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Quote of the Day || May 7, 2013

“I based my comments about Benghazi on what we knew at the time. And the one thing I was absolutely certain of was that the president needed to get reelected.”

– UN Ambassador Susan Rice

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. LOL

    Another one could have been…
    “Let me be clear, if I knew we had military in Italy, I would have asked someone to wake me up.” – Prez

    • HRH Hillary really has to be the target doesn’t it? Impeaching Obama would be great, but Hillary really needs to be shown for the deplorable thing she is so she is taken out of consideration for 2016.

        • Totally possible. After all, there is no love lost between the Obamas and the Clintons. Can you imagine the knife fight?

      • There also are probably Democrats who secretly hope for this to happen. Part of the reason Obama won the 2008 primary over Clinton is that the Clintons played hardball and had plenty of enemies in the Democratic Party, and if they weren’t viewed as enemies before, many have probably incurred the Clinton wrath by siding with Obama.

          • Yessiree (or however you spell it), Spook. Both the Obamas and the Clintons mutually hate one another’s guts. You can see it on the Moo’s face. She’s very inept at hiding her feelings.

  2. “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men” @The Shadow

    The WhiteHouse’s assumption that MrObama would or could lose the election if it was known that an off-shoot of el Queda attacked our consulate and killed our ambassador in Libya was just a paranoid scenerio. No one would have blamed MrObama for the attack, just as no one would have thought to blame MrNixon for the break-in at the Watergate. No one blames MrObama for the Boston Marathon bombing, or any other tragedy perpetrated by crazy men.

    We’ll probably never learn why the State Dept ignored or denied the urgent requests for more protection in Libya, but we will learn why no one was allowed to aid those under attack and why the WhiteHouse lied about the whole incident.

    • The Obamabots love him and his free phones so much that I don’t think the death of four Americans in Benghazi would have made them hesitate for an instant to pull the lever for President Pup.

      Somehow the Muslims own BO and Valjar, too. I hope I live long enough to learn the truth about this.

    • I blame him for everything, just like he and his despicable cabal blame the right for everything.
      After all, even though he doesn’t act like it, he still holds the office of president and we all know that ultimately, he is responsible for everything that affects the safety and security of this country.

      • Agreed. He is the CEO or the team manager. Anytime there are problems it’s due to poor leadership and the leader has to be replaced. Same for Presidents.

  3. Susan Rice was the ultimate pawn in the match game of Hillary and Barack chess and has to be fuming inside that she got played the fool. The MSM hasn’t said a peep about the hearings tomorrow. The liberal blogs (like Daily Kos) say the whistleblowers are nothing more than the GOP playing politics. The State Department press secretary added to that sentiment. Nixon got impeached and no one was killed. Yet there’s no talk of Obama being impeached when four Americans died? Crazy.

    • You are so right about using Susan Rice, assuming that she didn’t know the real story.

      Impeachment of Nixon wasn’t mentioned until after all the evidence was produced on his actions AFTER the Watergate affair. He wasn’t impeached for the burglary, but using Federal agencies in an effort to cover up his involvement and to protect his people in the WhiteHouse.
      It wasn’t Woodward and Bernstein or the MSM that brought down the President, it was the insiders, Butterfield and Dean, that hammered the last nail.

      • Had forgotten those Watergate details and I am old enough that I should have remembered. Thanks for the update. Interesting.

      • It was proven early on (in Nov ’12) that Ms Rice gets the classified intel feed from DNI and CIA, so to me she had knowledge. Yet they slapped her hand and didn;t give her the SOS post. And she is still at the UN. Amazing.

      • SRDEM65, thank you for the history refresher. Let’s pray that when all of the evidence is in, the Washington cover up of our lifetime is an impeachable offense. I hope the Republicans will grow some—–

      • er, Nixon wasn’t impeached–he resigned before they could officially boot him.

        not that being impeached is necessarily an impediment to finishing out one’s term, as President Clinton showed us!

    • Ms. Rice put the story out there and auditioned for higher political office at the same time that everyone who really had responsibility kept their skirts clean by staying mum. If the story had flown, she would have gotten a nice promotion. Since it died, she can claim innocence because of not being part of the real team — see?

      • Maybe Ms. Rice did not know everything, but I believe she went willingly and carried whatever water her masters wanted her to carry. Especially since Obama must have promised her Lurch’s job, knowing full well she would not get it.

        • I am convinced Susan Rice did NOT know much of anything. And like good sheeple, I am sure it never occurred to her that the administration would lie or cover the real story. I also think she thought her appearance on the now infamous Sunday shows would be her claim to fame as she rose in the Obama food chain. The ironic thing is that the Sunday shows ARE her claim to fame – infamy!

    • Susan Rice still slated to move in to Donilon’s NSC position. I see no reason why this will not happen. She will have the President’s ear directly and even more dangerous than as Secretary of State.

  4. The plot thickens: Act II: Throw Hillary Off the (Election) Train

    It ain’t gonna work – three years is an eternity in politics. If the Hearings go as we expect them to go, Congress needs to appoint a Special Prosecutor ASAP! Beghazi-Gate is 1000x worse than Watergate. Obama must pay for his cowardice and treasonous crime against America. We knew what he was BEFORE 2008 – and our worst fears have come to fuition. Impeach the lying coward!

  5. The Benghazi explanation by the administration doesn’t pass a basic 3rd grade logic test. They claim ON HINDSIGHT that pulling the trigger to send help would not have saved anybody. However, they could not have known how this was all going to play out when the decision to not send help was made. THEY DECIDED TO NOT SEND HELP TO SAVE AMERICAN LIVES, AMERICANS SERVING IN OFFICIAL CAPACITY. And obama keeps saying “I got yer back”. HE didn’t have Stevens’ back.

    And what is the asinine policy of deploying Americans in official capacity in muslim areas with no means to protect them? This is Pearl Harbor – like preparedness. Line up the fighers on the runways. Dangle our people out there with no protection. Ignore the radar reports. Say ‘no’ to security ehancements AND pleas for assistance.

    And what about the (supposed) CIA policy of not sending troops into a volatile situation (their pathetic excuse): We ALREADY HAD NON-MILITARY AMERICANS SERVING IN OFFICIAL CAPACITY IN A VOLATILE SITUATION. How much do we spend on our military, only to have them told to not do their job? How much encouragement have we given terrorists now that they see we will NOT DEFEND OUR OWN PEOPLE IN AN ATTACK?

    This all is TREASON.

    • …and while I’m on a rant here, we can also glean a look into the souls of the democrat administration, how they can decide to let people die when their gambles don’t look like they were going to pay off. Fast-forward to Obamacare, things are getting way more expensive than they anticipated. Now, is Obamacare going to make a decision to save someone gravely ill, or make Obamacare look more efficient, say ‘no’ to assistance (sound familiar?) and let them die? Coroners’ reports are going to have to go through the white house press office before being filed. “Natural Causes” will be a much-used rubber stamp…

  6. and the low-info sheeple have completely bought into the “what difference does it make?” narrative. it’s kind of amazing! (need I remind you how the MSM would be treating the story if it had happened under a GOP president? I think not.)

    I also find the Jay Carney “oh that was such a long time ago” spin especially ironic: some of these guys are still trying to figure out who was on the grassy knoll in Dallas in ’63!

  7. Benghazi — I just can’t get over that when our Ambassador in Benghazi asked for help, that Clinton/Obama wouldn’t give it to him???? Has any other Administration in the history of the U.S. ever refused to help their Ambassador or anyone else when help was begged and pleaded for??? AND THEN THEY WERE KILLED? How could Clinton or Obama refuse their cries for help? I think about that all the time and I think a lot of people miss the whole point of Benghazi, the fact that Clinton and/or Obama refused and denied help for them IMMEDIATELY, when they begged and pleaded for help and THEN THEY WERE KILLED is TREASON, PURE AND SIMPLE TREASON!!!! How can Clinton/Obama not be thrown out for this. Its about human life and murder when they just refused to do anything to save them BEFORE it happened??? PLEASE, SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ABOUT THIS treasonous Administration. Why, because the President is part Black or black? Is that the reason he will get away with murder?? If that is true, then we cannot have a black President or a woman President if they have to be treated differently. We have to protect our country, not these political creeps.