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Hicks’ Reaction to Rice: “My Jaw Dropped

That’s what happened to the then-Deputy Chief of Mission in Libya, Gregory Hicks, when he heard UN Ambassador Susan Rice say on the Sunday talk shows that Benghazi killings resulted from a video.

From today’s House Oversight Committee hearing:

H/T National Review

6 Responses to Hicks’ Reaction to Rice: “My Jaw Dropped

  1. Gowdy is the kind of pit bull the opposition hates. Jim Jordan from Ohio elicited some great testimony from Hicks: His attorney was barred from a hearing over a “clearance” issue, Beth Jones, who along with Obama had lavished great praise on him — until he questioned Susan Rice’s statements, and then he understood he was not appreciated, and how State attorneys oddly contacted Hicks in advance of a visit by Chafetz — and instructed him NOT to answer questions. Transparency? Not!

    • “His attorney was barred from a hearing over a “clearance” issue…” – Playrighter

      If you went by the way NORMAL people have to get security clearances, Obama wouldn’t have any himself. Can we bar HIM on those grounds, and keep HIM from seeing top secret information? After all, if we can’t vet him properlly, who KNOWS who he’d share our national security information with…

      • As if Obama would interrupt his busy schedule to show up at a hearing for Issa and the “obstructionist” GOP to question.

    • Hicks attorney wasn’t barred. The attorney (minder) that the State Department sent along was barred from Hicks’ private meeting with Chafetz because he didn’t have security clearance.