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Republicans Defeat Obama . . . at Golf

In another losing battle with Republicans, President Obama and his partner, Democratic Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado, were beaten Monday by Republican Sens. Bob Corker of Tennessee and Saxby Chambliss of Georgia at golf, aided by a hole-in-one Chambliss knocked in on the 11th hole.

Obama, who possibly shouldn’t have been golfing on a work day in the first place, is highly competitive and was no doubt chagrined to be on the losing end of the contest. He lost despite having the home field advantage – the foursome played on his usual course at Joint Base Andrews.

According to a White House official, Obama had the highest handicap of the group and therefore was paired with Udall, who had the lowest. Presumably, the estimation of Obama’s handicap came from Obama.

The official said the group talked mostly about the golf game and not substantive issues. Nevertheless, the White House says the outing was part of Obama’s new effort to build relationships on Capitol Hill, one that has featured meetings, phone calls, and the breaking of bread over dinner.

Some suspect, though, that the “outreach” is also designed to give Obama cover against charges he didn’t do enough to try to build bridges to Capitol Hill should Republicans block him on issues like the budget and immigration. He could then note that he had done all he could as he campaigns against the GOP in the 2014 midterm elections.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney seemed to foreshadow what could eventually be a posture that Obama attempted to be friendly but was rebuffed, asserting the golf game showed the president is “willing to try anything.”

27 thoughts on “Republicans Defeat Obama . . . at Golf”

  1. Now he wants pity.
    Obama insults and belittles and scorns and blames Republicans every single day and he wonders why they don’t support his whacked out lib agenda.

  2. “Some suspect, though, that the “outreach” is also designed to give Obama cover against charges he didn’t do enough to try to build bridges to Capitol Hill should Republicans block him on issues like the budget and immigration. ” – Keith Koffler

    Obama, being motivated purely by a cold political calculus? Say it ain’t so, Keith…

    Obama didn’t “lose”, though. Losing is a Western, White male concept and therefore inherently racist unless directed at Republicans, in which case it is accurate and merited a thousand times over for what they did during Slavery. The fact they were against it at the time is irrelevant, because they were the same color as those who were FOR it.

    Also, the Republicans were probably using an anarchist form of “score keeping”, where they don’t follow the “new normal” rules that CLEARLY state that it’s unpatriotic for Obama to not win. Harry Reid explained all this the other day. This means that the Republican golfers are now to be considered terrorists, and therefore liable for drone strikes without warning.

    It’s also possible that the caddies were Muslims, and motivated by justifiable Islamic rage due to mean YouTube videos and totally unjustified invasions, used the score card to make a political statement against the leader of The Great Satan. This rage was built up due to George Bush being such a hater and probably financing the mean video as well, so it’s really George Bush’s fault that Obama “lost” at golf to Republicans.

    This is all sarcasm, BTW. Some people seem to think I mean this, when actually it’s meant to convey how Obamanistas explain everything away as racist, Bush – the ususal. So please DON’T take it seriously!

      1. You ever get the feeling that you are ‘all thumbs’? : – D I agree, and throw in my two big toes for good measure.

          1. THANK YOU, Star! I don’t like to call names ’cause I don’t want people to think I’m “flaming” – especially when I’m not, and don’t – but I’m glad I was able to connect with you this time! I like your comments and respect your opinions, so – even though this is just a blog – I don’t want to hurt or confuse good people with my mile-wide sarcastic streak. The point is about the politics of our day and the crazy people who do them – not each other.

            Be well and G-d bless, Star! And continue to take me as being with tounge firmly in cheek…

    1. I got up too late (7 a.m.) here in the West, and a couple of people have beat me to the punch in making replies to your comments, but you are on a roll this morning, cincycinco.

  3. Probably thought to himself……It’s going to be a LONGGGGG week with this taxpayer trip on his jobs tour and being torn apart on Benghazi, so why the heck not take a day off and go golfing?

    BTW Barack…when you come to texas….bring a notebook and maybe you will learn something about how to create jobs.

  4. If Dear Leader is truly “willing to try anything”, let him appear at a major Republican fund raiser. The mere sight of him (He does not have to deliver remarks, just appear) in such a setting would rake in millions and would be VERY appreciated by the GOP.

  5. Knuckledraggingwino

    I would love to see President Obama go one on one against Governor Sarah Palin on the basketball court. Not only would the Baracuda from Wasilla kick Obama’s ass, she would look hotter than heck doing it. It would make an excellent prelude to the 2016 election when we can correct the mistakes of 2008 and 2012 by electing Palin for President.

  6. Has anyone ever kept a calendar/log of the days obie has played golf? I’m sure simply a year-per-page calendar with golf-days marked would be sufficient to incite major outrage.

  7. Question; what was the bet? It is customary for experienced golfers who pair up with partners to place a bet on the outcome, sometimes on each hole. Soooooo…..

    The BarackObama that we all know who shielded his official college transcripts from public view is highly unlikely to present his golf scores to be accredited with an accepted handicap.
    The conclusion that he alone decided what his handicap would be for this contest is reasonable.
    The high handicap would allow the President to be paired with the best golfer, giving him an edge for winning.
    Butt, alas. A hole-in-one by the opposing team, and less than competent play by the Obama team resulted in a loss (!) that would become public knowlege.

    1. Yes, there will.
      Pity the poor SecretService agent who was seen kicking the ball on the green until it plopped into the hole.

    2. Agree, gracepmc. Preezy Revenge taking a couple of RINOs out to play on a workday is nothing more than a distraction.

      Last night the corporatists in the Senate joined with the leftists to pass the unconstitutional internet sales tax with the help of those two RINOs. At least Senator Ted Cruz was on the Senate floor fighting the good fight for us…

      1. I’m on the fence on this internet tax proposal. I don’t know enough about how it could possibly be fairly implemented with 50 states having different tax codes.
        Like most people, I like buying over the internet for things that aren’t available locally; gourmet items, certain furnishings, lots of stuff. My purchases are not generated with the thought that I won’t have to pay sales tax on the items, but rather with the speciality and convienence.

      2. The real fun with the Internet sales tax is when local jurisdictions start demanding their slice of the pie. There are 40 states, I think, that allow local areas to add their own sales tax on top of the state rate. Not all of them choose to do so. But the number of localities which have the ability to do it is somewhere around 25,000.

        Take Alaska, for instance. Alaska, as a state, has no state sales tax. But Galena has a 3% sales tax, Cordova has a 6% sales tax, Haines Burrough has a 4% sales tax, and Homer has a 7.5% sales tax. And that’s just a couple of localities in Alaska. Now, rinse and repeat that a couple thousand times, and try to come up with a scenario where a small eBay business can keep up with all of that.

        The House needs to vote this down, quickly. Our taxes have been raised enough already.

        By the way, what’s a tax bill doing starting in the Senate? I’m just asking…

        1. You’re absolutely right, Darkangel. It is very clear that tax bills must start in the House. Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution: “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives…”.

          Also, this bill would force internet merchants to pay taxes to States outside their base of operation, where they have no voice in how the government is run. Taxation without representation – the impetus for the 1773 Boston Tea Party.

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