretty well when we didn’t place hetrosexual individuals together, or knowingling place homosexual individuals in the military at all. The environment is tough enough without adding the sexual tension into the mix…

        As to “command and control and enforcing a civil culture”, I would hope that our generals would have better ways to spend their days than to ensure that no one’s going to the submarine races on duty. While they can provide legislative prohibitions, this doesn’t always work; if you know someone who can legislate civility and make it work by rule of law alone, please let someone know because I can name some inner-city neighborhoods that could use it!

        In the mean time, perhaps it would be best if we quit using our military for social experimentation and let them get back to killing people who would kill us if they could, and breaking things that would be used as weapons against us at first opportunity? This is what the military is for, and it’s very important to our existance as a nation.

        Sexual tensions, whether homo or hetro sexual, are counterproductive, and should be avoided at all hazard in the field.

  3. Up in Smoke…wasn’t that a Cheech & Chong movie? Sometimes I wonder if the Bamster and his inner circle sit in the rose garden thinking up “policy” while smoking gigantic joints.